LSEMS Monthly Press Release | March 2021

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LSEMS Awards

LSEMS Monthly Press Release | March 2021

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The Los Santos Emergency Medical Services or LSEMS is currently stationed at the Central Los Santos Medical Centre where it is bordered by Capital Boulevard, Crusade Road, Davis Avenue, and Innocence Boulevard in the east of Strawberry, Los Santos.

The Los Santos Emergency Medical Services provides immediate care and treatment for the citizens of the State of San Andreas.

Welcome to this month's press release for the LSEMS and the first of the new year!
We've had a busy month! Always plenty of calls, a lot of training and new promotions, and lots of amazing news for this press release

As always, the staff at LSEMS hope you have a safe and enjoyable time around Los Santos.

The employee of the month award is given out to the employee at LSEMS who most accurately represents the ideal person, both in terms of their work ethic and responsibility, as well as, their drive to improve. The employee of the month at LSEMS is a prime example of the standards that we uphold and should be considered a role-model for others to follow.


We got the man himself for some questions regarding his time at the LSEMS and here are some of his responses during an interview conducted by our one and only Vivianna Rovigatti!
How do you feel about being the employee of the month?
I was very surprised the moment I actually got Employee of the month, It did make me feel like I was being noticed from the work I had been doing for the department and keeping up with the positive attitude, It makes me feel happy and realize I'm doing a good job and need to keep that up as well. I did get granted the VIP parking space in the ambulance garage at Pillbox MD but refuse to park there as I don't want to boast about my reward, I park like everyone else in the Employee parking area and just remind myself that I'm not a different person from being given a VIP parking spot and a temporary EOTM rank, I'm still a hard working EMT who just didn't give up and got rewarded for it!

I am very thankful for being gifted the reward and I am super proud of myself.

What is your favorite thing about working for LSEMS?
My favorite thing about working at LSEMS is definitely the family around me in the department, we all care for each other and look out for one another. Some people may seem as if they are disliked or not noticed for their hard work in the department but really I see everyone as beautiful hard working colleges and best friends, I love them all to bits and really cannot explain how thankful I am to have them by my side. Whenever I am down it may seem hard to notice but those who know me well do notice and cheer me up the moment they talk to me about it, they are all amazing people and It's super upsetting for me to see some of them resign and say goodbye, I do meet new EMRs nearly every week though who always put a smile on my face and become great friends with me.

What do you find most challenging at LSEMS?
The most challenging thing at LSEMS is when you're the only person on duty and there are a bunch of calls coming in, this can be super stressful sometimes but once it's over you begin to realize that you just put in your best work efforts and did not give up by going off duty or just ignoring calls in general, you realize that you saved many, many people and tried your best even if some did pass away.

What have you gained from working at LSEMS?
I myself have gained quite a lot from being in the MD family, things such as confidence, strength, and hope have been the main ones since, when I first passed the interview stage of LSEMS I was shocked and speechless, I had zero hope that I would actually be able to have the chance to be part of the MD family. The reason I had no hope was because of me using soft voice only, this was a huge deal at the beginning but they decided to give me a chance to prove I can do it. When I passed my training I gained a lot of confidence from the amazing, hard-working FTOs who taught me well, they gave me great feedback for any mistakes I made which allowed me to learn from them. After passing my certification stage I gained strength from realizing how far I had come within the department and knew I had to keep it up by continuing to work hard and not giving up on myself.
If you could switch your job with anyone else within LSEMS, whose job would you want and why?
This is a very tough question and I don't actually have an answer for it, everyone in this department have the Job they are best at, people such as Vivianna being Head of CRU are doing amazing work for her division, Oliver Jenkins as Head of Field Training, he does a great job at this position and is keeping us all updated with new things coming our way. We have the Lead Paramedics doing their best work for keeping us all professional and making sure our department is clean 24/7, the Directors of Administration and Special Operations are both doing amazing and good work by keeping everyone where they think they should be. These are all examples of people who are keeping this department together by doing the Job they deserve to have, I myself am keeping the BLS division in its best state by looking after it, keeping it updated, and welcoming new trainees inside.

What drew you to LSEMS originally? And how was LSEMS changed since?
The story of me wanted to join LSEMS is a little strange, to be honest, it all started when I was a mechanic at LSC, I took an MR under the name of Greg White and arrived on the call. We talked a bit and he mentioned he was joining LSEMS which is what I always wanted to do but I was too unconfident with myself and didn't believe I could do it, he pushed me to apply and so I did and now I'm here as the Head of BLS, EMT-Advanced, and Employee of the month. The moment I joined LSEMS and passed my certification everyone welcomed me in and made me happy like they still do now, a lot of things have changed since then such as getting new chiefs, new ways of doing things, and new positions within the department, other than that everything is the same with training, radio calls, etc. I love the department and shall keep working hard with my positive attitude.


