Petition for Judicial Review - Unconsititutional Denial Of Liberty and Life, and Cruel and Unusual Punishment

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Petition for Judicial Review - Unconsititutional Denial Of Liberty and Life, and Cruel and Unusual Punishment

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@Robert Winejudge, @Colt Daniels, @Judith Mason. @Antonio McFornell, and any other member of the Supreme Court of San Andreas,

I, Herrman Wolff, citizen of the state of San Andreas, wish to invoke Article III, Section 3.2, of the constitution:
The Supreme Court is vested with the authority to perform the judicial review of all laws, along with public acts (decisions and determinations by tribunals, agencies and branches of government) in order to determine their constitutionality. The power of judicial review may not be excluded by any act of the government or any endeavor of the legislature through the enactment of law. Judicial review is not limited to errors of law but may also include errors of fact. Judicial review may be solicited by any citizen of San Andreas with founded and constitutional arguments
I request that the actions of the San Andreas State Government and in particular, Governor Lewis Langley of the Board of Governors is put through Judicial Review and declared unconstitutional due to the decisions and restrictions he has imposed, breaching the 5th Amendment, 8th Amendment, and 14th Amendment (section 1) of the constitution.
The 5th Amendment states "No person shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against themself, not be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law.

The 8th Amendment states "Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishment inflicted."

The 14th Amendment states "The state shall not deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws".

In this instance, I received two rounds of charges. I received Harassment and Felony Fraud around the 7th of January, to which I served the prison sentence and paid the fines associated with these charges. I opened a court case to actively fight these charges, which is still ongoing. I then found out on the 9th of January that I was being fired from my position at Weazel News, which I still worked at. I was informed this was entirely due to a decision that was made by the Board of Governors.

After my firing on the 9th of January, I was informed that I was no longer able to apply for a job at any Government department or Government Organization due to a decision made by Lewis Langley and the Board of Governors. I was never entirely informed why I was blanket banned, but it was insinuated it had to do with actions I made which I would also later be charged with Domestic Terrorism for. This decision was made by the Government despite hiring and recruitment for each of the Departments and Organizations, being devolved issues that are entirely overseen by that department and have no government input, this is especially true for Government Organizations which are only Government funded and not Government controlled.

On the 26th of January I was denied the opportunity to under a government program which was the Felon Reformation Program, once again this decision came from Lewis Langley and the Board of Governors. I was informed that this ban, once again, was entirely covering any Government program. The admittance of individuals into Government Programs is generally a devolved issue to the Government Department which outlines the restrictions and requirements. At the time I was denied, I qualified for the FRP and there was no need for the San Andreas Government to intervene. The San Andreas Government has never before, and never since, denied any individual directly in a Government Department's program.

I was arrested for Domestic Terrorism on the 2nd of February and I have appealed this charge with the court case ongoing. I have already served my sentence for this charge and paid the fines. This charge came as a result of the action that caused my blanket bans on working, living, and joining San Andreas programs. Even after I served this sentence and paid my fines, and I am waiting on my court case; I am still blanket banned.

On the 12th of February 2024, I was informed that I must never enter City Hall again, even if it is to talk with my Lawyer. I was never informed of any trespassing against me. Other individuals in similar situations to my own have always been allowed into city hall in order to effectively meet with their defence counsel. I have been told that if I am to meet with my defence counsel then I must do so elsewhere, which puts undue stress upon myself and my defence counsel and is a direct infringement on the ability of me to meet with my defence counsel.

The culmination of the blanket ban on myself from interacting with any government building, the blanket ban on my ability to work at organizations for no stated reason, the blanket ban on me using government programs for no stated reason, the restriction on me meeting with my defence counsel, and the continued happening of these items despite having already served time for my charges and appealed them constitutes to depriving me of life, and liberty, as well as conducting cruel and unusual punishment on me.

I believe I am being treated to other individuals who have similar situations to my own and that I am having extensive and even worse, continuous, punishments put upon me which is completely unconstitutional. I am being denied access to buildings, legal counsel, workplaces, and programs of which I meet the restriction, Purley on who I am and supposed actions that I am accused of having committed since the court cases have not been finalized.

I am not only being denied access to these things because I do not qualify for them. I do qualify for them and any other citizen of the state with similar charges would be allowed access to them, however, I am being denied them. This is a direct infringement of my constitutional rights as I am put under undue duress. I am being denied life and liberty and since there is no process to appeal this decision by the Board of Governors, I am also being denied life and Liberty with no due process. I am experiencing cruel and unusual punishment by being continuously punished and punished beyond reasonable means of punishment.

I request the Supreme Court reviews my case.

Supporting Documents
San Andreas Constitution
The Constituion Can Be Found HERE

Email proving denial of work

Post proving denial of government programs

Kind Regards,
Herrman Wolff
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Re: Petition for Judicial Review - Unconsititutional Denial Of Liberty and Life, and Cruel and Unusual Punishment

Post by Robert Winejudge »


San Andreas Judicial Branch

Supreme Court of San Andreas

  • Dear All,

    This post is hereby locked. If you have any opinions on supporting/not supporting this case, you're free to exercise your First Amendment right granted by the Constitution, however, this is not the place for it. The Supreme Court won't be influenced by any of these comments as it is not up to a vote of who's in support or not of this case moving forward.

    We will evaluate this matter and handle it appropriately. Any further responses from people who wish to bypass the Locking of this topic will be facing the charge of Contempt of Court as this is considered a legal proceeding. Comments prior to this notice will be deleted.

    Thank you for your understanding, please post these things on social media next time, not on an official court document.

    Best Regards,

    Chief Justice
    San Andreas Judicial Branch
    (909) 372-4223 — [email protected]

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