November 2023 Press Release

Press releases made by the Department of Corrections on updates, employee adjustments, and stories from within the prison.
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November 2023 Press Release

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Opening Message
Welcome to the November 2023 Press Release!
The end of the year is nearly upon us and with that we're taking time to reflect on all the changes and additions we've made to Bolingbroke the last year.
We have also celebrated a ban of Nuts at SADOC this November as well as the first year we have celebrated Movember where guards have grown interesting facial hair to promote men's mental health and illnesses.

Employee of the Month
Each month here at the San Andreas Department of Corrections we like to bestow an honor on this month's best performing officer who has shown time and time again that they put maximum effort and commitment into their work. The officer selected for this prestigious award has proved themselves as a representation of how each officer working for our department should strive to be.

Employee of the Month November 2023
Questions for the Employee of the Month
We like to ask the employee of the month a few questions to get their perspective on the job and what makes a great officer, below are a few answers to common questions by our Employee of the Month:

Looking back, what are memorable achievements from your service so far?
Well, if I look back and think about my memorable achievements, I would like to say that my most unforgettable achievement is being awarded Employee of the Month.

Moving forward what are the next goals as a SADOC officer?
So my next goals are to become a supervisor and lead and train the employees who are looking to apply SADOC in the future.and I also applied for the HR team, so after I get accepted, I will work hard, and my next goal is to grow my career as a HR professional.

Any advice they would give to future prospects who might think about joining the SADOC?
As a current SADOC member, I would like to say that if you are looking to start a career, SADOC is the best department for that because everyone in here is very helpful and very nice to everyone. Well, this is not just a department but a family who are having their backs to each other, so if you have the courage to apply, this will be a great path to start your professional career. As I say, ''this is not just a department but a family who are having their backs to each other every time.

Has your wife, brother, husband, sister, mother, uncle, friend, or enemy ever been arrested and brought to SADOC? Well, you can visit them!
Two people meeting with a friend
Visitation at DOC is open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, including holidays!
There is a requirement for at least two Correctional Officers to be free to assist in visitation so if some aren't immediately available then feel free to come back later.

The visitation rules are as follows:
  • No physical contact
  • No whispering
  • No passing of items. Items that wish to be exchanged will be checked beforehand for contraband.
  • Maximum time is 1 hour ((15 minutes OOCLY))
For those that like to exploit visitation, we have a blacklist in place that restricts certain individuals, such as our MSIs, from being able to be visited or visit. Visitation is a benefit and can be declined for any number of reasons.

DOC Celebrates Movember

In recognition of the Movember, a worldwide movement to raise awareness about prostate cancer and men’s mental health. Throughout the month of November individuals are encouraged to grow out mustaches and facial hair to show their support and solidarity for those struggling with these issues. Dawning freshly grown muzzle fuzz throughout the month, the San Andreas Department of Corrections was pleased to take part in and host a variety of fun events throughout the month. Some of the highlights from these occasions include LSEMSCRUxWeazelxDOC Movember Mustache Party and the SADOC Brovember Dinner.


The LSEMSCRUxWeazelxDOC Movember Mustache Party took place at Weazel News Headquarters (insert fun things they did and stuff they had). It was our pleasure to collaborate with our friends at LSEMS and Weazel news to help make this event one to remember.


On the following day we saw the first ever Brovember Dinner commence at the City Vineyard in the hills of Los Santos. Members of the DOC as well as guests from Weazel took time to discuss what they were thankful for this year, celebrate each other's company, and finish out the night with some classic family games.

