Monthly Bulletin - January

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LSPD Awards for Service

Monthly Bulletin - January

Thu Feb 13, 2020 11:20 pm




Throughout the month of January, the City of Los Santos and the Los Santos Police Department witnessed a large number of frauds and scams. There have been numerous warnings issued in Press Releases and this is another one! If you do witness a fraud or become a victim of one, please, do not hesitate to report it to the Investigations Bureau through the crime reports.

On Friday, January 17th 2020, shortly after starting their shift, Police Captain Lewis Langley and Chief of Police Samuel Osborn walked outside the Mission Row precinct and were made aware of a civilian being scammed.

Zeiwa Gueye made a contract with Brianna Scott for the sale of residential address 67 Forum Drive. Brianna Scott was paid $100,000 by Zeiwa Gueye after the contract was signed by both parties. However, Brianna Scott then demanded an additional $50,000 from Zeiwa Gueye after producing a fake key.

LSPD followed Zeiwa Gueye to Los Santos Bank and eventually came into contact with Brianna Scott. After placing Brianna Scott in handcuffs, The Los Santos Police Department Police Officers took Brianna Scott to Mission Row and watched the footage provided by Zeiwa Gueye.

Chief of Police Samuel Osborn issued a ticket of $100,000 to Brianna Scott and contacted the government to arrange the return of the $100,000 illegitimately taken from Zeiwa Gueye, which should be processed within the next 2-5 Business Days.

The contract was made at Mission Row and we have received video evidence of the contract being made. We have recovered the initial footage used to create the fake contract and have decided to share it with the general public with the aim of ensuring that all citizens are not easily fooled! You can access the footage down below.
Preview the footage from the incident.

The LSPD would like to reiterate to all citizens that contracts are very difficult to enforce, we recommend contacting a realtor to handle the sale of any houses.



Each month, One officer is selected by our Police Supervisors to receive this most prestigious award. This award is an overall congratulation for universal commitment, achievement, and excellence throughout the department. An officer who achieves the 'Officer of the Month' award is an exemplary member of the department and someone who should be looked up to as an inspiration and role-model.

This month, the Los Santos Police Department recognizes the hard work and dedication to duty, of Officer Vuk Minkhalimov has demonstrated amazing dedication to the department striving for the best, and pushing to help grow and develop the newest members of the family.

Officer Minkhalimov joined us from Russia; he came from a rough background but has demonstrated great things within the department, and no matter ones history they forge their own destiny. Pushing himself to new limits, he has become a huge asset to our field training program. Vuk has a very small group to thank for his growth but due to the favor of Ania, who took him in during a dark time in his life, this man has grown into one of the departments finest.

With Officer Minkhalimov's history in MD, he has shown that great dedication and commitment puts a person to the highest level possible. We foresee great things and look forward to seeing the shining path that Officer Vuk Minkhalimov lays before the department! Keep it up and see you at the top Officer Minkhalimov!

Officer Vuk Minkhalimov will be rewarded with a bonus payment of $1,000.00 (( $100,000.00 )).

Deputy Chief Jay Bacon
Director of Office of Operations
Los Santos Police Department
  • Reinstatements and Transfers
    Image Sergeant I
    • Mary Dinkley
    Image Police Officer III
    • Chris Knox
    • Clint Masterson
    Image Police Officer II
    • Ilai Daniels
    • Miles Townsend
    • Reinhard Adelbert
    • Russell Banks

  • Promotions
    Image Lieutenant Image Captain
    • Xoza Shadow
    • Phillipe Sanchez
    Image Police Detective III → Image Police Lieutenant
    • Alex Keller
    Image Sergeant II Image Lieutenant
    • Scott Dunbar
    • Robert Reynolds
    Image Sergeant I Image Sergeant II
    • Victor Einhart
    Image Detective IImage Detective II
    • Mikael Cowell
    Image Police Officer IIIImage Senior Lead Officer
    • Grace Hunter
    Image Police Officer II Image Police Officer III
    • Torsten Church
    • Frank Moses
    Image Police Officer I Image Police Officer II
    • Pavel Reznikov
    • Samuel Martin
    • Samuel Clarke
    Cadet Image Police Officer I
    • James Hawkes
    • Thomas Ross
    • Jaxon David
    • Robert Vandijk
    • Michael Jacobson
    • Dominic Ace
    • Mason Brewster
    • Darrell Brewster
    • Zackariyah Khan
    • Tyrone Briggs
    • Piers Nightwood
    Applicant Cadet
    • Haytham Hawking
    • Trevor Watson
    • Tyreese Jones
    • Marsigsd Moriarty
    • Vincent Maxwell
    • Jimmy King
    • Mark Bustamante
    • Thomas Ross
    • Guy Cooke
    • Chrisy Fegan
    • Remmi Patterson
    • Lux Popova
    • Bianca Allison
    • Boe Long
    • Jake McDuff
    • Jacob Wittman
    • Jinju Kim
    • Alex Tanner
    • Jaehyun Kim
  • We have made great strides in our departmental divisions, welcomed some new faces, and said farewells to some old ones. Please read below about some divisional updates from the COs and ACOs themselves, and what progress they have made in the month of January.
    Investigations Bureau January UpdateShow