The Air and Rescue division is one of the most prestigious divisions we have in the LSEMS, it has the highest requirements and the highest standards. It always used to be about the helicopters that we get to fly around to save people from tough terrain but recently the old Head of Air and Rescue, Miguel Fernando created another part of the division which is the Mountain Rescue section. This utilizes the Canis Kamacho for trekking up hills and rigid terrain.
If you ever find yourself in a sticky situation where you are not sure if you are going to be able to make it down safely do not hesitate to call for a rescue, we would rather us assist you in a safe descent rather than you calling and putting your life on the line! Keep an eye out for the Kamachos to be coming around more often in the north!

LSEMS pushes for absolute equality and equal opportunity for all, we appreciate all of the contributions that the wonderful women of MD have done in the past, do in the present, and will continue to do in the future. We celebrate women's history month to recognize and acknowledge their achievements and work. The division could not have grown into the wonderful operation it is now without our strong women committing their hard work to the equity of the team. LSEMS would like to put a spotlight on some of our current female leaders and thank them for being wonderful additions.
  • Nicole Crawford - Chief of EMS
  • Sawyer Church - Lieutenant - Head of Human Resources
  • Samantha Tenbe - Lead Paramedic - Director of Special Operations
  • Vanessa Dicks - Senior Paramedic - Director of Administration
  • Julia Knox - Master EMT - Interim Head of Air & Rescue
  • Vivianna Rovigatti - EMT-A - Head of CRU & Psychology
Women's History Month Interview with Chief Crawford
What does women's history month mean to you?
For so long women were not viewed the same as men and as disappointing as that is, it is true. Through the years women have stepped into the spotlight and accomplished outstanding feats to show how capable they are. Women's History Month is a time where we can celebrate all women on their accomplishments past, present and potential. This month is inspiring to say the least because it's not solely about the gender but the overall ability and drive to break boundaries and achieve more. It's a touching time and serves as a reminder to appreciate those who have made strides before you, your own individual drive and how you can push others to know they can as well.

What inspires you at LSEMS?
The people really do - that's simple. While not a single person is perfect, everybody tries to hard to be there and provide support in whatever way they can. It can be an incredibly number of hours on shift or a response to an email reaching out for help. No matter the size of the support, it's the support itself that doesn't end and that's very indicative of an employee of the department and what is the most inspiring.

What excites you about the future of LSEMS?
It excites me to see where people take their careers. There are different avenues and paths people can take and watching people rise to the occasion is always exciting. It's incredible to see the quiet one flourish into an expert in a field as an example. The future is always unknown and that's just as scary as it is exciting and it's going to be a ride seeing the team grow and transform.

Some more comments from the chief:
We have so many outstanding employees, but as it is Women's History Month, I think it is important to recognize the female employees we have that provide efficient, caring and compassionate care to all those around them. These women carry themselves with grace and poise and even with some of the most outlandish behaviors, they still hold their heads high and continue forward. To the women of LSEMS - thank you for all you do and for putting your hearts into your work. It is an honor to stand by your side and watch you grow into leaders. You are some of the most accomplished women I have had the pleasure of meeting. I'm excited to follow your achievements and watch you continue to break boundaries. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Within the past month, LSEMS has had more promotions within the ranks, so please join us as we congratulate some of our most dedicated members of EMS, as well as welcome the new members that are just starting their journies.
  • Paramedic ► Senior Paramedic
    • Oliver Jenkins

    • Hunter Stile
    • Julia Knox

    EMT-I ► EMT-A
    • Joe Olson

    EMT-B ► EMT-I
    • Duke Springstine
    • Jason Rhee

    EMR ► EMT-B
    • Kourtney Parrish
    • Ciara Carter
    • Sokka Lazoo
    • Jackson Walter
    • Geoff Tereschenko
    • Liam Willis
    • Randy Dickerson
    • Davey Legend
    • Aurora Shinigami
    • Seo Syntac
    • Candy Smith
    • James Bosch
    • Dante Archer
    • Mason Lee
    • Johnny Vella
Within the past month, we have had new faces rejoin us once again, help us give them a warm welcome back to LSEMS.
  • EMT-A
    • Matthew Burns
    • James Valor

LSEMS Ridealong Application Status: OPEN
Applying for the LSEMS Ride-along Program is a great way to see firsthand exactly what the Emergency Medical Services do. You will be paired up with one of our friendly staff members who will take you to calls that range from minor injuries to major accidents.
Apply for an LSEMS Ridealong!*
Click Here to check the status currently.
*Subjected to background check
LSEMS Basic Life Support Course Applications Status: OPEN
Learn how to give basic treatment and provide life-saving breaths
Sign up for our Basic Life Support Course Today! - Click Here!*

Click Here to VIEW the BLS Course Schedules

Please make sure to only use the parking spaces across the street near the Citybee, or to the side of the MD when attending a Basic Life Support course.

The back parking is for LSEMS EMPLOYEES ONLY.

*Subjected to background check
Thank you all so much for reading the February Press Release under the Public Relations division! We hope to see you around Los Santos staying safe and healthy. If you have anything you want to see on next month's press release please email our Head of Relations, Matt Tezla! If you have any questions or information regarding anything that was on this press release, do not hesitate to let us know.


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Los Santos Emergency Medical Services

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Los Santos Emergency Medical Services
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