LSEMS Monthly Press Release | May 2024

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LSEMS Monthly Press Release | May 2024

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Los Santos Emergency Medical Services
LSEMS Monthly Press Release | Month Year
Sunday, June 2nd, 2024
"One Team, One Mission, Saving Lives"


    Another month, another Press Release! We've been busy at work whilst spring fades and summer takes over, placing its hot hands on the State of San Andreas, ensuring the 'beeps' of air conditioning units being turned on are heard all across our lovely chaos-packed island.

    We've got some nifty little updates and bits of information for you in store, so do keep on reading!

      EMT-I William Masons
      A new month, a new Employee of the Month! A new rising star in the department, our friend William has been dedicating a lot of high-quality hours to his shift, and has dabbled in plenty of divisional work! He seems to have an aptitude for helping others, especially when it comes to Field Training, which is always a very good thing to see!

      We are happy to call him a colleague, and we look forward to what more he has in store for us! Keep on keeping on.

        Senior Paramedic -> Lead Paramedic
        Charles Swift

        Paramedic -> Senior Paramedic
        Grant Adams

        EMT-A -> Master EMT
        Clay Thompson

        EMT-B -> EMT-I
        William Masons

        EMR -> EMT-I
        David Mathews

        EMR -> EMT-B
        Alexander Devil
        Oscar Thorpe

          The department has not had any new appointments to key positions but has rather been focused on internal updates and maintenance. The Chief has celebrated his first full year of being at the helm of the department, more about that at the end!



          A long-term member of the Office of Operations, alongside its sibling divisions of Field Training, Fire & Rescue, and Lifeguard, Air & Rescue has been established as one of the largest divisions by headcount in the department.

          In the month of May, it has seen substantial reworks and changes to its internal documentation, which has brought a gust of fresh air into the day-to-day of its members, especially our Medevac Pilots.

          Our Medevac Pilots are now able to enjoy more stationing locations, that come with nicer views but also enable a faster response to emergencies across the state.

          We've established the following new station locations for all Medevac Pilots:
          • Central MD - two Helipads, with ample space surrounding them to comfortably hang around, as well as the ability to climb down from them to the ground level.
          • Zonah MD - Entirely new, two Helipads placed on one of the roof sections of the building, that can comfortably house two helicopters, as well as provide ample space around them for pilots to stretch their legs during downtime.
          • Sandy MD - Entirely new, a single Helipad with plenty of space next to it as well as a ladder to climb up and down from it.
          • Maze Bank Pad - A public helipad that previously was unused by the LSEMS, is now fully greenlit for our pilots to station on. This is the helipad with the highest elevation in the state!

          In addition to our Medevac Pilots enjoying the benefits of the aforementioned locations, our Senior Medevac Pilots are now able to utilize the teachings passed down to them, as well as their skill set, to station on any mountainous location throughout the state (as long as it is safe to do so), including the very top of Mount Chiliad! Can you imagine the view from up there?!

          Photo of a few stationing locations:
          Zonah MD:
          Central MD:
          Paleto MD:

            Injury to be treated
              It's the time of year when we all start to feel a little adventurous and are prone to cuts, falls, and bruised knees. A location where bleeding is present can be bad as if left untreated it could lead to an infection so it should be treated immediately.
              • Clean the wound. This can be with sterile saline or water. Don't use other liquids.
              • Look over the wound to ensure there are no foreign objects in it.
              • Apply pressure to the wound with a gauze pad or other sterile objects.
              • If the bleeding does not stop, increase pressure, and again assess for stopped bleeding
              • If an appendage was cut off then place it inside of a plastic bag and cool it.
              • Call 911

                • LSEMS Basic Life Support Course Applications Status: OPEN

                  Want to learn how to save lives and give CPR? Apply today to attend one of our Basic Life Support (BLS) courses! This course will teach you all the basic life-saving skills you need to know, including CPR and basic first aid treatment for various injuries.
                  By completing this course, you will be given a medical license card that proves that you are qualified in Basic Life Support and First Aid — enabling you to legally provide critical aid to your friends, family, and the citizens of Los Santos. This license may help you progress in your career as many employers see this as particularly advantageous!