    January 2020 - Bureau Update Office of Investigations - Investigations Bureau -
    • Introduction

      Leaving the first month of a new decade behind, we move into the second month of the decade with a bright future ahead of us. I would like to extend a warm welcome to all readers as I'm given the opportunity to open yet another monthly update for the Investigations Bureau. Today, I am pleased to present all changes, updates, and accomplishments of importance that have been made within the Investigations Bureau and its personnel through the January monthly update. This will be the eighteenth monthly update, and the first update provided for 2020.

      Roster Changes
      Every month, the Investigations Bureau goes through a variety of roster changes, such as but not limited to new Police Officers being recruited and brought into the Investigations Bureau, or personnel of the Bureau rising through the ranks of the Los Santos Police Department.

      During the month of January, the following roster changes have occurred.

      The following Detectives have completed and passed the Detective Training Program and have been promoted to the position of Police Detective. Congratulations!
      Image Police Detective I → Image Police Detective II
      • Mikael Cowell
      Image Police Detective III → Image Police Lieutenant
      • Alex Keller
      Image Police Lieutenant → Image Police Captain
      • Xoza Shadow
      Lastly, the following changes have been made to our divisional command roster.
      • Detective II Mikael Cowell has been appointed as the Assistant Commanding Officer of the Robbery-Homicide Division.

      Seized Contraband Statistics
      The Los Santos Police Department's Investigations Bureau has decided to release its statistics for the month of January 2020, in regards to the seizing of illegal contraband.

      In the month of January, the following contraband has been seized:

      Heavy Weapons
      • 49x Shrewsbury Assault Rifle
        • 3490 Assault Rifle (7.62x39mm) rounds
      • 3x Vom Feuer Machine Pistol
        • 200 Machine Pistol (9x19mm) rounds
      • 17x Shrewsbury Micro SMG
        • 1247 Micro SMG (.45 ACP) rounds
      • 1x Hawk & Little Mini SMG
        • 100 Mini SMG (9x19mm) rounds
      • 39x Shrewsbury Shotgun
        • 864 Shotgun (12 gauge) rounds
      • 21x Hawk & Little SMG
        • 1698 SMG (9x19mm) rounds
      • 184x Hawk & Little Pistol .50
        • 5267 Pistol .50 (.50 AE) rounds
      • 59x Hawk & Little Heavy Pistol
        • 2186 Heavy Pistol (.45 ACP) rounds
      • 20x Hawk & Little Pistol
        • 701 Pistol (9x19mm) rounds
      • 7x Shrewsbury SNS Pistol
        • 75 SNS Pistol (.380) rounds
      • 4x Hawk & Little Combat Pistol
        • 118 Combat Pistol (.40 H&L) rounds
      Weapon Attachments
      • 12x Silencer
      • 36x (Extended) Clip
      • 12x Scope
      • 1x Flashlight
      • 4x Grip
      Final Statistics
      • 404 illegal weapons were seized.
      • 15946 rounds of live ammunition were seized (in seized weapons and separated).
      • In total, an estimated $6,643,790 worth of contraband has been seized. (Monetary value might not be 100% accurate)
      A special thanks goes out to the Detective Support and Vice Division for making these statistics possible.

      Monthly Bureau Statistics
      During the month of January:
      • A total of 12 cases have been opened.
      • A total of 10 cases have been closed.
      • A total of 16 cases are currently being actively investigated. (Excluding Gangs and Narcotics statistics)
      • A combined total of 88 Investigation Patrol Logs have been posted.
      • A total of 404 illegal weapons have been seized. (01/JAN/2020 - 01/FEB/2020)

      End Note
      On a final note, I would like to thank every single one of you for taking time out of your day to read through our January's monthly Investigations Bureau update.