All fun aside, it is important to remember the cause these events raised support for. Early detection is the key to increasing the survivability of cancers. Ensure that you know the risk factors including age, race, and family history and are receiving routine physicals. If you believe something is wrong, do not be afraid to talk to your healthcare provider about it, that is what they are there for. Furthermore in recent years the world has faced a mental health crisis and countless lives have been lost as a result of a horrible stigma that has existed around the notion of seeking help. As a Department we stand united against breaking the stigma against talking about mental health, seeking treatment and its impact on our lives, because not talking about does not make it go away. If you’re struggling right now or feeling like you just can’t keep on going, please tell someone, because you matter and there are people who care about you and want to help you. We’ve also created a list for those who know someone who is going through a tough time right now and may need help.
Tips for Helping Someone You Know
  • First and foremost, if you believe that someone is about to take their own life or cause themselves or others serious harm, stay with them and call emergency services immediately, do not wait for something to happen.
  • Know the signs that someone is struggling and take action if you spot them
    • Unusual, significant changes in diet
    • Becoming isolated, avoiding interactions with others or becoming hostile in their interactions, missing events, or no longer using social media (if they did regularly beforehand)
    • Bringing up death and morbidity excessively or seeming hopeless
    • Lastly, you know your friends and family, if something feels off it don’t ignore it
  • Talk to them, ask them how they are doing, and they are feeling. Be open and honest with them, if you’ve noticed something going on with them ask about it and make sure they are alright. Make sure that they know that you are there for them, and care about them.
  • Avoid telling them how to feel or trying to convince them that you know how they feel. Statements such as “you’re fine” or “don’t think like that,” despite being well intentioned can often make people like what they're going through is not viewed as seriously as it needs to be. In the same light, while it is good to relate with people, trying to compare your situation to theirs and draw similarities may come across as minimizing the situation.
  • Do not be afraid to get additional help. Recognize when the situation goes beyond what you are capable of handling, be ready to get trusted friends or family members of that person involved as well, and potentially mental health professionals as needed. While you may have established a trust with the person you are trying to help, if it is the difference between saving how they feel about you in that instance and saving a life, save a life, get them the help they need
Inmate of the Month

Maple Belanger


  • Note: In the interest of transparency, and being able to allow inmates to represent themselves this interview is direct quotes from the interviewed inmate and their quotes do not represent the SADOC's views and beliefs.
  • Why do you do illegal things?
    • I was just the Passenger Princess, and he (Ding Cho) was evading the police, so then I got arrested too.
      They (LSPD) suspended my licences too, when I wasn't even driving. That's wild!

  • What's your favorite thing about DOC?
    • DOC dance parties and human centipedes

  • What's your least favorite thing?
    • I feel like being forced to do laundry because there is not much to do except laundry, and its boring when there is no one around.

  • If you could change one thing about DOC, what would it be?
    • No more lockdowns

  • What would you do if you were Warden for a day?
    • put everyone in a bus to go for a field trip sightseeing, like to a beach or something.

  • Is there someone or something you miss while being in jail?
    • I miss soda and wish he was here with me.

  • Why do you think you're in here so often?
    • I think the cops just really have a crush on me, and they have like a kink to see me in cuffs.

  • Is there anything you'd like to tell people?
    • Franz is the best DOC guard that ever existed

Deck the Halls
      • Tis the season at Bolingbroke, and only a month early.
        We have a yearly tradition where we start decorating and allowing Christmas decorations, winter uniforms and festive hats from November the 17th.
        We also had a carpet poll this year to decide whether we should carpet the cellblock in a festive red color. There were 25 votes in total, 17 to add a carpet and 8 to not have a carpet. So with a 66% percent for the carpet, it was laid down on November the 17th.

      Employee Adjustments
      • ImageCorrectional Officer IIIImageSenior Correctional Officer
        • #1009 Mark Bloomfield
      • ImageCorrectional Officer IIImageCorrectional Officer III
        • #881 Chris Whittle
        • #1034 Amelia Fernandez
      • ImageCorrectional Officer IImageCorrectional Officer II
        • #1025 Leo Gromer
        • #850 Bogdan Beciri
      • ImageCorrectional TraineeImageCorrectional Officer I
        • #1045 Riley Ryker
        • #1041 Adam Homegreen
        • #1022 Manuel Romero
        • #1005 Emina Christine

        This month we welcomed some familiar faces back to the San Andreas Department of Corrections.
      • ImageCorrectional TraineeImageLieutenant
        • #921 Ava Sullivan
      • ImageCorrectional TraineeImageCorrectional Officer III
        • #795 Andrew Bryant
      • ImageCorrectional Trainee
        • #1035 Atlas Cross