                  Sign up for our Basic Life Support Course Today! - Click Here!

                  To view the BLS Course Schedules - Click Here

                Charge Eligibility
                Persons wishing to undertake this course will be subject to background checks. To pass the background check, the applicant must be clean of any:
                • Non-aggressive felonies for 2 weeks.
                • Aggressive crimes (felonies/misdemeanors) for 1 month.
                • Serious Felonies for 1 month.
                RIDE ALONG PROGRAM
                  • LSEMS Ridealong Application Status: OPEN

                    Applying for the LSEMS Ride-along Program is a great way to see firsthand exactly what the Emergency Medical Services do. You will be paired up with one of our friendly staff members who will take you to calls that range from minor injuries to major accidents.
                    Apply for an LSEMS Ride-along!
                    Click Here to check the status currently.

                  • General misdemeanors - No less than two weeks since last charge.
                  • Nuisance misdemeanors - No less than two weeks since last charge.
                  • Vehicular charges (felony or misdemeanor) - No less than two weeks since last charge.
                  • Weapons charges (felony or misdemeanor) - No less than two weeks since last charge.
                  • Drug charges (felony or misdemeanor) - No less than one month since last charge.
                  • General felonies - No less than one month since last charge.
                  • Serious felonies - No less than 6 months since last charge. If it has been less than 6 months, you may still be eligible if you have undergone the Felon Reformation Program through DOC. Please reach out to an employee if further information is needed.
                  • Sexual Crimes - Permanently disqualified.
                  REQUEST AN APPOINTMENT
                  • LSEMS Appointment Status: OPEN

                    You are able to book an appointment with our staff, whether that be a doctor for physical problems you may have or our therapist team for mental and emotional support!
                    Don't leave that pain till tomorrow. Don't be alone with your thoughts. We are here to help and free you of your troubles, no matter what they may be.

                    We offer Medical Checkups and Psychological Assistance to the Citizens of Los Santos. Once a form has been submitted an appropriately qualified member of our staff will try to contact you either via government e-mail or via the phone number provided.

                    Should your needs be something you may consider out-of-the-ordinary, don't worry - you can still submit a general form and it will be handled as necessary on a per-case basis, even if it is far out of the ordinary!

                    Click here to book an appointment now!
                  LSEMS RECRUITMENT
                  • LSEMS Recruitment Status: OPEN

                    Do you want to be a part of a team that saves lives? We are currently looking to hire more Emergency Medical Technicians for the LSEMS. Joining LSEMS is a great way to get a stable career, improve your life skills, and most importantly, save others.
                    There are a whole range of career opportunities to suit you such as focusing on becoming a doctor or a firefighter!

                    Click here to apply now!

                    • Applicants must be at least 18 years of age at the time of application.
                    • Applicants must possess a full driver's license issued by the Los Santos DMV. A trucker's license is required if the applicant wishes to join the Fire & Rescue Division. We typically prefer applicants with no major traffic or driving offenses.
                    • The LSEMS requires that applicants not have any history of certain mental conditions that could inhibit performance on duty and cause further issues in the department. Exceptions can be made.
                    • The Applicant must be clear from any recent criminal charges - some charges may be forgiven if the Applicant undergoes SADOC's Felon Reformation Program.
                  Charges Information
                  There are multiple felonies and charges that will default the application status as DENIED regardless of references, letters of recommendation, or programs passed**:
                  • Serious Felonies (SF) except for SF03 & SF07
                  • Drug Felonies (DF)
                  • GF01 - Child Endangerment
                  • GF04 - Sexual Assault
                  • GF13 - Arson
                  • GF14 - False Impersonation
                  • GF16 - Tampering with Evidence
                  • GF17 - Rape
                  • GF20 - Possession of Human Body Tissue
                  • GF21 - Prison Break
                  • GF24 - Perjury

