June 2024 Press Release

Press releases made by the Department of Corrections on updates, employee adjustments, and stories from within the prison.
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June 2024 Press Release

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Opening Message
This June has been an extraordinary month for all of us. Our warden found her soulmate and tied the knot, our CERT team displayed remarkable heroism, and the department generously covered all marriage expenses for anyone who got married!
We have been hard at work behind the scenes putting on finishing touches on our new Parole Division, which will be posted about in another press release in the coming weeks.

We hope everyone had a great Pride month!

Employee of the Month
Each month here at the San Andreas Department of Corrections we like to bestow an honor on this month's best performing officer who has shown time and time again that they put maximum effort and commitment into their work. The officer selected for this prestigious award has proved themselves as a representation of how each officer working for our department should strive to be.

Employee of the Month June 2024
Questions for the Employee of the Month
We like to ask the employee of the month a few questions to get their perspective on the job and what makes a great officer, below are a few answers to common questions by our Employee of the Month:

Looking back, what are memorable achievements from your service so far?
I would say one of the first steps and most important was when I took the leap from CCO to full time, Getting certified in CERT, that was a big step for me, it essentially started the rolling ball of my interest in the department, and of course cant forget Getting Corporal, I was a bit sceptical despite everyone's praise towards my work, I wasn't sure I was going to be able to make it through, not that I found the training complicated, the training was easy to digest but self doubt, luckily no one gave up on me and I had people to I could count on, that helped me to keep my head up and push through.

Moving forward what are the next goals as a SADOC officer?
I would like to continue moving up to the next rank, I'm enjoying what I've been able to do so far for Parole so I'm hoping i can continue to help even more and I would like to hopefully be a Team captain in CERT.

Any advice they would give to future prospects who might think about joining the SADOC?
My advice to anyone interested in joining SADOC is, Work hard, dedicate yourself to learn and trust in the team, we are a team and just like a team we work together, we lean on each other and motivate one another to grow. In DOC we have direct supervisors, you can always count on your direct supervisor and others to be there to help and assist.

Divisional Spotlight - Correctional Medical Team
Correctional Medical Team, CMT in short is our medical division within SADOC. CMT handles tasks such as treating injured inmates and guards, aswell as do medical checks on employees and K9 units. Higher up members within the divisions even do small surgeries when needed, aswell as medical research to prepare if injuries we havent encountered before it happens.
Fun fact: CMT and Psych used to be the same division!
We were lucky enough to get a few interviews from a few of the divisons members.
Joshua Clinton, Medical student
Why did you join CMT?
well i wanted to be able to help my fellow officers when they get hurt on duty and i also wanted to be able to help inmates when they are injured in here, this is because i believe human life is the most sacred thing and we must do our best to secure and save it.
What do you find interesting in CMT?
The most interesting thing probably is that we have our own little hospital in our prison, we also take care of all the inmates and their medical needs as well as our patients and all of their medical needs and i think it is amazing how we get to do all of this here at DOC.
Daphne Eden, Nurse
How long have you been in CMT?
nearly 2 months.
What are the main things you do within CMT?
dealing with minor injuries, handle treatments. Inmates that needs medical help.
What is the most interesting thing you done within CMT?
One time I had to assist in helping an inmate with a pacemaker, and he had an collapsed lung. It was interesting to experience.
Donte Monroe, Physician
Why did you join CMT?
I initially joined the Correctional Medical Team to help with minor injuries and support the existing team. Soon after starting, I discovered that I had a strong interest in the health and safety of our residents and staff here.
What is the most interesting thing you done within CMT?
A requirement needed for a promotion within CMT is to complete your own medical research on a topic of your choice. My research with Tazer barb removal managed to get me the rank of physician. During my research, I found myself shooting a medical dummy with a tazer and creating a step-by-step procedure to safely remove these barbs while minimizing pain and risk of infection.
Joselynn Trejos, Head of CMT
What does an divisional head do?
I think a divisional head overlooks the work of everyone within the division. As a divisional head I try to be open to any and everyone when it comes to questions, ideas, suggestions, whatever it may be when it comes to CMT. As a divisional head I'm always looking to come up with new ideas for the division to try and keep it exciting for everyone. I also make sure everyone maintains the morals and standards set for the division.
What should someone expect when joining CMT?
When joining CMT expect freedom to express your interest within the field. A lot of CMT is educating yourself by research and overlooking the work of others. Our job is indeed to treat inmates and officers alike within DOC, but its also a place to further yourself within the medical field. Its all about how motivated you are to do so.
Any future plans for CMT?
As of now our biggest plan is to get these monthly checkups rolling consistently. A training video will be out soon to teach all our CMT staff on how to conduct these to which we will hopefully be conducting them on a regular basis afterwards.
Has your wife, brother, husband, sister, mother, uncle, friend, or enemy ever been arrested and brought to SADOC? Well, you can visit them!
Two civilians meeting with a n inmate
Visitation at DOC is open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, including holidays!
There is a requirement for at least two Correctional Officers to be free to assist in visitation so if some aren't immediately available then feel free to come back later.

