LSEMS Monthly Press Release | April 2024

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LSEMS Awards

LSEMS Monthly Press Release | April 2024

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Los Santos Emergency Medical Services
LSEMS Monthly Press Release | April 2024
Thursday, May 2nd, 2024
"One Team, One Mission, Saving Lives"

      It's already May, can you believe it? It feels as if April Fools was just yesterday!
        This month, our department has seen some consistent growth with new medics joining and finishing their training. We've also witnessed many promotions awarded as a recognition of exemplary work.

        As always, we will be providing you with information that can help you perform life-saving treatment on both friends and strangers. This month, we will be focusing on drowning victims. Remember, you can never have too much information when it comes to Basic Life Support, as even with us doing our best, it can take a while for a medic to get to your location.

        Keep reading to discover more about our Life Invader page and the people behind it!
            Assistant Chief Emilia Thalmer

            What a month it has been, but for some it is any regular month of being an important figure in the department! Today, we would like to congratulate and thank our Assistant Chief, Emilia Thalmer, for bringing stability, growth, and evolution to the department throughout her tenure, and award her with the Employee of the Month award for the month of April 2024!

                Paramedic -> Senior Paramedic
                Frost Fox
                Kourtney Lafleur

                Junior Paramedic -> Paramedic
                Laurant Conrad

                EMT-A -> Master EMT
                Emina Christine
                Cindy Marsh

                EMT-P -> EMT-A
                Clay Thompson

                EMT-I -> EMT-A
                Emma Garcia
                Loona Ryoshi
                Matthew Armstrong

                EMT-B -> EMT-I
                Jon Cross
                Gankis Gankiunaitis

                EMR -> EMT-A
                Thomas Lugo

                EMR -> EMT-B
                Milo Ryoshi
                Riley Ryker
                William Masons
                DEPARTMENT UPDATES
                  Hunter Stile from Senior Lifeguard to Interim Head of Lifeguard, on 14/APR/2024. 🌊
                  LIFE INVADER
                        The LSEMS Lifeinvader page has seen a resurgence under the watchful eye of Deputy Chief Lazoo, who has been doing his best to provide the public with quick insights into our department. Chief Lazoo regularly requests input from various members of the department in order to introduce readers to various perspectives people may have of the LSEMS.

                        You can find various types of content on the page that will introduce you to our rank structure, various divisions and different employees of various ranks as well as their roles within the department.

                        DIVISION SPOTLIGHT | LIFEGUARD
                            How would you describe the Lifeguard Division?

                            I'd describe the Lifeguard Division to be action packed especially when events are happening for example over at Cayo Perico Island, our lifeguards are always willing to supervise and help out at events like these and they do their best whilst doing so, transporting and saving multiple people by carrying out water rescues when and where needed. It's a fun division when it comes to these things and even the basic patrols along the beaches of Los Santos can bring a lot of joy to the beach goers and lifeguards themselves, the division is growing more and more every month and many updates and changes are yet to come for the future.

                            What is Lifeguard's role in the LSEMS and why is it important?

                            Lifeguard's role within LSEMS is to save people from drowning or prevent any other type of water injuries by carrying out water rescues in which regular EMTs or above may not be trained to do, the division is open for the ranks of any newly certified EMT-Basics to anyone above who'd like to join and take on the training for how to conduct water rescues and treat various types of water related injuries which you may not learn during your regular EMR training, this information is good to know just in case you come across any of these during any beach event calls or just from any beach goers overall, the role of lifeguard also allows you to attend any of these events for supervision meaning the skills and knowledge you'd retrieve from this division will come in handy and save many lives.

                            Interim Head of Lifeguard Hunter Stile
                            Why should people apply to Lifeguard?

                            People should apply for the Lifeguard Division because it will provide them with further skills and a lot more knowledge to help them in future situations which may require some sort of water rescue operation or supervision for an event happening which may simply be held on vespucci beach for example or even further away on the Cayo Perico Island, either way the help from lifeguards are always coming into use and to be trained and ready for any of these situations is very helpful and useful, although it may contain a lot of training at the beginning once it is all complete and they are certified, they are free to patrol whenever they'd like and have fun with the division.

                            What made you apply for Lifeguard?

                            I applied for the Lifeguard Division a while ago when I first joined LSEMS and became certified, as it is the first division that stands out to you when you become an EMT-B due to the low rank requirement you immediately become a little interested and research more about it and ask around to see what it is like and this is what I did, once I heard a bit more about the division I applied and as it was my first one I put a lot of dedication into it as well as motivation and I enjoyed every minute of conducting the lifeguard duties I was trained and certified to do without getting so bored, it is also great to have a different thing to do within LSEMS instead of constantly taking the same broken leg calls over and over again.

                            Why did you decide to dedicate yourself to Lifeguard?

