[Registration] Solutions Cubed

Business Owners of San Andreas must register their business with our Business Licensing Bureau.

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[Registration] Solutions Cubed

Thu Mar 26, 2020 4:25 pm


San Andreas State Government
Business Licensing Bureau

Business Registration Form

    • First and Lastname: Mark Scott
      Phone Number: 5961779
      Email: [email protected] ((QWP22ASVZ3HL#8861))
      Home Address: Kimble Hill Dr 7, VW
    • Name of Business: Solutions Cubed
      Business Address: Life Invader Building, Movie Star Way, Rockford Hill
      Type of Business: Business Solutions

      Mark an X in the appropriate checkbox.
      [X] Stand-Alone
      [ ] Subsidiary
      [ ] Parent

      Photo of the Business Exterior Entrance: (( Make sure that the address of the property / business door is visible on the image above. ))
    • List of Current Employees & their position(s):
      • Gareth Scott - Head of Media
      • David Choe - Head of Public Relations
      • Otto Frank - Head of Finance
    • By submitting this request you hereby agree that all information provided is truthful. If your registration is approved, you agree on a continuous effort to adhere to laws and regulations laid out by the San Andreas State Government. You also agree to submit any future changes to your business to the Business Licensing Bureau.

      Owner's Signature: Mark Scott
      Date: 26/03/2020

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