[Application] Phil Coleman

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[Application] Phil Coleman

Wed Jan 29, 2020 2:58 pm


San Andreas State Government
Human Resources Bureau

Application For Employment (INTERNSHIP)


1.1) Full Name:Phil Coleman
1.2) Gender:M
1.3) Age:28
1.4) Date of Birth (04/24/1991):
1.5) Place of Birth (Mount Cisco, New York, United States):
1.6) Nationality:American
1.7) Contact Number:5648141
1.8) Home Address:N/A


2.1) Have you ever been convicted of a misdemeanor or a felony? No.

2.2) Have you ever had law enforcement actions taken against any of the licenses you hold or have held in the past? No.

2.3) What is your current employment status? Employed full-time.

2.4) Have you ever previously worked for the San Andreas Government or any other government agency? No.


3.1) What experience do you have that could be valuable for work at the government? I used to own my own homeowner association management company back in mount cisco, after moving to Los Santos I decided to try something new. I have great attention to detail I have plenty of time to work, I can also work from anywhere.

3.2) What would you say is your greatest strength? And how would this benefit the State Government? My greatest strength would have to be my work ethic any job I take on everyone sees how hard I work and how much I care about the job that I've been placed in.

3.3) What would you say is your greatest weakness? And how do you overcome it? I have to keep busy, some might not see this as a weakness, but honestly not being able to relax can some times lead me to exhaustion, I have been getting better at this over the years by learning that some things can just wait till tomorrow.

3.4) If hired please list and explain something you would like to see the State Government implement and how it would benefit the state: I would like to see the government take a more active role in the city than it has been thus far, sometimes the government gets a bad rap for the things they do or because they don't do enough, I would like to step up and help change that perception and so people do not leave this city because of the government.

3.5) Please list below the highest level of education you have completed: Bachelor's Degree

3.6) Please provide a list of your past employment(s), and the description of the said job(s) and the date of employment(s): I worked for Red door realty as a real estate agent, the duties included preparing all documentation for the sale or purchase of a house, listing houses for sale, showing customers these houses as well. Edgewater Management Group I kept an accurate record of all our client's bylaws and made revisions as needed, worked with vendors to ensure the association's needs were met on a daily basis, record and give monthly audits to the associations on behalf of the company to properly reflect where their money is going, and deal with any and all homeowner issues that are under the association board's authority on behalf of the board of directors.

3.7) If any of your previous employments were terminated, please provide the reason why: No.


Eclipse & RolePlay
4.1) Eclipse Forum Name:EdgewaterMG
4.2) Eclipse Forum Profile Link:https://forum.eclipse-rp.net/profile/67572-edgewatermg/
4.3) Discord name and ID:EdgewaterMG#3426
4.4) Please provide a list of ALL of your alternative characters: N/A I just have my main character
4.5) Do you have any characters, that have a senior/leadership role in a different faction? If yes, please provide the other faction name and the rank: I am currently a supervisor at Los Santos Customs
4.6) Have you ever been punished by a member of staff on this or any other character? If yes please explain: Yes. When I was still new a gang member was chasing after me and I hit him twice, which prompted a report for VDM I admitted fault and did my time. I have not broken any other rules.
4.7) Please provide an unedited screenshot of the admin-logs in your Eclipse game panel (https://i.imgur.com/wOM5nS3.png):

IMPORTANT NOTICE: By signing below, you agree to a Criminal Background Check!
Phil Coleman
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Re: [Application] Phil Coleman

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