Deputy of the Month - October 2019

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Deputy of the Month - October 2019

Sun Nov 10, 2019 7:06 pm


Los Santos County Sheriff's Department
News Release
November 10th, 2019
Undersheriff John Wallace

  • Each month, Command and Executive Staff of the Los Santos County Sheriff's Department come together and elect one Sheriff's Deputy to be chosen as the Deputy of the Month. This recognition is one of the most prestigious recognition a Sheriff's Deputy can be bestowed upon in the Department. Deputies who receive this recognition award can be seen as role-models within the Department, for their excellence and commitment.

    For the month of October, we are proud to announce Deputy Sheriff I Dante Stryker as the Deputy of the Month. Deputy Stryker has joined the Los Santos County Sheriff's Department on the 18th of September 2019. It was clear to us very early on that Deputy Stryker was a very talented individual who understood, and embodied, what being a Deputy Sheriff meant better than most of his peers. His drive and determination to learn and grow have been steady companions on his way to Deputy Sheriff I and we have seen nothing but the best from Deputy Stryker. Not only is he a remarkable Deputy, but he is also a very empathetic human being and is very close to the pulse of the community he serves. We are proud of Deputy Stryker's progression so far and look forward to many more years of excellent service.

    The Sheriff's Department's Executive Staff wish Deputy Stryker nothing but a continually developing and promising career with the Department, and that he remains faithful to his commitments to provide a traditional and excellent service to the community. On behalf of the Department, Deputy Stryker will receive a bonus payment of $1,000.00 (( $100,000.00 )).
  • For Information, Contact:

    Assistant Sheriff James Jurrick
    (909) 240-6368 — [email protected]

    Sheriff's Information Division
    Los Santos County Sheriff's Department
    Procopio Promenade 1, Paleto Bay
    Los Santos, SA, 909

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