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Press releases made by the Department of Corrections on updates, employee adjustments, and stories from within the prison.
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Press Release April 2022

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Opening Message
Welcome to the SADOC April Press Release!
It has been another very busy month at Bolingbroke Penitentiary where we have been celebrating Earth Day and implementing a lot of internal divisional changes.
On top of this we have also implemented vending machines both at the front desk, inside the cellblock foyer and the cellblock where inmates and 10-16s are able to buy items from. Although the prices are a little steep there has been a lot of good comments made about their addition.
The Public Relations team, who have written this wonderful Press Release, have been hard at work with both internal and external events. Just this month we've had Bring your Pet to Work day, a movie night, a demolition derby, dodgeball (that was unfortunately cancelled) and a careers fair.
Some of these are covered below, as well as one of the funniest Inmates of the Month interviews!
Employee of the Month
Each month here at the San Andreas Department of Corrections we like to bestow an honor on this month's best performing officer who has shown time and time again that they put maximum effort and commitment into their work. The officer selected for this prestigious award has proved themselves as a representation of how each officer working for our department should strive to be.

Employee of the Month November 2021
Questions for the Employee of the Month
We like to ask the employee of the month a few questions to get their perspective on the job and what makes a great officer, below are a few answers to common questions by our Employee of the Month:

Looking back, what are memorable achievements from your service so far?
My most Memorable achievements so far would be the work that i have currently set for DOC, I have Joined every single Division that i can and i am now part of 7 of the 8 Divisions so this would be m Achievement being able to Handle the work and pressure given with all of this.

Moving forward what are the next goals as a SADOC officer?
My next Goals here at the SADOC is the work my way up the Ranks, I want to aim for Command Position but first i want to begin with Achieving the Rank of Corporal before I work any further up the chain.

Any advice they would give to future prospects who might think about joining the SADOC?
I believe they should not think about it but just do it, i have met a bunch of wonderful people here at the DOC and i could not ask for a Better Family, They are great here and this is a great career opportunity for everyone whether you know how to be a guard or not, we will work you in to shape to be one of us.

Ex-Felon Advert
Has your wife, brother, husband, sister, mother, uncle, friend, or enemy ever been arrested and brought to SADOC? Well, you can visit them!
Two criminals meeting with an inmate
Visitation at DOC is open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, including holidays!
There is a requirement for at least two Correctional Officers to be free to assist in visitation so if some aren't immediately available then feel free to come back later.

The visitation rules are as follows:
  • No physical contact
  • No whispering
  • No passing of items. Items that wish to be exchanged will be checked beforehand for contraband.
  • Maximum time is 1 hour ((15 minutes OOCLY))
For those that like to exploit visitation, we have a blacklist in place that restricts certain individuals, such as our MSIs, from being able to be visited or visit. Visitation is a benefit and can be declined for any number of reasons.
Inmate of the Month

Darius Bivins

Mr. Bivins is a man who needs no introduction. Fast talking, charismatic, open, passionate and a natural born singer, Mr. Bivins is a local legend amongst the members of the DOC. When we hear "Its Bivins" we all get excited, knowing our shift is about to become very interesting. From his hijab to his pink body hair ad beautiful singing voice, to say Mr. Bivins stands out is an understatement. We all just wish he would stop preforming lewd acts in the cellblock. With an incredible track record of over 60 imprisonments, Mr. Bivins is a very busy man, so we are grateful that he took some time out of his civilian life to come speak to interviewer Drexid Xzarg.


  • Note: In the interest of transparency, and being able to allow inmates to represent themselves . However, Mr. Bivins had such a colourful way of speaking that we've paraphrased the written document, but included a mostly uncensored video. The answers of the inmates in these interviews does not represent the SADOC's views and beliefs.
    Viewer discretion is strongly advised
  • Why do you do illegal things?
    • It's not for the thrill that most people will say. For me, it's personally for sexual satisfaction.

  • What's your favorite thing about DOC?
    • Its to connect with my fellow inmates and have a relationship with them, mostly sexual.

  • If you could change one thing about DOC, what would it be?
    • I want to add an inmate cooking system to reduce prison time, and help inmates make food for the homeless.

  • What would you do if you were Warden for a day?
    • I want to temporarily release a couple of inmates on a field trip and bring them to an orphanage, adopt a few kids, and give them an educational work experience. So they gain traits and specialties. That way we can raise money for college.

