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Press releases made by the Department of Corrections on updates, employee adjustments, and stories from within the prison.
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Prison Information

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Prison Life
  • Inmates spend years in Bolingbroke Penitentiary so it is important that they learn how prison works.
    Here are some helpful tips to making your time better:
    • There will also be people in prison that want to push you around but there is never an issue with calling for a guard.
    • If you're hungry and thirsty then reach out to a guard.
    • Use your phone call before you start your sentence, you can arrange visitation.
    • Make the most of your time. If you work hard then you can earn a lot of stamps which can get exchanged for money.
    • If you don't think prison is for you then you can ask about Parole, the Felon Reformation program or to speak to a lawyer.
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Inmate Activities
  • While you are incarcerated at SADOC there are a lot of activities that you can partake in to pass time.
    Stamps can be used to buy store from the store, play poker or if you're really patient you can keep them until you get released where the stamps get converted to money. The exchange rate is 1 stamp to 3 dollars.
    Stamps can also be exchanged for reduced time with an exchange of 7 stamps to 1 second.
    We also have a few vending machines around the cellblock where inmates can purchase vanity items such as speakers.

    The easiest way to make stamps by yourself is by buying a pickaxe from the store near the kitchen and then mine in the yard. Once you have mined you can sell the ore for stamps.
    Alternatively if there are Correctional Officers that don't look busy then you can ask them to assist you in activities to earn stamps. The prison is a large place so there are plenty of fun things that inmates can do to earn stamps!
    Here are a few examples:
    • Yoga in the yard.
    • Mowing the grass.
    • Washing clothes in the laundry room.
    • Doing the Warden's taxes.
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  • Has your wife, brother, husband, sister, mother, uncle, friend, or enemy ever been arrested and brought to SADOC? Well, you can visit them!
    Two women meeting with a man
    Visitation at DOC is open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, including holidays!
    There is a requirement for at least two Correctional Officers to be free to assist in visitation so if some aren't immediately available then feel free to come back later.

    The visitation rules are as follows:
    • No physical contact
    • No whispering
    • No passing of items. Items that wish to be exchanged will be checked beforehand for contraband.
    • Maximum time is 15 minutes
    For those that like to exploit visitation, we have a blacklist in place that restricts certain individuals, such as our MSIs, from being able to be visited or visit. Visitation is a benefit and can be declined for any number of reasons.
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Felon Reformation
  • What is the Felon Reformation Division?
    The Felon Reformation Division assists felons who want a second chance in the legal society. Its main focus is on providing felons rehabilitation and assistance to receive a job in one of the government-owned companies. They also work closely together with the CMT division, which can provide therapy sessions if requested by the felon. The program is usually between 3 to 5 weeks long, however, if assistance is longer required, they will continue to provide the by now Ex-Felon the guidance that he needs.
    What is the Felon Reformation Program Like?
    When you get accepted into the FRD program, you will start off by doing your Introduction meeting. This meeting is where your reformation officer gets to know you. You will be asked a series of questions relating to you and the life you are trying to reform from.


    Your Second meeting is a progression update, the reformation officer will chat with you to see what you have been up to since the first meeting. In this meeting, they also like to hear of any improvements you think you have made in the past week.

    The third meeting is a more hands-on meeting. Your reformation officers will ask you a series of scenario questions and you are to tell them how you would handle each situation. If you do not already have a job, after the third meeting, FRD works with you and other companies to try and get you employment at one of the companies.

    When you successfully gain employment at one of the companies, your fourth meeting will be a workplace checkup. Your reformation officer has a meeting with you and your supervisor at your job to see how you have been doing.

    Your final meeting is your Farewell Meeting, if you have made it this far it means that you have successfully gone through the program and passed it. In this meeting, your reformation officer will say their goodbyes to you and will issue you with your program passed certificate.

    How You Can Join the Felon Reformation Program.
  • Ringing the bell.
  • There are a number of ways in which you can go about enrolling in the program. The first way is, simply coming by the San Andreas Department of Corrections and ringing the bell at the front desk. When you ring the bell, an office will come to assist you and you just need to mention that you are interested in joining the FRD program and they will try to get a reformation officer to come and conduct your first meeting.
  • Applying online
  • The second way you can join the FRD program is by applying using the online application. Simply copy and paste the format filling out all the necessary information. Once you post your application, a reformation officer will review it and once you are accepted all you need to do is head down to the DOC and state that you are there for your first FRD meeting.
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  • Another way inmates can kick start their reformation process is by getting parole. Parole is done by members of the Detention Parole Bureau at the LSSD and selected personnel in FRD here at DOC.

    To start the parole process, inmates can talk to a correctional officer and let them know that they're interested in Parole. Once they have done that, the officer will contact someone qualified and if the inmate has not been charged with any of the disqualifying charges listed below, they will be taken to an interview room to have their parole meeting.
    Disqualifing Charges
    • Domestic Terrorism
    • Murder
    • Involuntary Manslaughter
    • Kidnapping
    • Torture
    • Possessing Destructive or Explosive Devices
    • Bank Robbery
    • Human Trafficking
    • Armed Robbery ( you are still eligible as long as you were not the one who was directly in charge of a firearm. )
    • Assault with a deadly weapon
    • Shooting from a vehicle
    • Firearms trafficking
    • Felony Hit and Run
    • Felony Public endangerment
    If an inmate is granted parole, they will be released from the DOC under the supervision of a Parole Officer. They will be required to wear an ankle monitor to track their movements and comply with certain rules and conditions set by the Parole Officer. These may include regular check-ins with the Parole Officer and random stops and searches.

    If an inmate breaches the terms of their parole agreement, they may be taken back into custody and returned to the DOC. It is important for parolees to adhere to the conditions of their parole in order to successfully reintegrate into society and avoid returning to prison.
    You can learn more about parole here.
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((Criminal Roleplay))
  • We are very open as a faction for allowing inmates to roleplay however they wish.

    Smuggling Roleplay
    If you want to smuggle items inside of SADOC then it's quite simple. You need to roleplay hiding the item, use the /time command and then screenshot it. You will then need to provide this screenshot to the Correctional Officer searching you to prove that the smuggling roleplay is valid.
    Prison Breaks
    You are allowed to partake in one prison break per week due to the hostage taking guidelines. If you are interested in performing a prison break then make a /report 1 and ask if you can have prison break permission.
    Perma Prison Characters
    If you wish to make a character that is permanent resident inside of SADOC then please send a 500 word backstory to the Warden via discord: Chunder#6108
    For further roleplay, you can check out the full prison roleplay guide here
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