                            I decided to dedicate myself towards Lifeguard because I found a lot of interest within the division as a whole and I enjoy conducting the duties it holds while putting a lot of effort and motivation into them without getting somewhat bored of doing the same thing every time, I personally think every patrol I do and every event I supervise as a lifeguard holds something new and interesting which makes me want to do it again and so I have come this far to put a lot of my time into it and attempt to make it a great division by updating it when required and ensuring ideas are being listened to for the division and brought up within divisional meetings, the head of lifeguard position was vacant when I reinstated and I immediately noticed and decided to go for it again knowing I have been in this position before and know what I am doing, I started to create and work on renaming a role in the division to make it more understandable for the students and even reworked the student training and profiles which took me a while but was definitely worth it in the end, after all this hard work I am willing to keep it up and continue finding new things for the division and help it grow.
                            BASIC MEDICAL INFORMATION
                                Drowning is when a patient becomes submerged in a body of liquid to the point where they cannot breathe. This more often happens when swimming but can sometimes even happen at home. We've all taken naps in the tub but we need to be sure not to drift below the water.
                                The severity of the injury depends on the time that a patient has been drowning for as lack of oxygen to the brain can be as mild as a headache to severe as death.
                                0 to 10 minutes
                                • If a patient has been underwater for between 0 and 10 minutes then usually this isn't fatal.
                                  • Turn their head to the side to get water out of the nose and mouth.
                                  • Check them for a pulse. If you do not feel one then begin CPR.
                                  • Dry them off with a towel and wrap them in a blanket
                                  • Call 911
                                10 to 20 minutes
                                  • Turning the head to the side to get water out of the nose and mouth
                                  • Check for signs of Hypothermia
                                  • Once all the water is out, start administering oxygen to the patient through an oxygen hand pump
                                  • Start to dry off the patient and wrap them in a warm blanket
                                  • Continue administering oxygen until the ambulance arrives
                                  • Call 911
                                Over 20 minutes
                                • If a patient has been underwater for over 20 minutes then you need to act fast and try to administer oxygen as quick as possible.
                                  • Turn their head to the side.
                                  • Dry off the patient and wrap them in a shock blanket.
                                  • Call 911
                                  • Perform CPT if they are not breathing
                                BASIC LIFE SUPPORT COURSES
                                  • LSEMS Basic Life Support Course Applications Status: OPEN

                                    Want to learn how to save lives and give CPR? Apply today to attend one of our Basic Life Support (BLS) courses! This course will teach you all the basic life-saving skills you need to know, including CPR and basic first aid treatment for various injuries.
                                    By completing this course, you will be given a medical license card that proves that you are qualified in Basic Life Support and first Aid — enabling you to legally provide critical aid to your friends, family, and the citizens of Los Santos. This license may help you progress in your career as many employers see this as particularly advantageous!
                                    Sign up for our Basic Life Support Course Today! - Click Here!
                                    To view the BLS Course Schedules - Click Here

                                  Charge Eligibility
                                  Persons wishing to undertake this course will be subject to background checks. To pass the background check, the applicant must be clean of any:
                                  • Non-aggressive felonies for 2 weeks.
                                  • Aggressive crimes (felonies/misdemeanors) for 1 month.
                                  • Serious Felonies for 1 month.
                                  RIDE ALONG PROGRAM
                                    • LSEMS Ridealong Application Status: OPEN

                                      Applying for the LSEMS Ride-along Program is a great way to see firsthand exactly what the Emergency Medical Services do. You will be paired up with one of our friendly staff members who will take you to calls that range from minor injuries to major accidents.
                                      Apply for an LSEMS Ride-along!
                                      Click Here to check the status currently.

                                    • General misdemeanors - No less than two weeks since last charge.
                                    • Nuisance misdemeanors - No less than two weeks since last charge.
                                    • Vehicular charges (felony or misdemeanor) - No less than two weeks since last charge.
                                    • Weapons charges (felony or misdemeanor) - No less than two weeks since last charge.
                                    • Drug charges (felony or misdemeanor) - No less than one month since last charge.
                                    • General felonies - No less than one month since last charge.
                                    • Serious felonies - No less than 6 months since last charge. If it has been less than 6 months, you may still be eligible if you have undergone the Felon Reformation Program through DOC. Please reach out to an employee if further information is needed.
                                    • Sexual Crimes - Permanently disqualified.
                                    REQUEST AN APPOINTMENT
                                      • LSEMS Appointment Status: OPEN

                                        You are able to book an appointment with our staff, whether that be a doctor for physical problems you may have or our therapist team for mental and emotional support! Don't leave that pain till tomorrow. Don't be alone with your thoughts. We are here to help.
                                        Los Santos Emergency Services offer Medical Checkups and Psychological Assistance to the Citizens of Los Santos. Once a form has been submitted a doctor or psychologist will try to contact you either via government e-mail or via the phone number provided.
                                        Click here to book an appointment now!
                                      LSEMS RECRUITMENT
                                        • LSEMS Recruitment Status: OPEN

                                          Do you want to be a part of a team that saves lives? We are currently looking to hire more Emergency Medical Technicians for the LSEMS. Joining LSEMS is a great way to get a stable career, improve your life skills, and most importantly, save others.
                                          There are a whole range of career opportunities to suit you such as focusing on becoming a doctor or a firefighter!