  • Is there someone or something you miss while being in jail?
    • I miss my cars because they get impounded and it's hard to get them back. But I admit that its my fault. And I'm missing my brother because we have a close relationship.

  • Why do you think you're in here so often?
    • I am a professional criminal and leading a gang, I will end up in the prison because of that.

  • Is there anything you'd like to tell people?
    • I am the international racist. If you have something on your mind you better speak it out. Because you only have one life. You need to take your opportunities, and man up.

The SADOC Career Fair
On April 30th, many wonderful representatives of SADOC headed to city hall for a Career fair! It was our first in many months, and the turnout was spectacular. Despite having our snack cooler stolen and a couple of no-good-nicks trying to spoil the fun, we had a ton of fun with all our visitors!


The fair grounds

The gang's all here

Each division was represented and each representative was allowed to speak about the best parts of their divisions to the public, to show why the DOC is one of the best places in the whole city to work. For those who couldn't be there, here are the speeches!
Opening Message
Hello and welcome to the San Andreas Department of Corrections Career Fair! We are so happy and excited to have you all here! Our festivities today include speeches from every division, those will be every 15 minutes. We are also raffling off this Granger that looks just like one of our vehicles, with a custom license plate! We have group tour sign ups! Come take some pictures in and around our cars and feel free to ask what they do! We also have a snack table, all the snacks are free! There’s a photobooth where you can get a memento photo in our prison jumpsuits! If you have any questions, just ask the officers! Have fun and come learn what it takes to work on the best side of the bars!
A message from an Ex-Felon
Before we start, can anyone raise their hand who loves their freedom? If I’m not mistaken everybody did raise their hand.
My name is Drexid Xzarg. I’m a felon; Well officially an ex-felon, rehabilitated now. I’m going to tell you why I’m passionate about my freedom and also helping others in need. I will also give you a small taste of how I as an ex-felon work at DOC. How it gives you an opportunity and a second chance in life. I have been clean for more than 3 to 4 years. And 1 year without even a first-degree speeding ticket. I gained my fire-arms license back and joined DOC on the 14th of April. I’m pretty fresh. But I have a lot of goals I want to achieve in this branch of work and definitely help a lot of people down the road.

After my last sentence and wanted to be and do good in this world. I was struggling heavily to gain an income the legal way. A hard working job was very difficult to hold and I was job hopping enough. I could identify myself as a rabbit. After 3 months doing free-lancer jobs I applied at DCC, this is where my life changed for the better. I worked at DCC from 2020 august until 2021 April. From a probation trainee to a High-command position as a HR and later PR director. They give me a chance to turn my life around. I was clean for a long time so that I could apply for a fire-arms license. within the timeframe I needed to be clean. Not going to lie, I thought it would be denied instantly. But I was happy and surprised when I got a notification that it got approved. I Immediately applied for DOC because I saw an ad running that they are hiring Ex-felons. And you need to have a legit fire-arms license to be able to be hired. I was very nervous because once you end up in prison you will have a typical stigma as a criminal even if you did your prison sentence. But they came to DCC and asked for a reference and it was good enough that they accepted my application.

In the end hard work and dedication does pay off. I did my interview, my physical test and my academy one. All of the DOC employees who I encountered were helpful and really nice and compassionate about what they were doing.
They didn’t treat me differently because of my record. They treat me as a human being and I felt. I will give it my all plus a bit of extra. As a trainee, I was standing in DOC as an employee not as a returning felon. All the supervisors helped me and advised me. My colleagues were there for me when I needed help.

DOC has the Felon Reformation Division or (FRD). They are a dedicated team to help citizens who served in prison to stay on the correct step. They will help you to find a job, hold a job and even help you with housing. I didn’t have that and I wish I had this kind of help for my journey. Would have been a lot easier.