      This concludes the eighteenth monthly Investigations Bureau update that I have published since assuming the position of leadership within the Investigations Bureau and the Office of Investigations. As such, I would like to thank all Investigators and Detectives for making the Investigations Bureau a possibility, and my command staff for helping me move the Investigations Bureau towards a bright future.

      I greatly appreciate all the work every single one of you puts in every day to make the Investigations Bureau successful, and what it is today. Once again, congratulations to all those who got recruited and promoted, keep up the good work!

      On behalf of the Investigations Bureau Command Team & Office of Investigations leadership,

      Deputy Chief of Police Elena Blake
      Director, Office of Investigations
      Los Santos Police Department
    Advanced Training Division January UpdateShow

    In the month of January, there have been numerous certifications conducted in the Advanced Training Division. Below are the statistics:
    4 Officers Certified in Scene Management Training
    1 Heavy Interception Unit Certifications
    1 Denied Firearms Certifications
    8 Accepted Firearms Certifications
    1 High-Speed Motorcycle Unit Certifications

    The Advanced Training Divison has seen some changes for the month of January. One of these changes is the ability of department supervisors being able to conduct training and certifications that are performed by ATD. After a discussion with the supervisory and command team, we felt this change would help the department as a whole getting our officers trained in skills that would aid them in their duties. The other change is the appointment of Sergeant Zoey Deul as the Commanding Officer over ATD. Thank Officer Tom Brown for his efforts within the division while he was the Commanding Officer and that he will continue his great work as Assistant Commanding Officer of ATD.

    • From
      Sergeant II Zoey Deul
      Commanding Officer of Advanced Training Division
      Los Santos Police Department
    Traffic Enforcement Division January UpdateShow


    Opening Statement

    • I would like to thank every officer for their dedicating their time for the division and giving it the best they got over the past month. Our officers have proven themselves in every situation they go through. Traffic Enforcement Division was and will remain to enforce traffic laws heavily.

    Brief Update

    • This month we carried and taken the bait-car operation to a whole new level. This operation was able to bring down multiple wanted felons and clear the ill-willed people off the street so far with the help of the Investigations Bureau. The operation was a huge success as we ran it multiple times with a great outcome. Multiple suspects were arrested, thanks to the efforts of our officers and the help of other divisions.
    • With the recently agreed on terms between the City Hall and Los Santos Police Department's Traffic Enforcement Division to help them organize events around the city. We have helped the city hall in a couple of events, mainly car meets and drifting competitions. The City Hall official Inori Komatsu was there for us as well when needed.

    Personnel Changes

    • This month we have witnessed a lot of changes in our roster. We didn't have many officers leaving the division except for the departmental resignations. However, we have had a lot of inner personnel changes.

      We had a couple of changes in our Command position, most importantly, the return of two previous CO's; Captain Marco Davis & Sergeant Mary Dinkley. With their return, I hope that we will be able to push the division into more exciting moments and memories to save.

      Also, I would like to congratulate the following members on their promotion.

      • Mary Dinkley [4-TOM/MARY-3] Head Inspector

      • Marco Davis [4-TOM/MARY-4] Head Inspector

      • Miles Logan [4-TOM-20] - Traffic Inspector

      • Belle Cavallera [4-TOM-30] - Traffic Inspector

      • David Wallace [4-TOM-11] - Traffic Officer I

      • Lucky Monroe [4-TOM-17] - Traffic Officer I

      • Samuel Martin [4-TOM-19] Traffic Officer I

      • Milo Granger [4-TOM-21] - Traffic Officer I

      • Collin O'Brady [4-TOM-27] - Traffic Officer I
      Make sure to congratulate them as you see them on shift.

      We have also had two new members with us
      • • Chris Knox
        • Steve Smyth
      Make sure to welcome and help them as you see them on shift.

      Currently, our ranks are divided as such within TED:

      TED Command: 4
      Inspector: 3
      Traffic Officer III: 4
      Traffic Officer II: 4
      Traffic Officer I: 6
      Probationary Traffic Officer: 2
    Traffic Officer of the month
    • After their good performance throughout the month and being very active within the division, we would like to congratulate Traffic Officer I Milo Granger. Officer Granger has shown incredible dedication to the division and always puts his best foot forward. Granger also logged a good amount of patrol reports, incident reports and did an incredible job in the field. For this, he will be awarded a bonus of $25,000. Congratulations!