The visitation rules are as follows:
  • No physical contact
  • No whispering
  • No passing of items. Items that wish to be exchanged will be checked beforehand for contraband.
  • Maximum time is 1 hour ((15 minutes OOCLY))
For those that like to exploit visitation, we have a blacklist in place that restricts certain individuals, such as our MSIs, from being able to be visited or visit. Visitation is a benefit and can be declined for any number of reasons.
Inmate of the Month

Cortez Rivera

Might be a "shadows affiliated", just might...


  • Note: In the interest of transparency, and being able to allow inmates to represent themselves this interview is direct quotes from the interviewed inmate and their quotes do not represent the SADOC's views and beliefs.
  • Why do you do illegal things?
    • I can't get a legal job since I am now a terrorist, but hey, at least I am here more often!

  • What's your favorite thing about DOC?
    • Overall I like cleaning out litter when I am alone and sitting around. When I am with friends we play games and stuff. A lot of the time it is boring, but it is a prison after all!

  • What's your least favorite thing?
    • When there is a lockdown and a guard locks you in the back cells where they kind of forget about you. Also whenever the doors to the yard and laundry room are locked and there’s a lot of stuff in them.

  • If you could change one thing about DOC, what would it be?
    • The guards need to be more understanding. When I was locked in a cell I yelled as I almost died of starvation and dehydration. A guard came only to give me food and water and did not let me out and I was forgotten

  • What would you do if you were Warden for a day?
    • Promote Eugene. I think if I could let everyone out of their cells everyone would get the experience of their life. I would place loads of stuff like couches and arcades, etc.

  • Is there someone or something you miss while being in jail?
    • One thing I miss is being free, but also I miss all the people I met outside, I do not know a lot of people so I only miss shadows and a couple of friends.

  • Why do you think you're in here so often?
    • Mostly because I am a criminal, and the police are good at their job. I cant get a job because I have a deep criminal record

  • Is there anything you'd like to tell people?
    • Personally, a lot of people think shadows are gone. I want to make it clear, shadows are never gone.

    Here at SADOC, we believe in balancing hard work with well-deserved play. Recently, our officers had the opportunity to let loose and enjoy an evening on a BMX course quickly by our groundskeeping team. The event was filled with adrenaline, excitement and enthusiasm as our officers navigated the challenging course,. It was a test of skill and determination, with plenty of blood, sweat, and tears shed along the way.

    We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to the Los Santos County Sheriff’s Department Special Enforcement Detail for providing security throughout the event. The presence they provided ensured a safe and enjoyable experience for our staff involved. A special shoutout goes to Paramedic Lynn Kilgore for her incredible support in patching up our injured officers and keeping everyone in racing condition.

    This BMX event is just one of the many fun and engaging activities we have planned for the summer.
    Meet a Command Member

    Get to know the SADOC Command Team
    Captain Oliver Dutch - #914
    Statement from our Command member
    • Today we've sat down to have a talk with Captain Oliver Dutch about his time with the DOC, he's been a member of the team since January 2023! And during that time he has accomplished a lot! From goals like being the head of Public Relations, to being a member of our Felon Reformation Division.

      When speaking to Oliver, it is clear that something he strongly values is the ability to assist any previous felons with reforming and rehabilitating to a legal lifestyle once more. Quoting Oliver in saying "You don't have to go at it alone, we're here to help. We won't judge you and we want to get you to where you want to be, just ask."

      Alongside believing in assisting our previous inmates with reforming, Captain Dutch goes on to say that to be a member of the DOC you need to remember that this is a job that has a real purpose to it. It's a job that can be challenging and admittedly isn't for everybody, but if you have the drive and desire to work alongside us we will make sure that you have all the opportunities and resources you need to make this possible!

      In his 18 months with the DOC, Captain Dutch has come a long way. But he doesn't let his position remove him from the regular duties that we all go through, here's to another 18 months of helping reform people!
    Employee Adjustments
    • ImageSenior Correctional OfficerImageCorrectional Custodian Officer
      • #692 Franz Stroheim
    • ImageCorrectional Officer IIIImageSenior Correctional Officer
      • #1095 Mathew Drake
      • #1093 Daphne Eden
    • ImageCorrectional Officer IIImageCorrectional Officer III
      • #1114 Justin Ice
      • #269 Wesley Moon
      • #1092 Matthew Armstrong
      • #1096 Joshua Clinton
    • ImageCorrectional Officer IImageCorrectional Officer II
      • #1113 Elroy McKane
      • #1111 Justin Mac
      • #1110 Colin Jansen
    • ImageCorrectional TraineeImageCorrectional Officer I
      • #1122 Ivy Martin
      • #1119 Austin Hudson
      • #1121 Stefane Vargass
      • #1117 Greg Jacobs
      • #1043 Emma Garcia