But for most citizens, you are not too late to turn a new leaf. And start helping and improving yourself. ask for help. Because without proper support the building would collapse.DOC can give you the necessary support that you or a friend needs.
And remember to you all who are listening! Be better not bitter!
Correctional Intervention Corps
The Correctional Intervention Corp is by far the most intense division in the DOC. It comes with an intimidating outfit, cool code names and usually a big gun. The CIC handles all the most dangerous situations at the DOC, such as riots, prison breaks, hostage situations, active shooters, the excessively violent and maximum security inmates. The best part is the absolute unity of a CIC team in action.
Felon Reformation Division
The Felon Reformation Division is a division of compassion and care. We speak to inmates and ex felons who have messed up in life and assist them in getting a second chance. We offer housing, therapy, letters of recommendation to various licensed jobs around the city, tours of city hot spots, job demonstrations and so much more. If you have an open mind and believe people are capable of redemption, no matter how dire their circumstances, this is the division for you. The best part is seeing someone in the program getting hired at their dream job.
Correctional Medical Team
While a brilliant and amazing speech was delivered, it was from the heart and not written down. But to summarize, CMT is incredibly important in treating both the mind and body of guards and inmates alike. There has been 0 days in the last few years that have passed without physical incident. Many of our inmates require therapy while they are in prison. It is an extremely important division who's talents range from boo-boos to surgery. If we can't bandage it, we will heal it with kindness.
Public Relations
Public relations is the division that made this event possible! It all about the connections and the face of the DOC! We value fun, friends and inviting atmospheres! We run tons of internal events that all of our personnel are welcome to enjoy! Some past events have included a caddy race, skydiving, a demolition derby, a motocross event, movie nights, bring your pet to work day and of course our annual christmas party! We also write the press releases that all of LS gets to enjoy! My favourite part is writing about the inmate of the month!
Human Resources
Human Resources!
It is such an important division as we manage everything from personnel files, check ins, background checks, loas, promotions and a lot more. We do not only focus on the paperwork aspect, we also take care of the whole recruitment process. A new thing that we implemented is giving Ex-Felons a chance to apply for the DOC! Which you can do, if you have a firearm license. The best part of human resources is to see how new correctional officers that you recruited and trained in their academy, make it to independent and skillful correctional officers.
If you are interested in joining the DOC, please apply for it! The Human Resources Team will take care of your application.
Within the groundskeeping division we strive to keep the prison in pristine condition. We will take care of all the maintenance that the DOC requires to keep it operating to its fullest potential, and we strive to keep the prison a safe working environment for all of its employees. Our job as maintenance units has a lot of variety, we will take every job head on, be it big or small. From managing fire suppression systems to installing eco-friendly solar panels, Groundskeeping is always looking to help modernize our department.
Correctional Field Training
Correctional Field Training is an amazing division because it's how we get to watch our officers grow! We handle all the practical training at the DOC, so we’re really hands-on and involved. We teach how to properly shoot a pistol, how to frisk someone, how to transport inmates and block intercepting vehicles, how to fight with hand to hand combat and all sorts of other interesting things! The best part is getting to watch those we taught eventually teach students of their own. Training not only teaches the new recruits, it also creates a bond with teacher and student. CFT is a staple of the DOC; it is the life blood of the entire department of corrections.
On top of that, there were lots of fun things to do and see! Our massive and beautiful collection of cars was showcased. There was a fun photobooth for people to pretend they were incarcerated.
There was a sheet to sign up for a public group tour. There was a car raffled off, designed to look like one of our Prangers. The lucky winner was Sway Haze!

Hope to see you all at the next one!
The Return of Yuki Nakamura
Why did you return to DOC?
"So the cringey and cheesy answer is, because my friends and family are here. Alot of people here I consider family. Alot here I consider friends. Also I felt that DOC still had some unfinished things I needed help with. And my command team seems to need me still, plus I missed it. I miss the inmates."
What did you miss most?
"I missed the people so it was more, I miss the inmates, seeing them everyday. Pretty much them coming to prison and saying HI to them. Having a bit of a banter or joking around with them. And also getting to see Kourtney, Katie, Yourself "Stefan", Steve, like all those cool and interesting people."
What's your favorite thing about DOC?
"It's the officers that I like the most, that I love the most. It's getting to see you guys enjoy the things that we wanted in place for a long time, that we couldn't do until we kinda became the leaders of the department. A long time ago we never got to do things we do now. And me and Kourtney really enjoy watching you guys have fun. We want to make sure that DOC is set up for you guys."
What are you goals?
"Kinda similar to the last question. I want to continue to implement things that you guys want, so whether it be ideas you guys have for divisions, like the stuff with the dogs. Like say you therapy dogs, sniffer dogs, K9s, patrol dogs, stuff like that. Anything that you guys want I wanna be able to implement. Or find some way to do it inside DOC. Another thing as well is to continue to try to push as many criminals as possible through the FRD program."
How have you adjusted back or does it feel like you never left?
"So first it was a few changes in terms of officers becoming different ranks, some of them becoming part of command. Alot of it was just throwing on the uniform like it use to and just getting back into it. Again I think the big changes were more divisions and understanding the paper work side of it a bit more again. Because it's taken me a while. Apart from that it's just the day to day tasks, throw a uniform on when I get to it and it just feels like nothing changed. I still remember all the radio calls, all the codes and stuff like that. It's like I never left."
Supervisor New Responsibility
For the past 6 months, DOC command has had the pleasure of being able to place charges on inmates for these specific charges:
  • NM01 Inciting a riot
  • NM02 Participating in a Riot
  • GM01 Assault
  • GM02 Battery
  • WF01 Assault with a Deadly Weapon
  • GF21 Prison Break
  • SF02 Murder
  • SF09 False Imprisonment of a Hostage