                                          Click here to apply now!

                                          • Applicants must be at least 18 years of age at the time of application.
                                          • Applicants must possess a full driver's license issued by the Los Santos DMV. A trucker's license is required if the applicant wishes to join the Fire & Rescue Division. We typically prefer applicants with no major traffic or driving offenses.
                                          • The LSEMS requires that applicants not have any history of certain mental conditions that could inhibit performance on duty and cause further issues in the department. Exceptions can be made.
                                          • The Applicant must be clear from any recent criminal charges - some charges may be forgiven if the Applicant undergoes SADOC's Felon Reformation Program.
                                        Charges Information
                                        There are multiple felonies and charges that will default the application status as DENIED regardless of references, letters of recommendation, or programs passed**:
                                        • Serious Felonies (SF) except for SF03 & SF07
                                        • Drug Felonies (DF)
                                        • GF01 - Child Endangerment
                                        • GF04 - Sexual Assault
                                        • GF13 - Arson
                                        • GF14 - False Impersonation
                                        • GF16 - Tampering with Evidence
                                        • GF17 - Rape
                                        • GF20 - Possession of Human Body Tissue
                                        • GF21 - Prison Break
                                        • GF24 - Perjury

                                        There are multiple felonies and charges that will set the application status as DENIED unless the applicant successfully underwent SADOC's Felon Reformation Program:
                                        • GF19 - Abuse or Desecration of Dead Human Body
                                        • SF03 - Involuntary or Vehicular Manslaughter
                                        • SF07 - Bank Robbery
                                        • WF01 - Assault with a Deadly Weapon
                                        • WF02 - Shooting from a Vehicle (Drive-By)
                                        • Drug Misdemeanours (DM)

                                        Additionally, Firearm Possession Charges are categorized as such:
                                        • WM02 - Possession of a Class 1 Firearm - 2 months*
                                        • WF03 - Possession of a Class 2 Firearm - 6 months*
                                        • WF04 - Possession of a Class 3 Firearm - 6 months*
                                        • WF05 - Possession of a Class 4 Firearm - 6 months*

                                        Felonies that are outside the charges mentioned above have a wait time of 6 months*.

                                        Other Misdemeanors that are outside the charges mentioned above have a wait time of 2 months*

                                        NOTE* The applicant may go through the San Andreas Department of Correction's Felon Reformation Program before applying and provide a reference for the recruitment personnel to review in order to shorten the wait time. Undergoing the Felon Reformation Program does not guarantee leniency, as applicants' criminal records are considered on a case-by-case basis, and on the other hand, we may be more lenient towards one-time offenders than repeat ones.
                                        Additionally, employment with a clean track record within more lenient government-funded organizations, agencies, companies, and firms may contribute positively toward each individual case.

                                        NOTE** Only in cases of charges that are 12 months or older, special reviews may take place for one-time offenders for charges that are otherwise entirely eliminatory. These reviews would require substantial feedback from another government-funded employer.

                                        Should you wish to verify or get more information on the subject of criminal records and their interaction(s) with our recruitment procedures, contact ✉︎ Emilia Thalmer or ✉︎ Grant Adams.
                                        MESSAGE FROM THE DEPUTY CHIEF OF EMS
                                          Deputy Chief of LSEMS Sokka Lazoo
                                          In our amazing medical department, there's a wealth of fantastic opportunities waiting for each and every person. We've got a whole range of different roles, carefully crafted to suit a variety of medical skills, interests, and talents. Whether you're keen to be part of high-stakes medevac missions, brave the frontlines of firefighting, or pass on your expertise to the next generation of EMTs.

                                          Our department is all about personal and professional growth. We're dedicated to helping you reach your full potential and find your niche in the medical field. And let me tell you, our team puts in some serious elbow grease to make sure every citizen in Los Santos stays safe and sound.
                                          CLOSING MESSAGE
                                          Thank you very much for reading this month's press release. We appreciate your support and are happy to see the engagement regarding these releases. Remember to take care of each other!

                                          "There is nothing more beautiful than someone who goes out of their way to make life beautiful for others."

                                          Alex Mpache
                                          Chief of EMS
                                          Los Santos Emergency Medical Services

                                          Emilia Thalmer
                                          Assistant Chief | Director of Administration
                                          Los Santos Emergency Medical Services
                                          Contact for Public Relations Inquiries

                                          Alex Nieves
                                          Los Santos Emergency Medical Services

                                          Kourtney Lafleur
                                          Paramedic, Interim Assistant Head of PR
                                          Los Santos Emergency Medical Services

                                          Contact for Public Relations Inquiries


                                          Alex Mpache | Chief of EMS
                                          Los Santos Emergency Medical Services
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