        This month we welcomed some Transfers from the Los Santos Police Department, Los Santos County Sheriffs Department and other Prisons Far and wide!
      • ImageSenior Correctional Officer
        • #1047 Klaus Hoffmann (Prison Transfer)
      Employee Count
      • SADOC Officer Count
        High Command | 6 | 9.68%
        Warden | 1 | 1.61%
        Deputy Warden | 3 | 4.84%
        Assistant Warden | 2 | 3.23%
        Command | 4 | 6.45%
        Commander | 2 | 3.23%
        Captain | 2 | 3.23%
        Supervisors | 9 | 14.52%
        Lieutenant | 2 | 3.23%
        Sergeant | 3 | 4.84%
        Corporal | 4 | 6.45%

      • General Staff | 38 | 61.29%
        Senior Correctional Officer | 7 | 11.29%
        Correctional Officer III | 5 | 8.06%
        Correctional Officer II | 4 | 6.45%
        Correctional Officer I | 8 | 12.90%
        Correctional Trainee | 13 | 22.58%
        OTHER | 5 | 8.06%
        Correctional Custodian Officers | 4 | 6.45%
        Law Consultants | 1 | 1.61%
      Special Award
        Compassionate Officer Award
            Awarded to an Officer who demonstrates Courageous and Compassionate care.

            Image Deputy Warden - #663 Audrey Martin

              Audrey Martin joined the San Andreas Department of Corrections on the 7th of June 2021. She joined the Supervisor team, being promoted to Corporal on the 3rd of September 2021. On the 11th of February, 2022 she joined the Command team, being promoted to Captain. On the 17th of June 2022, due to her hard work within the division she was promoted to Head of the Correctional Investigations Division along with joining the High Command team, being promoted to Assistant Warden, She was then promoted to Deputy Warden on September 2nd 2022.

              Audrey is an amazing Officer and Induvial, who gives everything to this great Department. The SADOC would not be the same without her impact through the years and we have very privileged to have her.

              • We asked Warden Martin to talk about how it was joining the department and going up the ranks, along with how it feels to be awarded with the Compassionate Officer Award. This is what she had to say;
                Deputy Warden Audrey Martin wrote:Going up the ranks went pretty naturally. I focused on doing my work, but in a way where I wouldn't create any fake expectations of myself. I made sure that the work I performed would create a reliable expectation. I never specifically aimed for a supervisor+ position. Instead, I aimed for doing the work and obtain the position that would match that work.

                As mentioned before, I try to provide a clear expectation in regards to what I do. I am not really someone that holds much value to awards in general, but the fact that people have gone out of their way to provide me this award means the most to me. More than the award itself.

                Message from the Warden:
                Warden Kourtney LaFleur wrote:
                I was a member of Command when Audrey first joined the department and she started off very strong. I remember sitting down during her discussion to become supervisor and having full faith in her and her work. It wasn't long before she started showing promise as an incredibly proficient and unbiased supervisor, quickly joining IA and eventually taking it over. If there's everyone anyone that can tell you how it is, it's Audrey. She has been a rock in the department ever since and eventually promoting her to a member of High Command was a no brainer.

                She has proficiently lead Internal Affairs for well over a year and has remained dedicated to the department for this entire time. I am not sure where the department would be at this time without her support.
              Get To Know SADOC's Command


              Captain Jimmithy Jemima

              We have decided that each month we will introduce a member of our Command Team, and help you get to know them a little better. For November, we have selected our one and only Captain Jimmithy Jemima.

              Captain Jimmithy Jemima has dedicated over 16 months to the San Andreas Department of Corrections (SADOC), showcasing exemplary leadership and commitment. As the Captain of Departmental Operations, his role is multifaceted, involving assistance in Operational Divisional Command and active participation in the Supervisor-In-Training (SiT) Program. His leadership extends across various divisions, including the Correctional Services Division, Human Resources, Correctional Field Training, and the Correctional Emergency Response Team. His focus remains on guiding Supervisors in their daily duties and serving as an inspiring role model.

