[Appointment] Marc Ericsson

This section allows citizens of San Andreas to view employee adjustments within the San Andreas State Government.
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[Appointment] Marc Ericsson

Post by Emily Whitehorse »

  • 04/JUN/2024
    Employee Name: Marc Ericsson
    Assuming Position: Chief of Operations

    Authorizing Employee: SASG High Command & Board of Governors

Chief of Staff - Emily Whitehorse
San Andreas State Government Employee | 22/JUL/2021 - Present
Current Positions | SASG
Yes i had to make a spoiler for my current positions..
Director & Speaker Law Review Committee | 01/JUN/2022 - Present
Chief Counsel - Special Counsels Office | 14/JAN/2023 - Present
Chief of Staff | 29/APR/2023 - Present
Acting Director Administration Bureau | 8/MAY/2023 - Present
Inspector General | 25/AUG/2023 - Present
[LSSD] SAGOV IA Liason | 3/OCT/2023 - Present
Acting Director Property & Housing Bureau - 9/OCT/2023 - Present
[LSPD] OCOP: Civilian Review Board | 22/OCT/2023 - Present

Prior Positions | SASG
Interim Director Business Licensing Bureau | 10/JUL/2022 - 17/SEP/2022
Acting Director Business Licensing Bureau | 24/APR/2023 - 8/MAY/2023
Acting SAAA Director | 4/MAY/2022 - 25/MAY/2022
"Commander" - San Andreas National Guard | 27/JUL/2022 - Present
Acting Public Relations Director | 11/NOV/2022 - 28/NOV/2022
Acting Public Works Director | 27/NOV/2022 - 3/DEC/2022
Interim Assistant Governor | 20/MAR/2023 - 30/MAR/2023
Acting Security Director Government Security Bureau | 5/OCT/2023 - 1/NOV/2023
Assistant Editor for Weazel News | Resigned
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