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The Police Officer Employment section offers relevant information and details on the hiring process and allows prospective Police Officers to apply to the Los Santos Police Department.

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[Information] Frequently Asked Questions

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Los Santos Police Department
Frequently Asked Questions

What is the first step in the process? Visit the online application portal, follow the instructions provided in the hiring status and instructions post, and fill out the online application.
What does it mean to have a background befitting to become a police officer? The Los Santos Police Department is looking for individuals who demonstrate positive personal and professional growth and consistent adherence to the law.
If I have too many tickets or a minor misdemeanor, will I have trouble becoming a police officer? It is to be determined on a case-by-case basis, and it depends on how many and how recently the tickets were issued. The reason for the ticket is also taken into consideration. Misdemeanors are further reviewed and handled based on the type of misdemeanor and the reason.
What is the uniform policy? You are required to wear the standard-duty uniform unless you are a Detective or otherwise permitted to conduct your duties without wearing the uniform.
Do I get paid while in the police academy? Yes. You start earning salary from your first day at the academy.
Can I work a second job while employed with the LSPD? The Los Santos Police Department does not permit its employees to seek second employment with another law enforcement agency, such as the Los Santos County Sheriff's Department, while employed by the Police Department. Employees are further disallowed from being employed in a different full-time position with the San Andreas State Government or positions that may be cause for a conflict of interest, this includes positions with the San Andreas Department of Corrections, San Andreas State Government (dependent on position), and the San Andreas Judicial Branch.
What is the LSPD's policy on tattoos? Will my tattoos affect my ability to become an officer? It fully depends on the nature of the tattoos. Candidates with tattoos are evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Prospective applicants, however, must not have any tattoos that may be considered as offensive symbols, logos, or quotes. The tattoo(s) of an applicant shall further be in a presentable location such as their arms, legs, or torso, not in an inappropriate location such as their face.

(( As the LSPD aims to portray the LAPD, realistically, officers would be expected to cover up visible tattoos such as on the arms, for example, by wearing a long-sleeve uniform. Since the server does not allow you to remove tattoos, that is not something we enforce. ))
(( What are the LSPD's activity requirements? How much time am I expected to spend on duty? )) We currently enforce a requirement of 2.5 hours minimum per week spent on duty. Supervisors and above are expected to get a minimum of 5 hours per week.
(( What is the LSPD's corruption policy? Can I roleplay a corrupt officer? )) Corruption roleplay is permitted, but only with permission. Members of the LSPD faction interested in partaking in roleplay involving police corruption must obtain permission from the Chief of Police. Corruption permission has been established as a policy to ensure an adequate ratio of regular officers to corrupt officers. Permission requests are handled on a case-by-case basis.

Generally speaking, there are different tiers to corruption that members may be approved for. Members may apply for low-tiered corruption such as but not limited to cutting corners on paperwork, intentionally disregarding certain policies, engaging in workplace hazing, or holding personal grudges and bias. There is also "serious" or high-tier corruption, which would include matters such as substance abuse, ignoring some criminal offenses, or even committing crimes.

If you are approved to do low-tier corruption roleplay and you wish to escalate, that must be further approved by the Chief of Police. Corruption permissions are only given if it makes sense for the requesting character to partake in such actions, eg. through a provided backstory.
(( Can I apply with a character backstory of former law enforcement history? )) Generally speaking, it is highly discouraged to roleplay a character with a previous career in law enforcement when joining through normal recruitment. This is because your character, upon joining, will have to enroll and go through the Field Training Program, which is designed to teach someone who has never had any law enforcement experience to be a peace officer.

Players applying with a character that has a backstory of previous law enforcement experience will not face a blanket denial, but it may make it more difficult to join. Typically, so long as your story is somewhat founded in realism, you should be fine. Characters that will face immediate denial are characters that have a backstory implying they were previously a Chief of Police or Sheriff. It simply makes no sense for a character with such a wealth of experience to be accepted through standard recruitment and be taught as any person new to law enforcement would be.
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