LSEMS Monthly Press Release | June 2024

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LSEMS Monthly Press Release | June 2024

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Los Santos Emergency Medical Services
LSEMS Monthly Press Release | June 2024
Monday, July 2nd, 2024
"One Team, One Mission, Saving Lives"


    Summer is in full swing! The warm weather has hit the beaches of Los Santos, the skies are blue, and the waves are bringing in swimmers and surfers. Rest easy as our team of lifeguards patrols the sands and the seas, ready to assist at any moment!

    The LSEMS has been blessed with a brand new modern hospital in Paleto. Additionally, the garages and helipads in Central MD have been reinstated, and medics can now station here to provide faster response to southern areas of Los Santos.

    It is important to remember the dangers of the summer heat as well as the risks of spending time in the sea. You can find useful information about jellyfish stings and sunburns below.
      EMT-I Ariel Anderson
      Ariel's been a new star on our block, dishing out heat and sending out sparks of passion with every step she takes. She's been with us only for a couple of months, but she's already made a substantial impression on the department and all of us. Please help us congratulate her on being the LSEMS Employee of the Month for June 2024! Keep on keeping on.

        Senior Paramedic -> Lead Paramedic
        Frost Fox

        Paramedic -> Senior Paramedic
        Lynn Kilgore
        CeeCee Rhodes

        EMT-I -> EMT-A
        William Masons

        EMT-B -> EMT-I
        Olive Thorpe
        Alexander Devil
        Ariel Anderson
          The Bay Medical Center
          The Paleto Fire Station has shut its doors after years of being the only medical center North of Los Santos to make way for the opening of The Bay Medical Center.
          While the Bay Medical Center is smaller at first glance, it houses multiple specialized areas that are used to provide medical care, as well as a space for other aspects of the medical profession. It also hosts some personal touches in the decor.
          The Reception is the first area you'll see when you enter Bay Medical Center. It has a small waiting area, as well as a reception desk with one of Henry's brothers behind it. You can pay for additional treatment and purchase painkillers from here. There is also a TV to the side of the reception desk where you can view images related to the department.
          Treatment Center
          The Treatment Center is comparable to the ICU at Pillbox MD but more open. This is where patients are brought once they have been dropped off by the ambulance. Additional treatment can be provided here to ensure the patient is medically fit to leave the hospital.
          Should there be a need to conduct an autopsy on a body, for example in the case of a suspicious death, the deceased is moved to the morgue. At the moment, the more private Pillbox MD morgue is utilized for this once certain concerns about privacy are resolved.
          Chief's Office
          The Chief's Office is exactly as described, an Office for the Chief. While the label says that it is specifically for the Chief, it can be used by other employees for general paperwork and duties.
          The office features the standard equipment anyone may need for regular paperwork duties, with the walls decorated with medical posters for those interested in human anatomy.
          The Bay Medical Center has a large kitchen where employees can take a short break during a shift to grab a meal or socialize in between responding to life-threatening situations.
          No other LSEMS hospital has a break room as large as this, so it is utilized to its fullest. A note to any medics, please ensure you restock the fridge if you take anything!
          The Hall of Chiefs
          More of a wall than a hall, but the list displays all of the LSEMS Chiefs since its inception in 2017. Some of these names that were thought to be lost to the annals of time have been displayed on the wall, even those that served as Interim Chiefs between full Chief tenures.
          Joey Kavinskie
          Monica Ortiz
          Phil Mccoy
          Clara Monroe
          Maverick Cunningham
          Mamie Gumpert
          Brian Oconner
          Maria Kalic
          Dean Thompson
          Erick Chavez
          Stan Abbadon
          Andrea Fallon
          Nicole Crawford
          Samantha Tenbe
          Alex Mpache

            Jellyfish Sting
              It's the perfect time of year to spend hours at a time at the beach. However, if you decide to spend some time in the open waters, there's a chance that a jellyfish might appear and sting you. Don't be scared, be prepared! If a jellyfish stings you or someone around you, proceed as follows:
              • Rinse the affected area with salty seawater.
              • Carefully remove any leftover spines from the skin using tweezers or the edge of a plastic card from your wallet.
              • Soak the area in very warm water for at least 30 minutes.
              • Keep the area clean.
              DO NOT PEE ON IT