      This month we welcomed some familiar faces back to the San Andreas Department of Corrections.
    • ImageCorrectional TraineeImageCorrectional Officer II
      • #1025 Leo Gromer
    Employee Count
    • SADOC Officer Count
      High Command | 5 | 7.46%
      Warden | 1 | 1.49%
      Deputy Warden | 2 | 2.99%
      Assistant Warden | 2 | 2.99%
      Command | 6 | 8.96%
      Commander | 2 | 2.99%
      Captain | 4 | 5.97%
      Supervisors | 7 | 10.45%
      Lieutenant | 3 | 4.48%
      Sergeant | 0 | 0%
      Corporal | 4 | 5.97%

    • General Staff | 36 | 31.34%
      Senior Correctional Officer | 7 | 10.45%
      Correctional Officer III | 7 | 10.45%
      Correctional Officer II | 5 | 7.46%
      Correctional Officer I | 9 | 13.43%
      Correctional Trainee | 8 | 11.94%
      OTHER | 13 | 19.4%
      Correctional Custodian Officers | 12 | 17.91%
      Law Consultants | 1 | 1.49%
    Phone Calls
        When an inmate arrives with a brand new iFruit 69 they will have it quickly confiscated from them. However, if they wish to retain their phone till they enter the cellblock to make a phone call then they can request it.

        The 10-15 can use the phone call for any number of reasons such as letting their mom know they're going to be in prison for a few years, telling their significant other to come to visit them, or getting a friend to feed their pet while they're incarcerated.

        Phone calls are a privilege, not a right. Any Correctional Officer has the right to decline you for a phone call for any reason they see fit.
        Recruitment Status
         ! Message from: Human Resources Command
        Recruitment for the San Andreas Department of Corrections is OPEN as of 21/06/2021. Please see below on how to apply.
        (Credit For The New Poster: Correctional Custodian Officer Melanie Bay)
        • Age: Must be over the age of 18 and no older than 55.
          • (( Must have an Out of Character age of 16 years old ))
        • Citizenship/Residency: Must be an American Citizen at the time of applying, and have been a resident of San Andreas for no less than 12 months.
        • Criminal History: You must not have any serious crimes on your record (will be dealt with on a case to case basis)
        • Multiple Employments: You may not be a member of LSPD, LSSD or SAJB at the time of hiring, as these are full-time positions. You may have a part-time position while working as a Correctional Officer here at the SADOC.
          *If applying for the position of Correctional Custodian Officer they you may be a member of another department as this position is part-time. All decisions are made & finalized by the Human Resources Command Team.
        • Mental/Physical Fitness: As a Corrections Officer, you must be able to maintain good mental and physical fitness. You will be tested on this during our hiring process.
          • (( As a faction, we hold a high RP standard, we will help you of course, if you're new. But you must want to learn and grow ))
        • Additional Requirements:
          • You are required to fill out an application online, you must have access to a computer and be able to use it.
          • You are required to pass an extensive background check, where your criminal record, previous employment, traffic violations, and any affiliation you may have had in the past will be checked.
          • (( Must be able to dedicate at least 5 on-duty hours a week ))
          • (( Must have a clean admin record for the past 30 days, this is also handled on a case by case basis ))
        Closing Message from the Warden
          And that ends our June Press release. As always, if you have any questions, comments, or anything you can find my contact info just below here.
          I hope everyone enjoyed Pride Month, it only comes once a year! I've had one of the busiest months both on and off duty in a while with setting up Parole (its so close to being ready!) and my Wedding.
          Thank you for all the support from Correctional Officers and civilians alike. Stay tuned over the next few weeks to hear information about Parole as it launches in the coming month.

              Kourtney Lafleur
              San Andreas Department of Corrections

              [email protected]
                  Other Contact Information

                  Oliver Dutch
                  Captain of SADOC Public Services, Head of Public Relations
                  San Andreas Department of Corrections
                  [email protected]

                    Remmi Raccoon
                    Lieutenant, Assistant Head of Public Relations
                    San Andreas Department of Corrections
                    [email protected]
                      Randy Lee
                      Captain of Departmental Operations, Public Relations Command
                      San Andreas Department of Corrections

                      [email protected]

                        Jimmithy Jemima
                        Captain of SADOC Public Services
                        San Andreas Department of Corrections

                        [email protected]

                          Galileo Czapiewski
                          Commander of Departmental Operations
                          San Andreas Department of Corrections

                          [email protected]

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