April 2024 Press Release

Press releases made by the Department of Corrections on updates, employee adjustments, and stories from within the prison.
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April 2024 Press Release

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Opening Message
Welcome to the April Press Release! We hope everyone had fun with our little April Fools’ press release last month, but this one is the real deal! Despite it being a quieter month for us here at the department in the public eye, rest assured that we’ve been working diligently behind the scenes to plan big things!
SADOC is taking significant steps to contribute to and protect Mother Earth. Not only have we hosted an Earth Month event, but we’re also currently in the process of renovating SADOC into a more green and sustainable facility. We plan to include integrating renewable energies, such as solar panels, to power our operations and reduce our ecological footprint.
Employee of the Month
Each month here at the San Andreas Department of Corrections we like to bestow an honor on this month's best performing officer who has shown time and time again that they put maximum effort and commitment into their work. The officer selected for this prestigious award has proved themselves as a representation of how each officer working for our department should strive to be.

Employee of the Month April 2024
Questions for the Employee of the Month
We like to ask the employee of the month a few questions to get their perspective on the job and what makes a great officer, below are a few answers to common questions by our Employee of the Month:

Looking back, what are memorable achievements from your service so far?
For me, so far, my most memorable achievement is joining the HR department. I had some initial reservations about the paperwork involved, but in the short time I've been with the division I have found it incredibly rewarding to be able to assist in guiding new hires in their journey and filing paperwork to ensure the smooth operation of the department. I look forward to continuing this divisional journey.

Moving forward what are the next goals as a SADOC officer?
My next goals within the department are to continue progressing within the ranks as well as trying to make an impact on my fellow officers and the inmates we handle every day. I want each and every one of them to feel as though they are being treated equally, fairly, and reasonably. My long term goal within the department, however, is certainly to make Supervisor one day and be able to more closely work with officers and help to shape them into the future of the department. There are so many supervisors I worked with that have helped shape me into the officer I am and there's nothing I would like more than to be able to do the same for others.

Any advice they would give to future prospects who might think about joining the SADOC?
Don't be afraid to ask questions and get involved, don't hold yourself back out of fear that you can't. If you have doubts, ask for assistance and then try. By doing that, you'll look back one day and realize you've accomplished far more than you may have ever thought possible. Everyone within the department is incredibly willing and helpful in assisting you along the way.

Has your wife, brother, husband, sister, mother, uncle, friend, or enemy ever been arrested and brought to SADOC? Well, you can visit them!
Two Irish meeting with a Chinese
Visitation at DOC is open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, including holidays!
There is a requirement for at least two Correctional Officers to be free to assist in visitation so if some aren't immediately available then feel free to come back later.

The visitation rules are as follows:
  • No physical contact
  • No whispering
  • No passing of items. Items that wish to be exchanged will be checked beforehand for contraband.
  • Maximum time is 1 hour ((15 minutes OOCLY))
For those that like to exploit visitation, we have a blacklist in place that restricts certain individuals, such as our MSIs, from being able to be visited or visit. Visitation is a benefit and can be declined for any number of reasons.
Inmate of the Month

Frank Gallant

Known as the “most dangerous inmate of the month”


  • Note: In the interest of transparency, and being able to allow inmates to represent themselves this interview is direct quotes from the interviewed inmate and their quotes do not represent the SADOC's views and beliefs.
  • Why do you do illegal things?
    • I feel like the city is in a recession, income is low jobs are hard to get, and when you start off being raised in the ghetto it's hard to get out of there, there's no programs to help us get out of there, they are set up for failure and do not help us succeed, so it's just a loop, we make good money doing what we do so we keep doing it.

  • What's your favorite thing about DOC?
    • You never know who you are going to run into in here, without the threats of weapons and other threats from the outside, a lot of things can get sorted out in here.

  • What's your least favorite thing?
    • This place is really dirty, and I feel like there’s not a lot to do and I feel like people get all their stamps taken after they do all the work for them.

  • If you could change one thing about DOC, what would it be?
    • I’d like to see some more activities in here, instead of staring at blank walls at the end of the day we have to take our mind off of all of the years we are spending in here, it gets pretty boring after a while when we are doing nothing, and the stamps aren’t really worth much.

  • What would you do if you were Warden for a day?
    • Every cellmate would have a number, and that number would correspond with a locker and they wouldn’t have to wait at the front desk to get their stuff, so they can go to their locker and get their stuff out.

  • Is there someone or something you miss while being in jail?
    • I miss my family, the gang that I’m with, that’s my family and when I’m in here I can’t help them, and I don’t have any communication with them, and it drives me nuts because they could be in the worst position possible, and I can’t help them out.

  • Is there anything you'd like to tell people?
    • Stay loyal, stay true to yourself and your family.