It's been trailed by our command officers and checked to see the progress. Just from these 6 months alone, DOC has seen a decrease in violence and aggression towards officers. Due to the charges, inmates have been less inclined to attack or commit any crimes while in the cellblock.

Due to the large success, we have now provided supervisors with the chance of being sworn-in officers. To ensure they are up to the task, we have put them through training and have each of them answer a quiz. We are happy to announce that all our current supervisors passed with 100% accuracy and can now help command keep the cellblock clean!


The Warden team would love to congratulate Corporal Trixie Bankshot, Corporal Rod Rodriguez, Corporal Maximillian Speed, and Lieutenant Sean Payne for their hard work!
Notable Promotions

ImageCorrectional Officer IImage

#654 Devin McDonald
#755 Gromit Samaj
#757 Timothy Creed
#780 Max Ericsson
#781 Jay Denton
#782 Tyler Jensen
#785 Matteus Ericsson
#786 Canio Dubienski
#787 Ethan Quinn
#788 Jonny Law
#789 Poppi Martinez
#790 Drexid Xzarg
#791 Thomas Young
#792 Artyom Piggins
#793 Owen Michael
#794 Cody James
#796 Brendan White
#797 Freya Larsen
#798 Ghost Mclain
#799 Frank Costello
#800 Jamie Owens
#802 King Lee
#803 Cricket Awa
#804 Ace McCormack

ImageCorrectional Officer IIImage
#727 Leonardo Latre
#767 Amie Koal
#771 Rock Paz
#778 Lukas Valentine
#782 Tyler Jensen
#785 Matteus Ericsson

ImageCorrectional Officer IIIImage
#763 Johnny Bmore
#765 Kris Specter
#768 Coral Finch
#772 Lynette Galloway
#795 Andrew Bryant

ImageSenior Correctional OfficerImage
#720 Jim Verchotta
#732 Malik Ebeid
#735 Adam Norris
#743 Stefan Dobrev
#760 Issei Ryoshi

#765 Trixie Bankshot
#738 Maximillian Speed

#698 Sean Payne
    Groundskeeping Earth Day Event
    In the Month of April we had The Earth Day Event, hosted by the Groundskeeping Division. It was a big success and we decided to interview the man behind the planning of this event; to beautify and make the DOC more eco friendly! There were plenty of members working on the tasks, demonstrating impeccable teamwork!
    Corporal Maximillian Speed, at the time Groundskeeping Divisional Leader, had this to say!

    What was your initial plan with the Earth day event?
    My initial plan was to to reduce the DLC carbon footprint and try and set an example for the other departments of the state of St Andrews, reducing the emission to be more eco-friendly this month. We planted trees, installed power and water efficient utility items, we ordered bikes, all sorts of things to keep the Earth a little more green.
    How did the event turn out?
    I think the event and upgrade show there are definitely groundskeepers working together. There was a lot of self initiative coming out to complete work. We got the whole work order completed, so I would say it turned out well! Plus we had the addition of new bicycles which is pretty nice.

    Do you think more could have been done by the Groundskeeping team?
    I would like to see probably a few more people come up with their own ideas rather than what I put forward, but I am very satisfied with the work done.
    Would you think about planning any more events in the future?
    I think the idea of planning events is really good, it definitely gets people more involved and with the opportunity. I like the idea of awards and promotions. I would have to consider adding more events in the future.

    Where did this idea come from?
    Honestly this idea come from my childhood when I was in elementary school. I had a teacher that made me do Earth Day related stuff, at least where I grew up.
    The event clearly turned out really well. and it was great having this event as part of DOC. The two people that had received a reward were Issei Ryoshi and Johnny Bmore. These two received a Divisional Promotion and Issei Ryoshi received a secondary reward, an electric vehicle!

    We hope in the future to see more interesting and enjoyable events that we can all take part in as a team!
    Phone Calls
        When an inmate arrives with a brand new iFruit 69 they will have it quickly confiscated from them. However, if they wish to retain their phone till they enter the cellblock to make a phone call then they can request it.

