Bar Examination Request - Tony Vicenzo

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Tony Vicenzo
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Bar Examination Request - Tony Vicenzo

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  • 1) Name
    • First Name: Tony
      Middle Name: N/A
      Last Name: Vicenzo
    2) Date & Place of Birth
    • Date: 19/04/2000
      Place: San Fierro
    3) Contact Information 4) Are you a United States Citizen?
    • [x ] Yes
      [ ] No
    5) Firm Information (N/A if none.)
    • Law Firm: N/A
      Position: N/A
    6) Company Information (N/A if none.)
    • Company Name: Downtown Cab Company
      Position: Junior Driver
    7) If you answered Question 6, please provide proof of your employment. (( /badge screenshot )) 8) Please provide proof of your identification. (( /license screenshot )) 9) Please provide proof of payment at City Hall. (( screenshot ))
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Colt Daniels
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Re: Bar Examination Request - Tony Vicenzo

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Mr. Vicenzo

The San Andreas Bar Association regrets to inform you that your request has been DENIED.
  • GF03 - Armed Robbery charge on February 20th, 2022.
If you are unsure of our requirements you can find them here. Feel free to reapply once you meet the requirements.


Chief Justice
San Andreas Judicial Branch
(909) 402-9713 — [email protected]
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