LSEMS Monthly Press Release | July 2021

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LSEMS Monthly Press Release | July 2021

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The Los Santos Emergency Medical Services or LSEMS is currently stationed at the Pillbox Hill Medical Centre where it is bordered by Elgin Avenue and Integrity Way in the east of Downtown Metro, Los Santos.

The Los Santos Emergency Medical Services provides immediate care and treatment for the citizens of the State of San Andreas.

EMT - Advanced Amie Koal

"Hello! I'm EMT - Advanced Amie Koal! I have recently taken over from the marvelous Lt. Matt Tezla as the Head of Public Relations!

I'm going to briefly go over what's happening with the change and then let you carry on reading this month's Press Release!

In short, not much will change!

The LSEMS PR team will continue to work the same but will be taking more of an interest in getting the department interacting more with the public! This includes open events, providing support for other events, working with charities, and much more! We have also begun to negotiate contracts with other Los Santos services to help them and us allow more benefits for our employees."
Now please continue to read through July's Press Release!

Welcome to this month's press release for the LSEMS!
As always we've had a super busy month! Plenty of calls, events, and a lot of training, not forgetting all of our new promotions and appointments! We have lots of fun news for this press release!

As always, the staff at LSEMS hope you have a safe and enjoyable time around Los Santos.

EMT - Advanced James Valor

Initially, EMT James Valor joined in November 2018, after a break from the city he was reinstated into LSEMS in March 2021, He got to come back to the city and he wanted to go back to saving lives. I asked if Valor considered other career paths too, he explained, "MD has always felt like a family, more than other departments" he said that "it feels right".

A few months ago, applications for the role of head of Human Resources opened up and James was one of the first to put his name in the pot for the position, being in the division for a while already. Applying in April, it was only this month, on the 15th of July, where he was offered the position and he accepted the job. I asked why he wanted the role and he described that he is "passionate about recruitment and the overall liveliness of MD" aiming for it to "be a big family" with all of its members feeling "comfortable and content" emphasizing that he wants everyone to "feel like they belong here" and in the coming months, under his leadership, he hopes to achieve that.

I asked EMT Valor what his job involves now, he told me, "Human Resources is undergoing a lot of changes and I am responsible for helping with implementing the change and ensuring the division is operating as best as it can". He wants to change it from something that seems "unfinished and outdated" to something that is effective and efficient.

Due to the importance of the role I had to ask Valor for his reaction to his appointment. He said "I have been trying to get this position for months" "HR has been my passion and goal in MD for literally 3 years". When it was confirmed and the appointment offer was formalized he said he felt "shakey and genuinely overjoyed" then happily said. "but mostly proud of myself"

I always ask people who have been given leading appointments in a division what their mission is to better the division and LSEMS as a whole, EMT Valor stated his goal is to make Human Resources "better and more efficient than it has ever been". He wants to have people see it as a prestigious division hoping that "when you hear someone is a part of it you think "wow, they're successful in MD"" He clarified he primarily want to improve the division and maintain high standards, as a "professional and well-structured division" and wants all of its members to be "proud to be in Human Resources"

Expectations are high and we wish EMT-Advanced James Valor the best of luck with his endeavors with his division.

It's the height of summer! July is in the middle of the summer season which means great weather for all kinds of events, gatherings, parties, sports, and much more!