                  There are multiple felonies and charges that will set the application status as DENIED unless the applicant successfully underwent SADOC's Felon Reformation Program:
                  • GF19 - Abuse or Desecration of Dead Human Body
                  • SF03 - Involuntary or Vehicular Manslaughter
                  • SF07 - Bank Robbery
                  • WF01 - Assault with a Deadly Weapon
                  • WF02 - Shooting from a Vehicle (Drive-By)
                  • Drug Misdemeanours (DM)

                  Additionally, Firearm Possession Charges are categorized as such:
                  • WM02 - Possession of a Class 1 Firearm - 2 months*
                  • WF03 - Possession of a Class 2 Firearm - 6 months*
                  • WF04 - Possession of a Class 3 Firearm - 6 months*
                  • WF05 - Possession of a Class 4 Firearm - 6 months*

                  Felonies that are outside the charges mentioned above have a wait time of 6 months*.

                  Other Misdemeanors that are outside the charges mentioned above have a wait time of 2 months*

                  NOTE* The applicant may go through the San Andreas Department of Correction's Felon Reformation Program before applying and provide a reference for the recruitment personnel to review in order to shorten the wait time. Undergoing the Felon Reformation Program does not guarantee leniency, as applicants' criminal records are considered on a case-by-case basis, and on the other hand, we may be more lenient towards one-time offenders than repeat ones.
                  Additionally, employment with a clean track record within more lenient government-funded organizations, agencies, companies, and firms may contribute positively toward each individual case.

                  NOTE** Only in cases of charges that are 12 months or older, special reviews may take place for one-time offenders for charges that are otherwise entirely eliminatory. These reviews would require substantial feedback from another government-funded employer.

                  Should you wish to verify or get more information on the subject of criminal records and their interaction(s) with our recruitment procedures, contact ✉︎ Emilia Thalmer or ✉︎ Grant Adams.
                  Chief of LSEMS Alex Mpache
                  As summer starts to push spring out of the way, we similarly firmly push the 'on' button on our air conditioning remotes! The hot month of June is upon us, and what a hot year it has been for me. A year of being Chief of MD, formally on the 22nd of May 2024., it sure has been one hell of a ride, but a good ride indeed.

                  I've seen MD's ups and downs, many cycles of both good and bad times, and I can't say I'm not proud of what I've built and achieved in a year, especially when it comes to the size of the department, its stability, and its throughput on all fronts, ranging from handling basic call volume, appointment requests, training, and all the way up to state-wide disasters.

                  Some numbers for you - since I've been appointed:
                  • Over 350 announcements have been posted on our notice board. That adds up to almost one per day!
                  • Over 200 promotions were handled
                  • Over 750 Field Training Sessions were concluded
                  • (( Over 255,000 messages were sent in the MD Discord, which is a whole 108,000 more than in the preceding year))
                  • (( Guests in the MD Discord were given a lot more access - including sending messages in threads in the EMS Media channel, on top of being given perms to see the channel mid-2023. ))
                  • We have grown to a team of well over 60 medics! This includes a nearly doubled supervisor+ headcount, which has made a huge difference across the board.
                  • Over 140 received and completed Public Appointment Requests, and over 530 posts in patient files!

                  Truth be told, I couldn't have made it without building up the people around me, and I can't wait to see what we are yet to build in the year to come! Keep on keeping on.

                  CLOSING MESSAGE
                  Thank you very much for reading this month's press release. We appreciate your support and are happy to see the engagement regarding these releases. Remember to take care of each other!

                  "There is nothing more beautiful than someone who goes out of their way to make life beautiful for others."

                  Alex Mpache
                  Chief of EMS
                  Los Santos Emergency Medical Services

                  Emilia Thalmer
                  Assistant Chief | Director of Administration
                  Los Santos Emergency Medical Services
                  Contact for Public Relations Inquiries

                  Kourtney Lafleur
                  Paramedic, Interim Assistant Head of PR
                  Los Santos Emergency Medical Services

                  Contact for Public Relations Inquiries


                  Alex Mpache | Chief of EMS
                  Los Santos Emergency Medical Services
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