Lauchlin Guy- [APPLICATION}

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Lauchlin Guy- [APPLICATION}

Sat May 23, 2020 3:34 am

1.1) Full Name: Lauchlin Guy
1.2) Gender: M
1.3) Age: 30
1.4) Date of Birth (MM/DD/YYYY): 26/02/1990
1.5) Place of Birth (City, State, Country): Kirkcaldy, Scotland
1.6) Nationality: Irish, with American citizenship
1.7) Contact Number: 3948243
1.8) Home Address: N/A


2.1) Have you ever been convicted of a misdemeanour or a felony? YES, but i have changed for the better and i want to do good again.

2.2) Have you ever had law enforcement actions taken against any of the licenses you hold or have held in the past? no

2.3) What is your current employment status? unemployed

2.4) Have you ever previously worked for the San Andreas Government or any other government agency? Yes


3.1) What experience do you have that could be valuable for work at the government? I have had lots of experience in policing which will be a great addition to your department

3.2) What would you say is your greatest strength? And how would this benefit the State Government? I know how to do my job and im friendly this would help the government as having a trained officer is essential when running a police department

3.3) What would you say is your greatest weakness? And how do you overcome it? driving, i will overcome it naturally as i drive more

3.4) If hired please list and explain something you would like to see the State Government implement and how it would benefit the state: I would like to see the government implement a border between Los Santos City and Blaine County as this would stop drug, sex trafficking

3.5) Please list below the highest level of education you have completed: Batchelors degree and degree apprenticeship

3.6) Please provide a list of your past employment(s), and the description of the said job(s) and the date of employment(s): Paytoll, i worked at the paytoll and let people through the paytoll, 23/05/2020 and the PSNI Police Service Of Northern Ireland before i moved to the US.

3.7) If any of your previous employments were terminated, please provide the reason why: N/A


Eclipse & RolePlay
4.1) Eclipse Forum Name: Lauchlinguy123
4.2) Eclipse Forum Profile Link: N/A
4.3) Discord name and ID: lauchlinguy123#6805
4.4) Please provide a list of ALL of your alternative characters: N/A
4.5) Do you have any characters, that have a senior/leadership role in a different faction? If yes, please provide the other faction name and the rank: N/A
4.6) Have you ever been punished by a member of staff on this, or any other character? If yes please explain: Yes it was a ncz and i hadnt read the rules properly but i am full aware of all of them now
4.7) Please provide an unedited screenshot of the admin-logs in your Eclipse game panel (Example: N/A

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