              One of Captain Jemima's most cherished moments at SADOC is the establishment and successful management of the Correctional Services Division. This division has become integral in collaborating with multiple government agencies, offering trained Correctional Officers for various events, news conferences, court sessions, and LRC duties. His pride in transforming a conceptual idea into a functional and critical part of SADOC's operations marks this as a memorable achievement.

              His journey at SADOC is marked by personal growth and professional development. Overcoming challenges and improving his conduct with the support of his superiors, Captain Jemima evolved into the leader he is today. He credits his transformation to the guidance and mentorship of individuals like Kourtney LaFleur, Katie Schneider, Steve Blata, Audrey Martin, Adam Payne, Maximillian Speed, Issei Schneider, Rock Paz, Marc Ericsson, Daryl Neumann, Guilherme Tavares, among others.

              Looking towards the future, Captain Jemima envisions himself continuing at SADOC, supporting the Wardens and fellow Command Members. His goal is to impart knowledge, offer assistance, and mentor the new members of this esteemed department, contributing to its ongoing success and evolution.
              Phone Calls
                  When an inmate arrives with a brand new iFruit 69 they will have it quickly confiscated from them. However, if they wish to retain their phone till they enter the cellblock to make a phone call then they can request it.

                  The 10-15 can use the phone call for any number of reasons such as letting their mom know they're going to be in prison for a few years, telling their significant other to come to visit them, or getting a friend to feed their pet while they're incarcerated.

                  Phone calls are a privilege, not a right. Any Correctional Officer has the right to decline you for a phone call for any reason they see fit.
                  Recruitment Status
                   ! Message from: Human Resources Command
                  Recruitment for the San Andreas Department of Corrections is OPEN as of 21/06/2021. Please see below on how to apply.
                  • Age: Must be over the age of 18 and no older than 55.
                    • (( Must have an Out of Character age of 16 years old ))
                  • Citizenship/Residency: Must be an American Citizen at the time of applying, and have been a resident of San Andreas for no less than 12 months.
                    • (( Must have over 5,000 XP on any of your characters ))
                  • Criminal History: You must not have any serious crimes on your record (will be dealt with on a case to case basis)
                  • Multiple Employments: You may not be a member of LSPD or LSSD at the time of hiring, as these are full-time positions. You may have a part-time position while working at the SADOC.
                  • Mental/Physical Fitness: As a Corrections Officer, you must be able to maintain good mental and physical fitness. You will be tested on this during our hiring process.
                    • (( As a faction, we hold a high RP standard, we will help you of course, if you're new. But you must want to learn and grow ))
                  • Additional Requirements:
                    • You are required to fill out an application online, you must have access to a computer and be able to use it.
                    • You are required to pass an extensive background check, where your criminal record, previous employment, traffic violations, and any affiliation you may have had in the past will be checked.
                    • (( Must be able to dedicate at least 5 on-duty hours a week ))
                    • (( Must have a clean admin record for the past 30 days, this is also handled on a case by case basis ))
                  Closing Message from the Warden
                  And that ends our November Press release. As always, if you have any questions, comments, or anything you can find my contact info just below here.
                  Next month will be the end of year Press Release with a lot of fun information about changes we've done internally as as well as stats.
                  Stay warm out there, the winter weather is blowing in fast so be sure to wrap up warm.

                  Kourtney Lafleur
                  San Andreas Department of Corrections

                  [email protected]

                  Other Contact Information

                  Oliver Dutch
                  Lieutenant, Head of Public Relations
                  San Andreas Department of Corrections
                  [email protected]

                    Remmi Raccoon
                    Sergeant, Assistant Head of Public Relations
                    San Andreas Department of Corrections
                    [email protected]
                      Randy Lee
                      Sergeant, Public Relations Command
                      San Andreas Department of Corrections

                      [email protected]

                        Jimmithy Jemima
                        Captain of Departmental Operations
                        San Andreas Department of Corrections

                        [email protected]

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