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Business Licensing Intern Application | Frost Jack

Fri Dec 20, 2019 4:49 pm


San Andreas State Government
Human Resources Bureau

Application For Employment (INTERNSHIP)


1.1) Full Name: Frost Jack
1.2) Gender: Male
1.3) Age: 20
1.4) Date of Birth (MM/DD/YYYY): 31/03/1999
1.5) Place of Birth (City, State, Country): Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa
1.6) Nationality: South African
1.7) Contact Number: 4778768
1.8) Home Address: Kimble Hill Dr. 8


2.1) Have you ever been convicted of a misdemeanour or a felony?
2.2) Have you ever had law enforcement actions taken against any of the licenses you hold or have held in the past?
I have received a demerit to my driving license quite some time ago, but I have since improved my driving habits.
2.3) What is your current employment status?
Employed at LSEMS as a Senior Paramedic as well as being a Human Resources Instructor.
2.4) Have you ever previously worked for the San Andreas Government or any other government agency?


3.1) What experience do you have that could be valuable for work at the government?

I've been working in Human Resources for LSEMS for quite some time and I feel I can handle the load of paperwork with relative ease, as well as communicating on a direct level with people we seek to employ, doing their interviews and seeing them progress further has given me a drive that seeks to see further progression. I've also got a passion for following through with something I enjoy, as well as the ability to invest a crazy amount of time into something I enjoy, example being that I work 40 to 50 hours a month at LSEMS and it hasn't made me feel burnt out once.

3.2) What would you say is your greatest strength? And how would this benefit the State Government?

With my employment at LSEMS, I've picked up the trait of being able to handle the most difficult of patients, reassuring them that they are in safe hands, as well as giving them hope and going the extra mile whenever I am able to do so.
This goes hand in hand with Human Resources as well, I've got the ability to sit through doing hours of paperwork and not feeling like it's boring or not stimulating,
Most of my "Patience" trait derives from my employment with LSEMS, which of course, has ultimately molded me into the person I am.

3.3) What would you say is your greatest weakness? And how do you overcome it?

While patience is a strength, I'd go as far as to say it's my weakness as well. Patience is quite similar to kindness, and as a result, it can get abused and misused. I've had people notice my nature of being calm and relaxed, taking advantage of it and turning me doing one good deed for them, into attempting to get a lot more out of me to a point where I'd feel rude to turn them down.

3.4) If hired please list and explain something you would like to see the State Government implement and how it would benefit the state:

I'd like to see a more transparent government, including, but not limited to;
  • A transparent indication of how government funds are spent, such as how much each government funded institute is allocated.
    This would contribute to the morale of the state's population, with tax payers being able to see where funds are allocated, reducing how often tax payers complain about taxes and overall, making them more willing to pay their taxes instead of attempting to avoid paying taxes.
  • An easier way to get into contact with a Government Official - this can include a method perhaps inside City Hall, or through emails which would actually be answered.
    Communication would allow the party's that wish to either seek advice, to be helped at a faster rate, thus overall, potentially increasing morale once more and an overall happier population of San Andreas.
  • A shift into allowing tax breaks for individuals who have served the city of Los Santos in a benifitial way.
    This would reward those who work hard, as well as motivating more into working harder, overall improving dedication to serving either their Employer, or the State of San Andreas.
3.5) Please list below the highest level of education you have completed:

Human Resources Bachelor's Degree
University Of Cape Town

3.6) Please provide a list of your past employment(s), and the description of the said job(s) and the date of employment(s):

Employer: LSEMS
Description: Senior Paramedic, Human Resources Instructor and Field Training Instructor
Date of Employment: 22/08/2019

3.7) If any of your previous employments were terminated, please provide the reason why:



Eclipse & RolePlay
4.1) Eclipse Forum Name: shimo
4.2) Eclipse Forum Profile Link:
4.3) Discord name and ID: shimo#8164
4.4) Please provide a list of ALL of your alternative characters: Ignatius_Burne (I never use him however)
4.5) Do you have any characters, that have a senior/leadership role in a different faction? If yes, please provide the other faction name and the rank: No.
4.6) Have you ever been punished by a member of staff on this, or any other character? If yes please explain: No.
4.7) Please provide an unedited screenshot of the admin-logs in your Eclipse game panel (Example:
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