However, with good weather comes mid-summer madness! Drinking and partying through the day may be on top of your summer agenda but if and when you do, please consider the following;
  • The Sun:
    Being in the sun all day can be great fun, but please make sure you:
    • Wear plenty of sunscreen and use it correctly, put it on every part of your body that is likely to be exposed to the sun.
    • Wear appropriate clothing, dress light to prevent overheating, hats with a brim will be your best friend to help prevent heat-related injuries!
    • Drink plenty of water, it goes without saying that most injuries can be traced to lack of hydration, so make sure you bring a full water bottle with you on hot days!
    • Wear sunglasses, with tinted lenses that protect you from the sun's UV rays which can damage your eyes!
    • Finally know your limit! If you are feeling unwell then take a break in the shade and rehydrate, even if your friends and family are still partying, playing or whatever activity they are doing, your wellbeing is most important!
  • Alcohol:
    Most people like to party and drinking is a very common way to do it! Please take on board some of these tips prior to going on your days/nights out!;
    • Portions, if you like to drink then you may know how easy it is to drink more than you bargained for when you get into the rhythm of drinking, or with drinking games, or just in the heat of the party! Ensure you pay attention to what you are drinking and how much you are drinking, everyone has their limit so don't push yours!
    • Transport, people like to drive to a party and not have a plan to get back home afterward! In the state of San Andreas, it is against the law to drive while intoxicated! DO NOT DO IT, when you go out make sure you have enough money for a taxi or appoint a designated driver to stay sober and help everyone make it home safely!
    • The last, and probably most important due to the season, HYDRATE! Although you are taking in a lot of liquid while drinking alcohol you are in fact dehydrating your body, this is due to the kidneys and other organs needing to use your water reserves to filter through the alcohol when it enters the body. So, in between drinks hydrate with water, or non-alcoholic beverages!


Last month the LSEMS decided to run an inter-district competition to see who can complete the most duty reports within a time-frame.
District 1 stormed into an earlier lead, and held it to easily claim this challenge's victory!
So, as their reward for winning, they were granted an afternoon on Cayro Island!

The trip started by the docks in La Puerta, where the district sailed boats out to the island, where the time of traveling the distance was filled with excitement from one of Lt. Tenbe's thrilling stories...
The boats arrived ashore on the island where the party began, the bar was open and the music was playing! The district members were laughing, dancing, and singing in the sun. Working hard paid off and the district took their moment to play hard too.

After the day had finished, it was clear that the morale of the district was high, and moving forward, days like these will be more common as rewards for hard work, team effort, and striving for excellence, which is what LSEMS is all about.

Please enjoy the cutest image from the day!;

Island Picture

Within the past month, LSEMS has had more promotions within the ranks, so please join us as we congratulate some of our most dedicated members of EMS, as well as welcome the new members that are just starting their journies.
  • EMT-A ► Paramedic
    • Sokka Lazoo

    EMT-I ► EMT-A
    • Amie Koal
    • Travis Hansen
    • Kourtney Lafleur
    EMT-B ► EMT-I
    • Triston Devil
    • Colin Quinn
    • Malik Ebeid
    • Izzy Stevenson
    • Nathan Briggs
    • Jacob West
    • Johnnie Hill
    EMR ► EMT-B
    • Mannfred Valentine
    • Maya Penelope
    • Jim Buckridge
    • Darius Monroe
    • Lunar Katte
Within the past month, we have had new faces rejoin us once again, help us give them a warm welcome back to LSEMS.
  • EMT-A
    • Jason Su


LSEMS Ridealong Application Status: OPEN
Applying for the LSEMS Ride-along Program is a great way to see firsthand exactly what the Emergency Medical Services do. You will be paired up with one of our friendly staff members who will take you to calls that range from minor injuries to major accidents.
Apply for an LSEMS Ridealong!*
Click Here to check the status currently.
*Subjected to background check
LSEMS Basic Life Support Course Applications Status: OPEN
Learn how to give basic treatment and provide life-saving aid!
Sign up for our Basic Life Support Course Today! - Click Here!*

Click Here to VIEW the BLS Course Schedules

Please make sure to only use the parking spaces across the street near the Citybee, or to the side of the MD when attending a Basic Life Support course.

The back parking is for LSEMS EMPLOYEES ONLY.

*Subjected to background check
Thank you all so much for reading the July Press Release under the Public Relations division! We hope to see you around Los Santos staying safe and healthy. If you have anything you want to see on next month's press release please email our Head of Relations, Amie Koal! If you have any questions or information regarding anything that was on this press release, do not hesitate to let us know.


Amie Koal
[email protected]
Head of Public Relations

Los Santos Emergency Medical Services

Ava Raven
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Master EMT
Public Relations Representative

Los Santos Emergency Medical Services

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