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Pillbox Press Release

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Hello Los Santos Citizens,

LSEMS is happy to announce Pillbox MD as our new main hospital! Featured with a large variety of new amenities and a nearly centralized location of Los Santos, we felt this as the appropriate decision to make in terms of the health of the public.

Pillbox is a well rounded hospital equipped to provide a variety of patient care. Our areas of care range from emergency services, out-patient programs, and in-patient care. LSEMS employees are committed to providing the utmost care for any members of the community we are lucky to treat.


Given the modernization of Pillbox MD, we now have access to the following at Pillbox MD:

  • MRI
  • X-RAY
  • Private rooms
  • Doctors offices
  • Surgery rooms
  • An Intensive care unit
  • State of the art laboratory

Pillbox pharmacy
Our resident pharmacist Dr. Henrie is our head of pharma. He sells painkillers to be used sparingly and taken once per hour, only when needed. Painkillers are highly addictive and should be treated as such. Henrie is also able to provide other prescriptions that which when taken as prescribed, can effectively provide rapid relief.


Emergency drop off
Our emergency drop-off has been opened to the public, and will be available 24/7. Pillbox staff will be receiving and providing care to patients brought in by the community. LSEMS commends a public caring and kind enough to provide each other with such help, even to strangers. We thank everyone who transports those in need to our hospitals and encourage such passionate aid.

Pillbox encourages people to seek out emergency services when facing serious health symptoms, including but not limited to:
  • Chest / Abdominal pains
  • Overdoses and unmanageable withdrawal symptoms
  • Broken bones
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Dizziness, fainting
  • Stroke symptoms; suck as a loss of mobility of one half of your body, loss of speech
  • Serious burns
  • Any serious condition that is worsening
Please note
Pillbox wards are kept locked to the public by our staff due to privacy and security concerns for our patients. Only those with permission to proceed into the hospital wards should be doing so.
Those who fail to follow our trespassing protocols can be subject to the pertinent charges and fines.

Advanced Medicine Division
The Los Santos advanced medical division is dedicated to providing patient-centered care to further the public health of the community.
  • More specifically, some services our advanced medical unit currently provide are:
  • Advanced surgeries, both emergent and non-emergent
  • Intensive care for patients
  • Recovery care post surgery and hospital treatment
  • Any diagnoses that require in-patient monitoring

Crisis Response Unit
The LSEMS Crisis Response Unit is a hardworking team of individuals fully committed to promoting mental health within the community. Our team provides a variety of options for patients seeking our mental health resources.
  • Don't be afraid to get help. The way to a positive change starts with putting yourself first.
  • Our CRU trained physicians are able to facilitate therapy and counseling sessions for those interested
  • If you ever need someone to talk to or need an in-depth treatment for your mental health problems, come to Central MD and ask for CRU! We care about you and you're not alone in this!

Some of our advanced medical unit outpatient treatments include:
  • Routine medical checkups
  • Quality oral healthcare through our dentistry programs
  • Prescribing important prescriptions as per patient needs
  • Diagnostic imaging using our plethora of new amenities
  • Minor surgeries that don't require monitoring during recovery

At this time our preferred method is by appointment. To make an appointment please come into Pillbox to find a staff able to do so. If you are in need of emergent services; please dial 911 to receive this care. We are currently working on a way to streamline this process for the community. Once we have created this system, appointments will be made available through means of online booking. This will soon be available on our Government Webiste.

Emergency Medical Response
Los Santos emergency medical services employees do their best to provide efficient services to patients that need emergent care. Ambulances and other units are dispatched all throughout San Andreas to attend to those in need. We ask our community to call us the moment emergency medical care is needed, as speed is key for live saving. We kindly request for anyone calling 911 requesting a unit, to remain in the area. This is important as leaving the area can cause our first responders to lose GPS signal to your call, making locating our patients difficult.

Fire, Search, and Rescue Departments
A wide variety of departments also operate out of Pillbox. We keep each individual emergency response vehicle at Pillbox, including our Medevac helicopter units, our Rescue kamacho units and engine firefighter units. See a fire? Report a fire! Please dial 911 and request a medic to dispatch, at that point please describe the situation and a unit will respond at their first availability.


Pillbox hospital has few NO PARKING zones, these include:
  • Our Ambulance bay, Located at lower pillbox
  • Our Emergency drop off bays, Located at both upper and lower pillbox
  • And Employee parking areas, Located at lower pillbox
  • Any area marked by a red curb
Pillbox Kindly requests to leave the employee parking area clear for our employees to leave their car as they go on shift.
Pillbox hospital has quest parking available at upper pillbox to be used for the following:
  • Out-patient care
  • In-Patient care
  • Emergency Care drop off
Those who fail to follow our parking protocols can be subject to the pertinent charges and fines.

Regarding deceased people
LSEMS is only able to care for living members of the community. We also want to ensure that the deceased receive the proper respect they deserve. The Los Santos government employs coroners who courteously tend to them and transport them where needed. We request our citizens to dial 6666 upon seeing a deceased person; to identify one you should look them over, their chest will not move with their breathing and they will not have a pulse. If you suspect foul play please dial 911 and ask for police to investigate the situation. If you are unsure of their status and believe they could be in critical condition, please dial 911 and ask a medic to perform an examination.

Basic Life Support Courses
LSEMS is happy to provide basic life support courses to the public, we acknowledge that community health is the responsibility of everyone. B.L.S courses will continue to be provided by LSEMS, but instruction will remain at central hospital.
  • Application status can be found HERE
  • Upcoming course dates can be found HERE
With the renovation of our new hospital, LSEMS is looking to hire more employees to staff it. We encourage our community to submit applications on our government website! Ensure all applications are filled out to the best of your ability, with answers as honest and detailed as possible.
  • Recruitment information and status can be found HERE
Ridealong Program
The LSEMS ridealong program remains open to the public! We encourage our community to directly engage with us by joining us in our active duty. It is with pride and honor to showcase the tasks of first responders.
  • Our ridealong status can be found HERE
  • Our ridealong program form and information can be found HERE
LSEMS thanks you for taking the time to read our press releases! It is the mission of our public relations team to ensure our community remains informed. If you have further questions, please reach out to our team. We can be reached at:
Dommy Copyak
[email protected]
Senior Public Relations Representative

Matt Tezla
[email protected]
Lead Paramedic
Head of Public Relations

Los Santos Emergency Medical Services
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