April Events Highlight
    Celebrating Earth Month
      This April marked a significant collaborative effort as SADOC, SAGOV, and Weazel united to celebrate Earth Month, demonstrating their commitment to environmental sustainability.
          SADOC Commitments towards a Green Future
          SADOC has been actively pursuing various initiatives to contribute to a more sustainable Earth, starting with smaller measures such as using LED lights and promoting recycling. Additionally, we have introduced greenhouses in the prison yard, allowing inmates to engage in planting, which fosters a connection to nature and underscores our commitment to environmental learning. Looking ahead, SADOC plans to install solar panels on the roof of our prison facility. This project is aimed at reducing our carbon footprint and establishing SADOC as a leader in environmental initiatives within the city. The installation of these solar panels is planned for the near future, showcasing our ongoing commitment to a sustainable future.
            Earth Month Dinner
            The last week of Earth Month was celebrated with a dinner hosted by SADOC, SAGOV, and Weazel at the Vineyard on Sunday, April 28, 2024. The event featured a raffle for an electric car (Ominis e-GT), where attendees could donate recyclables in exchange for raffle tickets. The overwhelming public participation led to the collection of 2,782 recyclable items, including 2,578 plastic bottles, 39 glass bottles, 54 aluminium cans, 95 metal items, 4 batteries, and 12 pieces of old clothing. All of these items collected will be sent to a recycling facility for repurposing.
            (Credit: Weazel News Entertainment for the photos provided)
              Raffle Results
              The Earth Month raffle was a resounding success with 1,565 entries. Congratulations to Jayden and Jack on winning the raffle. We are immensely grateful for the community's enthusiastic involvement in supporting these environmental initiatives
              "We encourage our employees and associates at Shadow Corporation to be conservative and protective of the environment in all aspects of their lives," stated Xoza Shadow, CEO of Shadow Corporation. "In my own life, for example, approximately 70% of my vehicles are electric. This is just one way we can lead by example in the drive towards sustainability." Below, we outline the types of environmentally friendly vehicles available for the public to pruchase:

              Electric Vehicles (EVs): Fully electric, these vehicles operate without any gasoline, reducing emissions and dependency on fossil fuels.
              Hybrid Vehicles: These combine gasoline and electric power to enhance performance while reducing emissions.
              Hydrogen Vehicles: Powered by hydrogen, these vehicles produce electricity through chemical reactions, emitting only water vapor and representing a truly zero-emission alternative.
              • $950,783 La Coureuse (Electric)
              • $895,167 Imorgon (Hydrogen)
              • $895,167 Neon (Electric)
              • $839,450 Ominis e-GT (Electric)
              • $783,833 Buffalo EVX (Electric)
              • $227,167 I-Wagen (Electric)
              • $210,442 Jester (Hybrid)
              • $141,425 Khamelion (Hybrid)
              • $138,100 Vivanite (Hybrid)
              • $20,142 Surge (Electric)
              • $12,638 Dilettante (Hybrid)
                Special Thanks
                We extend our deepest gratitude to Molly Devil, Dan Endo, Franz Stroheim, and our sponsors SADOC, SAGOV, and Atomic Autos for their support in making this event a success.
                Employee Adjustments
                • ImageSenior Correctional OfficerImageCorporal
                  • #977 Joselynn Trejos
                • ImageCorrectional Officer IIIImageSenior Correctional Officer
                  • #1069 Grace Speed
                • ImageCorrectional Officer IIImageCorrectional Officer III
                  • #1066 Riley Kilgore
                  • #1069 Grace Speed
                  • #1060 Miles Hansen
                  • #1060 Elijah Harrison
                  • #1063 Dwayne Richardson
                • ImageCorrectional Officer IImageCorrectional Officer II
                  • #1092 Matthew Armstrong
                  • #507 Donte Monroe
                  • #1087 Oscar Thorpe
                • ImageCorrectional TraineeImageCorrectional Officer I
                  • #1098 George Edwards
                  • #1097 Scottie Cross
                  • #1099 Logan White
                  • #1092 Mathew Drake
                  • #1096 Joshua Clinton
                  • #1093 Daphne Eden
                  • #1091 Rauc Watts
                  • #269 Wesley Moon
                • ImageCorrectional Custodian Officer
                  • #1094 Tyrone Cox

                • TRANSFERS
                  This month we welcomed some Transfers from the Los Santos Police Department, Los Santos County Sheriffs Department and other Prisons Far and wide!
                • ImageCorrectional Officer I
                  • #1100 Chucky Nookes (Departmental Transfer)
                Correctional Officer Spotlight
                  This month, we selected Correctional Officer I Daphne Eden for our Correctional Officer Spotlight.