        The 10-15 can use the phone call for any number of reasons such as letting their mom know they're going to be in prison for a few years, telling their significant other to come to visit them, or getting a friend to feed their pet while they're incarcerated.

        Phone calls are a privilege, not a right. Any Correctional Officer has the right to decline you for a phone call for any reason they see fit.
        Advice from a Lumberjack
        The Department of Corrections is always eager to offer advice to those in need! Our resident lumberjack Stefan Dobrev has written some lovely tips about one of the various legal jobs. All you need is an axe!

        Why wood is good.

        When I first came to this city, I was like most others, broke and not a clue what I wanted to do here. I spent some time doing the odd jobs around the city such as money truck and delivery driver. It didn't take long until I discovered a job that I not only loved but that I loved to do all day every day. That job is wood whacking. You might be thinking I'm lying but it really is the best job in the city. I would whack wood from sun up to sun down. In a short time I made a few million whacking away in the woods. There's a trick to it that I will share. The more logs you sell, the more the price of branches go up. In a very short time I went from homeless to buying my first house and a bunch of cars I love. It's not only good, fast money, it's very relaxing being out in nature for hours on end. I quickly became known for whacking wood because every time someone drove by in the woods, there I was, whacking away. I hope everyone can enjoy some time in the woods and love it as much as me.
        Diversity DOC
        The San Andreas Department Of Corrections is a diverse and open space for inmates and employees. All walks of life have been through the SADOC doors and we have always welcomed them; with all their differences. Just with our officers alone, we have over 10+ different cultures and backgrounds, some coming from Japan, Canada, Uk, Nigeran, and India. We wanted to show this to everyone who visits the DOC and really give a vibe of togetherness.
        As you can see from the picture above, we have the US, French, English, Canadian, Chinese, German and Japanese flag. We are happy to add more in the future and welcome all here!
        Recruitment Status
         ! Message from: Human Resources Command
        Recruitment for the San Andreas Department of Corrections is OPEN as of 21/06/2021. Please see below on how to apply.
        • Age: Must be over the age of 18 and no older than 55.
          • (( Must have an Out of Character age of 16 years old ))
        • Citizenship/Residency: Must be an American Citizen at the time of applying, and have been a resident of San Andreas for no less than 12 months.
          • (( Must have over 5,000 XP on the character you're applying on ))
        • Criminal History: You must not have any serious crimes on your record (will be dealt with on a case to case basis)
        • Multiple Employments: You may not be a member of LSPD or LSSD at the time of hiring, as these are full-time positions. You may have a part-time position while working at the SADOC.
        • Mental/Physical Fitness: As a Corrections Officer, you must be able to maintain good mental and physical fitness. You will be tested on this during our hiring process.
          • (( As a faction, we hold a high RP standard, we will help you of course, if you're new. But you must want to learn and grow ))
        • Additional Requirements:
          • You are required to fill out an application online, you must have access to a computer and be able to use it.
          • You are required to pass an extensive background check, where your criminal record, previous employment, traffic violations, and any affiliation you may have had in the past will be checked.
          • (( Must be able to dedicate at least 5 on-duty hours a week ))
          • (( Must have a clean admin record for the past 30 days, this is also handled on a case by case basis ))
        Closing Message from the Warden
        Thank you for reading the April Press Release!
        As you can tell it has been a very busy and productive month at SADOC. There is far more that has occured that we were unable to cover in this press release but if you're interested in finding out more than feel free to come and speak to us at Bolingbroke or put in a tour request.
        We're going to be very busy over the next month with lots of fun new internal changes and hopefully a few external events for members of the public to join in.
        If you have any questions, comments or concerns then reach out to one of the lovely people listed below. Have a great May!

        Kourtney Lafleur
        San Andreas Department of Corrections

        [email protected]
        Other Contact Information
        Trixie Bankshot
        Sergeant, PR Editor-In-Chief
        San Andreas Department of Corrections

        [email protected]
        Yuki Nakamura
        Deputy Warden, Promoter
        San Andreas Department of Corrections

        [email protected]
        Issei Ryoshi
        SCO, Intern
        San Andreas Department of Corrections

        [email protected]
        Stefan Dobrev
        SCO, Intern
        San Andreas Department of Corrections

        [email protected]

        Drexid Xzarg
        COI, Intern
        San Andreas Department of Corrections

        [email protected]

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