    Kind Regards,
    Sergeant II Robert Jeys
    Traffic Enforcement Commanding Officer
    Los Santos Police Department
    S.W.A.T Division January UpdateShow


    Los Santos Police Department

    Special Weapons and Tactics Division Update - December 2019
    • Division Update

      • Hello Operatives,
        Another month has passed in Los Santos, and the SWAT division still moves forward. This month saw the introduction of new equipment which has already been used in training and live situations to great effect. The Handbook also received new updates to our tactical readiness and numerous trainings have been conducted to solidify the new tactics that are constantly in development.

        SWAT also worked closely with the San Andreas Department of Corrections to solidify a working relationship between the SWAT Division and CERT personnel. Joint training was conducted this month to introduce new tactics and standard operating procedure that both departments now use when working in tandem.

        SWAT also welcomed a large number of operatives to the division, both new and old, having completed the last recruitment drive. Reinstatements and fresh candidates to the Probationary program have filled out the SWAT ranks to a satisfactory level. We're looking forward to their contributions to the division.
    • Division Statistics

    • This month saw a total of 58 active deployments. This means SWAT deploys on average 1.87 times per day in full gear to respond to extreme situations. SWAT has also increased the number of David patrols, meaning units in the field are often supported by a unit with SWAT members to respond to active situations and dramatically reduce the response time to dangerous scenarios.
      Roster changes
      • Stan Foxx > Senior Operative
      • Arnold Williams > Operative
      • Jamie Richardsons > Operative
      • Jack Mobray > Operative
      New operatives:
      • Reinstatement: Operative Robert Reynolds
      • Reinstatement: Operative Mary Dinkley
      • Reinstatement: Operative Miles Townsend
      • Reinstatement: Operative Ilai Daniels
      • Darnell Griffin
      • Grace Hunter
      • Sebastian Papadakis
      • Dante Stryker
      • Torsten Church
      • Lucky Monroe
    • Regards,
      Victor Einhart
      Commanding Officer of SWAT
      Special Weapons and Tactics Division
    Air Support Division January UpdateShow


    Los Santos Police Department

    Air Support Division Update - January 2020
    • Division Update

      • Hello Pilots!
        Welcome to the Seventeenth update of the Air Support Division. This month with the past holidays, it has been been a little slow. We have worked on introducing new training programs internally in the division, and they will be introduced shortly.

        Congratulations to Vuk Minkhalimov again as our featured Pilot for January! They have logged 47.5 hours this month, that also was their first month in the division. We would like to thank him for his outstanding effort within the division and wish him a bright future up in the skies.
    • Division Statistics

    • A total of 189 hours have been logged this last month with an average of 4.5 hours across all pilots. Please don't forget to log those valuable hours.

      Roster changes
      Welcome to the Air Support Division pilots.
      • Keanu Moody
      • Samuel Martin
      • Collin Obrady
      • Mike Adams (reinstated Junior Pilot)
      • Paulo Witherfork (reinstated Pilot)
      • Vuk Minkhalimov
      Fly safe to those who have left us.
      • Alex Keller
      • Samuel Martin
      • Kirky Blackrock
      The following promotions have happened within the month. Congratulations!
      • Carl Thisthon | Junior Pilot --> Pilot
      • Keanu Moody | Junior Pilot --> Pilot
      • Elise de la Croix |Junior Pilot --> Pilot
      • Collin Obrady |ASD Applicant --> Junior Pilot
      • Vuk Minkhalimov | Junior Pilot --> Pilot
    • Regards,
      Detective II Mikael Cowell
      Air Support Division Chief Pilot.

      Captain Xoza Shadow,
      Air Support Division Commanding Officer,
    Recruitment & Employment Division January UpdateShow


    Los Santos Police Department

    Recruitment and Employment Division Update - January 2020
    • Division Update

    Dear Application Handlers and Academy Instructors,

    • Welcome to the third monthly update from the Recruitment and Employment Division. This month we've implemented a range of changes to the application handling system. This new system allows us to pass information regarding possible concerns regarding applicants to FTP Command.