                  Not wearing sunscreen in the hot summer sun can cause your skin to go bright red and peel. Repeated unprotected exposure to the sun can also increase your risk of skin cancer. It is generally advised to wear sunscreen throughout the year, but it is all the more important in the summer months when the sun is the strongest. Here's what to do in case you happen to suffer a mild sunburn:
                  • Get out of the sun as soon as you can.
                  • Take a cool shower to allow yourself to cool down.
                  • Apply aloe vera or aftersun cream to help.
                  • Stay hydrated as you do not want to suffer from dehydration.
                  • Cover the sunburnt skin until it has healed.
                    • LSEMS Basic Life Support Course Applications Status: OPEN

                      Want to learn how to save lives and give CPR? Apply today to attend one of our Basic Life Support (BLS) courses! This course will teach you all the basic life-saving skills you need to know, including CPR and basic first aid treatment for various injuries.
                      By completing this course, you will be given a medical license card that proves that you are qualified in Basic Life Support and First Aid — enabling you to legally provide critical aid to your friends, family, and the citizens of Los Santos. This license may help you progress in your career as many employers see this as particularly advantageous!

                      Sign up for our Basic Life Support Course Today! - Click Here!

                      To view the BLS Course Schedules - Click Here

                    Charge Eligibility
                    Persons wishing to undertake this course will be subject to background checks. To pass the background check, the applicant must be clean of any:
                    • Non-aggressive felonies for 2 weeks.
                    • Aggressive crimes (felonies/misdemeanors) for 1 month.
                    • Serious Felonies for 1 month.
                    RIDE ALONG PROGRAM
                      • LSEMS Ridealong Application Status: OPEN

                        Applying for the LSEMS Ride-along Program is a great way to see firsthand exactly what the Emergency Medical Services do. You will be paired up with one of our friendly staff members who will take you to calls that range from minor injuries to major accidents.
                        Apply for an LSEMS Ride-along!
                        Click Here to check the status currently.

                      • General misdemeanors - No less than two weeks since last charge.
                      • Nuisance misdemeanors - No less than two weeks since last charge.
                      • Vehicular charges (felony or misdemeanor) - No less than two weeks since last charge.
                      • Weapons charges (felony or misdemeanor) - No less than two weeks since last charge.
                      • Drug charges (felony or misdemeanor) - No less than one month since last charge.
                      • General felonies - No less than one month since last charge.
                      • Serious felonies - No less than 6 months since last charge. If it has been less than 6 months, you may still be eligible if you have undergone the Felon Reformation Program through DOC. Please reach out to an employee if further information is needed.
                      • Sexual Crimes - Permanently disqualified.
                      REQUEST AN APPOINTMENT
                      • LSEMS Appointment Status: OPEN

                        You are able to book an appointment with our staff, whether that be a doctor for physical problems you may have or our therapist team for mental and emotional support!
                        Don't leave that pain till tomorrow. Don't be alone with your thoughts. We are here to help and free you of your troubles, no matter what they may be.

                        We offer Medical Checkups and Psychological Assistance to the Citizens of Los Santos. Once a form has been submitted an appropriately qualified member of our staff will try to contact you either via government e-mail or via the phone number provided.

                        Should your needs be something you may consider out-of-the-ordinary, don't worry - you can still submit a general form and it will be handled as necessary on a per-case basis, even if it is far out of the ordinary!

                        Click here to book an appointment now!
                      LSEMS RECRUITMENT
                      • LSEMS Recruitment Status: OPEN

                        Do you want to be a part of a team that saves lives? We are currently looking to hire more Emergency Medical Technicians for the LSEMS. Joining LSEMS is a great way to get a stable career, improve your life skills, and most importantly, save others.
                        There are a whole range of career opportunities to suit you such as focusing on becoming a doctor or a firefighter!

                        Click here to apply now!

