[APPLICATION] Arlington "Arly" James

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[APPLICATION] Arlington "Arly" James

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San Andreas State Government
Human Resources Bureau

Application For Employment (INTERNSHIP)


1.1) Full Name: Arly James
1.2) Gender: Male
1.3) Age: 31
1.4) Date of Birth (MM/DD/YYYY): 3/6/1989
1.5) Place of Birth (City, State, Country): Los Angeles, California, 90025
1.6) Nationality: Caucasion
1.7) Contact Number: 4787569
1.8) Home Address: N/A


2.1) Have you ever been convicted of a misdemeanour or a felony? No

2.2) Have you ever had law enforcement actions taken against any of the licenses you hold or have held in the past? No

2.3) What is your current employment status? Currently unemployed, but am working towards reinstatement as a journalist with Weazel News.

2.4) Have you ever previously worked for the San Andreas Government or any other government agency? Weazel News


3.1) What experience do you have that could be valuable for work at the government? I have numerous skills that would prove to be useful in a position within the government. During my time working and managing within Weazel News I have learned the importance of networking and listening to my fellow citizens in regard to their concerns or suggestions on how the city runs. I also have a very flexible schedule that would be an asset.

3.2) What would you say is your greatest strength? And how would this benefit the State Government? My greatest strength is my desire to grow within a company. I feel a strong sense of loyalty to my employers and pick up on procedures very quickly. I can be trusted in sensitive roles and will always do my best.

3.3) What would you say is your greatest weakness? And how do you overcome it? My greatest weakness is my penchant to not delegate tasks. I always feel that I can get it done faster, or in a more efficient way so I tend to hang on to the tasks to do myself. I realize this creates a great training opportunity where I can show someone how to do something properly so I can rest assured that they know the procedures and I can delegate to them and feel confident in the decision.

3.4) If hired please list and explain something you would like to see the State Government implement and how it would benefit the state: I think the government is doing a fantastic job but I would like to see more procedures set up to ensure a decline of repeat offenders. By this, I mean working closely with the DOC in development a system in place that includes parole officers, community service, and transitional housing, to better rehabilitate those who have fallen into the criminal justice system.

On top of that, just working closely with local businesses to create new opportunities for the citizens of the city. So many new business owners are at a loss with what to do with their newly acquired property and I think the government could be of assistance in that.

3.5) Please list below the highest level of education you have completed: Bachelors of Hospitality Management

3.6) Please provide a list of your past employment(s), and the description of the said job(s) and the date of employment(s): Weazel News: Editor-In-Chief. My specific tasks were to ensure that the staff was creating engaging and entertaining articles for the newspaper, as well as assisting my co-managers with their employees in maintaining effective advertising techniques.

3.7) If any of your previous employments were terminated, please provide the reason why: I was never terminated from an employer. The reasoning for my past leave within the company was due to an unforeseen circumstance that required me to be out of the city for several months. I am still eligible for rehire from them and plan to pursue that as well as complete an internship within the government if selected.


Eclipse & RolePlay
4.1) Eclipse Forum Name: ArlyJames
4.2) Eclipse Forum Profile Link: https://forum.eclipse-rp.net/profile/70258-arlyjames/
4.3) Discord name and ID: TipsyNerd#1601
4.4) Please provide a list of ALL of your alternative characters:

Matty Havok
Maven Malone
Arly James (Formerly, Bellamy James who was CK'd)
Danny O'Donnell
Bellamy Flint
Jaxon James
Casey James

4.5) Do you have any characters, that have a senior/leadership role in a different faction? If yes, please provide the other faction name and the rank: No
4.6) Have you ever been punished by a member of staff on this, or any other character? If yes please explain: No
4.7) Please provide an unedited screenshot of the admin-logs in your Eclipse game panel (Example: https://i.imgur.com/jM9fLI8.jpg): https://imgur.com/RMPDuDV

IMPORTANT NOTICE: By signing below, you agree to a Criminal Background Check! Arlington James

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