      Looking forward there are plans to alter the Academy Process to make it more interactive this coming month and beyond with additional smaller changes to both Application Handling and Academies during the coming months.

      Finally, this month saw Captain Cynthia Shelby and Police Officer III Blake Connor stepping back from their responsibilities within the Recruitment and Employment Division. I'd like to thank them both for the effort they have shown towards the division since joining.
    • Division Statistics

    • During the Month of January, the LSPD has handled a total of 64 applications. 20 of these applications were successful with the applicant passing their interview and attending an Academy or preparing to attend an Academy. 7 applications from January are currently on-going, pending either interviews or alterations from the applicant. 37 Applications resulted in a denial with 1 application being withdrawn.

      On the Academy aspect of the division, this month a total of 3 Academies were hosted by Academy Instructors this month, with a total of 17 applicants attending to receive the training required to join the department as a Police Cadet.
    • Sincerely,
      Lieutenant Scott Dunbar
      Recruitment and Employment Division Commanding Officer
      Los Santos Police Department
    Field Training Program January UpdateShow

    Dear Field Training Officers,

    The month of January has once again been a steady month for the Field Training Program. This month was the trial run for the new duty reporting system and I believe it has been a huge success therefore reporting your duties via the form will be the new norm so thank you all. This past month, field training officer duties have been spread very evenly which is fantastic to see, thank you all again for equally participating in the development of Cadets for the department!

    Throughout the month of January, 59 unique field training sessions and 91 formal observations were conducted meaning that there were 150 formal interactions with cadets throughout January - Well done everyone!
      The month of January saw us introduce 7 new Field Training Officers into the Field Training Program - Welcome all!
      • Police Officer III - Clint Masterson
      • Police Officer III - Chris Knox
      • Police Officer III - Hubert Thompson
      • Police Officer II - David Wallace
      • Police Officer II - Vuk Minkhalimov
      • Police Officer II - Milo Granger
      • Police Officer II - Sebastian Papadakis
      This month we have successfully passed 9 Cadets through the Field Training Program and are proud to see how well they have done.
      • Darrell Brewster
      • Dominic Ace
      • Tyrone Briggs
      • Jaxon David
      • James Hawkes
      • Boe Long
      • Jinju Kim
      • Chrisy Fegan
      • Jaehyun Kim
      Additionally, the field training program welcomed back some familiar faces through the reinstatement program, please welcome back the following:
      • Police Officer II Ilai Daniels
      • Police Officer I Thomas Ross
      • Police Officer I Pavel Reznikov
      • Police Officer I Guy Cooke
      For the month of January, the Field Training Program Command has decided to make Police Officer III Carl Thisthon our Field Training Officer of the Month once again for continuous outstanding effort. This month, Officer Thisthon has had the highest FTS count with well written reports. Office Thisthon racked up 5 formal field training sessions and 11 observation reports! This award entitles Officer Thisthon to a salary bonus of $5000 (($50,000)), paid directly from the Commanding Officer of the Field Training Program.

      Be sure to congratulate Police Officer III Thisthon whenever you see him on duty.

      Captain Phillipe Sanchez
      Field Training Program Commanding Officer
      Mission Row Commanding Officer
    • 1
      This concludes the Los Santos Police Department's Monthly Bulletin for January, the first of the year! Thank you for taking the time to read through it and we hope you are excited for the next one. The Media Relations Division works hard to provide you with a bulletin at the beginning of every month, and we ask our division leaders to keep up with their monthly updates for a timely release. If you have any suggestions, feedback, and comments, please contact the Media Relations through the means listed in the Contact Information tab.

      We would like to give special thanks to the following personnel for making this monthly release possible:
      • Chief of Police Samuel Osborn
      • Assistant Chief Alex Donnelly
      • Deputy Chief Jay Bacon
      • Police Captain Lewis Langley
      • Commanding Officers of Each Division
      • Media Relations Division
      (( The statistics gathered from this month were mostly supplied by us going through forum posts. There might be some human error in these statistics. If you are in charge of one of the fields listed in the stats and see a mistake, please contact Media Relations. ))

    Police Captain Lewis Langley, Commanding Officer
    Los Santos Police Department's Public Relations
    (213) 516-1554 — [email protected]

    Police Officer II Jo Campbell, Assistant Commanding Officer
    Los Santos Police Department's Public Relations
    (213) 237-2507— [email protected]


    Los Santos Police Department Media Relations
    [email protected]


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