LSEMS Monthly Press Release | October 2020

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LSEMS Awards

LSEMS Monthly Press Release | October 2020

Sun Nov 01, 2020 1:22 am


The Los Santos Emergency Medical Services or LSEMS is currently stationed at the Central Los Santos Medical Centre where it is bordered by Capital Boulevard, Crusade Road, Davis Avenue, and Innocence Boulevard in the east of Strawberry, Los Santos.

The Los Santos Emergency Medical Services provides immediate care and treatment for the citizens of the State of San Andreas.
Welcome to this month's press release for the LSEMS. The new public relations division is beyond excited to be bringing you a fresh insight into how the LSEMS operates and the things we are bringing to the city for all of you. There are a lot of events and new projects in the work that we are proud to show.
As always, the staff at LSEMS hope you have a safe and enjoyable time around Los Santos.
Help us congratulate the new Assistant Chief of EMS Mr. Kevin Grabber. Mr. Grabber has worked tirelessly here at LSEMS making it the best it can no matter what happens. He has always been easily approachable about any topic and will help you with anything you come at him with. Mr. Grabber is apart of many divisions in EMS, ranging from HR to training out amazing new EMR's.

Mr. Grabber joined the LSEMS back in March of 2019 and has worked through multiple chiefs leading EMS as well as the numerous staff that has come and go.

Along with a new Assistant Chief, we also have a brand new Deputy Chief of EMS, help us give a warm welcome to Caleb Allison. Mr. Allison's work with the LSEMS has been nothing short of extraordinary. His hard work initially made him the Director of Administration, as well as being apart of multiple divisions ranging from being a lifeguard to flying in the skies.

Mr. Allison joined the LSEMS back in May of 2020. If that alone doesn't tell you the amount of effort he has put into his job, nothing will. All of the hard work he has put into EMS has really paid off and we are excited to see what the future holds for him.
Within the past month, LSEMS has recently seen a significant amount of changes. Join us as we congratulate some of our most dedicated members of EMS, as well as welcome the new members that are just starting their journies.
  • Deputy Chief ► Assistant Chief
    • Kevin Grabber

    Lieutenant ► Deputy Chief
    • Caleb Allison

    Lead Paramedic ► Lieutenant
    • Jay Paige

    EMT-E ► Paramedic
    • Vanessa Dicks
    • Charles Kajinski
    • Soheyl Johnson
    • Frost Jack
    • David Copper
    • Blair Allison
    • Blake Snow

    EMT-I ► EMT-A
    • Giuliano Siciliani
    • Samantha Tenbe
    • Kian Martin

    EMT-B ► EMT-I
    • Valerie Leandoer
    • Jason Tate
    • Jaxson Kray
    • Winter Black
    • Vivianna Rovigatti
    • Julia Knox

    EMR ► EMT-B
    • Huw Parry
    • Aaron Martin
    • Tom Sand
    • Byungjoon Rhee
    • Drake Frost
    • Emilia Griffin
    • John Ballard
    • Mina Teller

    ► EMR
    • Anthony Pierce
    • Cole Brett
    • Valentina Rotowski
    • Kasey Lovejoy
    • Jesse Burks
    • Michael O'Hagan
    • Tony Louis
Within the past month, we have had new faces rejoin us once again, help us give them a warm welcome back to LSEMS.
  • ► EMT-A
    • Grace Waters

    ► EMT-B
    • Zein Ace
LSEMS had some positions open up. Below are the divisional and chief changes in relation to the changes that we've faced.

Assistant Chief of EMS | Kevin Grabber
Deputy Chief of EMS | Caleb Allison

Director of Operations | Jay Paige
Director of Administration | Caleb Allison

Head of Public Relations | Matt Tezla
Head of Crisis Response Unit | Samantha Tenbe
Head of Advanced Medicine | Charles Kajinski

LSEMS would like to congratulate the following members of our department for the initiative they've taken, and we're ready for the changes they're going to present to us moving forward! We're sure they'll make LSEMS proud!

While we appreciate the time and effort that we received from these exemplary members of LSEMS, we can’t help but be excited for what’s to come! Bring on the future!

We’ve now come to the end of October and as many of you know (and have demonstrated in your pinkness) it is Breast Cancer Awareness Month! It’s a topic and an issue that has affected many of us personally as well as affecting those we know, and it's amazing to see everyone show support for an important cause.
That being said, it is also important to raise awareness of how to check for signs of breast cancer! It’s important to check your booby area frequently! Give them a great feel! Feel the breast tissue in circular motions with the tips of your fingers, moving down in sections from your armpit to your breast, check for any lumps and bumps at least once a month, and just get to know your breast tissue! Even get a hand from your partner! LSEMS are always here to support your health!
As many citizens of Los Santos have noticed, we hired two new Pharmacists a while back to come and assist in selling Painkillers to you all. In the past few days... it seems as if both Henry and Henrie have been abducted and have being replaced with Yrneh and Eirenh... I did not want to get close to any of them because I do not trust them... However, I don't think they are selling anything different but, I can not guarantee that they are not tracking your DNA for future use for any attacks on the city... STAY SAFE!!!

LSEMS Ridealong Application Status: OPEN
Applying for the LSEMS Ride-along Program is a great way to see first hand exactly what the Emergency Medical Services do. You will be paired up with one of our friendly staff members who will take you to calls that range from minor injuries to major accidents.
Apply for an LSEMS Ridealong!*
Click Here to check the status currently.
*Subjected to background check
LSEMS Basic Life Support Course Applications Status: OPEN
Learn how to give basic treatment and provide life-saving breaths
Sign up for our Basic Life Support Course Today! - Click Here!*

Click Here to VIEW the BLS Course Schedules

Please make sure to only use the parking spaces across the street near the Citybee, or to the side of the MD when attending a Basic Life Support course.

The back parking is for LSEMS EMPLOYEES ONLY.

*Subjected to background check
Thank you all so much for reading the first Press Release under the new Relations division! We hope to see you around Los Santos staying safe and healthy. If you have anything you want to see on next month's press release please email our new Head of Relations, Matt Tezla! If you have any questions or information regarding anything that was on this press release, do not hesitate to let us know.


Matt Tezla
Head of Public Relations
Los Santos Emergency Medical Services

Winter Black | EMT-I
Relations Representitive
Los Santos Emergency Medical Services

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