                        • Applicants must be at least 18 years of age at the time of application.
                        • Applicants must possess a full driver's license issued by the Los Santos DMV. A trucker's license is required if the applicant wishes to join the Fire & Rescue Division. We typically prefer applicants with no major traffic or driving offenses.
                        • The LSEMS requires that applicants not have any history of certain mental conditions that could inhibit performance on duty and cause further issues in the department. Exceptions can be made.
                        • The Applicant must be clear from any recent criminal charges - some charges may be forgiven if the Applicant undergoes SADOC's Felon Reformation Program.
                      Charges Information
                      There are multiple felonies and charges that will default the application status as DENIED regardless of references, letters of recommendation, or programs passed**:
                      • Serious Felonies (SF) except for SF03 & SF07
                      • Drug Felonies (DF)
                      • GF01 - Child Endangerment
                      • GF04 - Sexual Assault
                      • GF13 - Arson
                      • GF14 - False Impersonation
                      • GF16 - Tampering with Evidence
                      • GF17 - Rape
                      • GF20 - Possession of Human Body Tissue
                      • GF21 - Prison Break
                      • GF24 - Perjury

                      There are multiple felonies and charges that will set the application status as DENIED unless the applicant successfully underwent SADOC's Felon Reformation Program:
                      • GF19 - Abuse or Desecration of Dead Human Body
                      • SF03 - Involuntary or Vehicular Manslaughter
                      • SF07 - Bank Robbery
                      • WF01 - Assault with a Deadly Weapon
                      • WF02 - Shooting from a Vehicle (Drive-By)
                      • Drug Misdemeanours (DM)

                      Additionally, Firearm Possession Charges are categorized as such:
                      • WM02 - Possession of a Class 1 Firearm - 2 months*
                      • WF03 - Possession of a Class 2 Firearm - 6 months*
                      • WF04 - Possession of a Class 3 Firearm - 6 months*
                      • WF05 - Possession of a Class 4 Firearm - 6 months*

                      Felonies that are outside the charges mentioned above have a wait time of 6 months*.

                      Other Misdemeanors that are outside the charges mentioned above have a wait time of 2 months*

                      NOTE* The applicant may go through the San Andreas Department of Correction's Felon Reformation Program before applying and provide a reference for the recruitment personnel to review in order to shorten the wait time. Undergoing the Felon Reformation Program does not guarantee leniency, as applicants' criminal records are considered on a case-by-case basis, and on the other hand, we may be more lenient towards one-time offenders than repeat ones.
                      Additionally, employment with a clean track record within more lenient government-funded organizations, agencies, companies, and firms may contribute positively toward each individual case.

                      NOTE** Only in cases of charges that are 12 months or older, special reviews may take place for one-time offenders for charges that are otherwise entirely eliminatory. These reviews would require substantial feedback from another government-funded employer.

                      Should you wish to verify or get more information on the subject of criminal records and their interaction(s) with our recruitment procedures, contact ✉︎ Emilia Thalmer or ✉︎ Grant Adams.
                        Assistant Chief of LSEMS Emilia Thalmer
                          The month of June is over, and summer is now in full swing! It is important to keep the safety of yourself and others in mind, especially in the warm summer months when we all tend to spend more time outdoors. Our wonderful medics work tirelessly day and night to provide the best possible medical care, but prevention is the key part to staying healthy. Educate yourself and others using our press releases, or the knowledge gained during a BLS class.

                          I would like to thank our entire team for their hard work and dedication. While not every patient appreciates the care provided in the heat of the moment (especially when our assistance is requested by law enforcement), every member of the department contributes to the crucial and noble quest of preserving the health of the citizens of our lovely state.
                          CLOSING MESSAGE
                          Thank you for giving this press release a read. We appreciate the attention the publications have been getting, and hope that the information you gained from them proves at least a little bit useful.

                          "Wherever the art of medicine is loved, there is also a love for humanity." - Hippocrates

                          Alex Mpache
                          Chief of EMS
                          Los Santos Emergency Medical Services

                          Emilia Thalmer
                          Assistant Chief | Director of Administration
                          Los Santos Emergency Medical Services
                          Contact for Public Relations Inquiries

                          Kourtney Lafleur
                          Paramedic, Interim Assistant Head of PR
                          Los Santos Emergency Medical Services

                          Contact for Public Relations Inquiries

                          Alex LaFleur
                          Paramedic, Event Coordinator
                          Los Santos Emergency Medical Services

                          Alex Mpache | Chief of EMS
                          Los Santos Emergency Medical Services
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