                    • What is your most memorable moment while serving as a corrections officer for the SADOC?
                      I've had so many interesting and memorable moments since joining DOC, but probably the most dramatic is when I was held hostage in the cell-block over some ice cream, though thanks to Lucy Fox's incredible negotiation I got out safe and with an interesting story to tell.
                      Where do you see yourself in 3 months time?
                      In 3 months time I would hopefully be CO2 or CO3 and be able to apply to things like CERT to help out more and I'd want to progress more in the divisons I'm already apart of like PSYCH, CMT and CK9 to help out more where needed!
                      What is your favorite thing about being a corrections officer at the SADOC?
                      I love the variety that it brings me, I've done things from training a cat to follow commands and go through an obstacle course and treating all kinds of injuries in the cell block to doing insane transports and exploring the city through a different angle.
                    Employee Count
                    • SADOC Officer Count
                      High Command | 5 | 7.94%
                      Warden | 1 | 1.59%
                      Deputy Warden | 2 | 3.17%
                      Assistant Warden | 2 | 3.17%
                      Command | 5 | 7.94%
                      Commander | 2 | 3.17%
                      Captain | 3 | 4.76%
                      Supervisors | 5 | 7.94%
                      Lieutenant | 3 | 4.76%
                      Sergeant | 1 | 1.59%
                      Corporal | 1 | 1.59%

                    • General Staff | 39 | 61.90%
                      Senior Correctional Officer | 6 | 9.52%
                      Correctional Officer III | 5 | 7.94%
                      Correctional Officer II | 4 | 6.35%
                      Correctional Officer I | 17 | 26.98%
                      Correctional Trainee | 7 | 11.11%
                      OTHER | 9 | 14.29%
                      Correctional Custodian Officers | 9 | 14.29%
                      Law Consultants | 0 | 0%
                    Phone Calls
                        When an inmate arrives with a brand new iFruit 69 they will have it quickly confiscated from them. However, if they wish to retain their phone till they enter the cellblock to make a phone call then they can request it.

                        The 10-15 can use the phone call for any number of reasons such as letting their mom know they're going to be in prison for a few years, telling their significant other to come to visit them, or getting a friend to feed their pet while they're incarcerated.

                        Phone calls are a privilege, not a right. Any Correctional Officer has the right to decline you for a phone call for any reason they see fit.
                        Recruitment Status
                         ! Message from: Human Resources Command
                        Recruitment for the San Andreas Department of Corrections is OPEN as of 21/06/2021. Please see below on how to apply.
                        • Age: Must be over the age of 18 and no older than 55.
                          • (( Must have an Out of Character age of 16 years old ))
                        • Citizenship/Residency: Must be an American Citizen at the time of applying, and have been a resident of San Andreas for no less than 12 months.
                        • Criminal History: You must not have any serious crimes on your record (will be dealt with on a case to case basis)
                        • Multiple Employments: You may not be a member of LSPD, LSSD or SAJB at the time of hiring, as these are full-time positions. You may have a part-time position while working as a Correctional Officer here at the SADOC.
                          *If applying for the position of Correctional Custodian Officer they you may be a member of another department as this position is part-time. All decisions are made & finalized by the Human Resources Command Team.
                        • Mental/Physical Fitness: As a Corrections Officer, you must be able to maintain good mental and physical fitness. You will be tested on this during our hiring process.
                          • (( As a faction, we hold a high RP standard, we will help you of course, if you're new. But you must want to learn and grow ))
                        • Additional Requirements:
                          • You are required to fill out an application online, you must have access to a computer and be able to use it.
                          • You are required to pass an extensive background check, where your criminal record, previous employment, traffic violations, and any affiliation you may have had in the past will be checked.
                          • (( Must be able to dedicate at least 5 on-duty hours a week ))
                          • (( Must have a clean admin record for the past 30 days, this is also handled on a case by case basis ))
                        Closing Message from the Warden
                        And that ends our April Press release. As always, if you have any questions, comments, or anything you can find my contact info just below here.
                        I'd like to give special thanks to Franz for his amazing contribution this month and his work on last month's Easter Island Event and this month's Earth Day event as well as the whole PR team for putting this press release together.

                        Kourtney Lafleur
                        San Andreas Department of Corrections

                        [email protected]

                        Other Contact Information

                        Oliver Dutch
                        Captain of Departmental Administration, Head of Public Relations
                        San Andreas Department of Corrections
                        [email protected]

                          Remmi Raccoon
                          Lieutenant, Assistant Head of Public Relations
                          San Andreas Department of Corrections
                          [email protected]
                            Randy Lee
                            Lieutenant, Public Relations Command
                            San Andreas Department of Corrections

                            [email protected]

                              Franz Stroheim
                              Senior Correctional Officer, Public Relations Command
                              San Andreas Department of Corrections

                              [email protected]

                                Jimmithy Jemima
                                Captain of Departmental Operations
                                San Andreas Department of Corrections

                                [email protected]


                                  Galileo Czapiewski
                                  Commander of Departmental Administration
                                  San Andreas Department of Corrections

                                  [email protected]

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