Recruitment & Employment Division - Points of Contact

You can find Deputy Sheriff Trainee job information within this section.

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Recruitment & Employment Division - Points of Contact

Tue Jun 25, 2019 2:57 am


  • If you have any general questions pertaining to Recruitment and Employment, you can contact any of these individuals listed below whilst following chain of command, meaning that you work your way up from the bottom of the list for the respective individual that you need, e.g. Applications Handler or Academy Instructor.

    We generally do not let individuals appeal a denial as we have full trust in our staff, the training we have given them and the material that is available for them to use when handling applications or instructing academies.
  • Personnel Administration & Professional Standards
    Sheriff: #0524 - Sheriff John Wallace

    Personnel Administration Bureau
    Commander: #0000 - VACANT

    Recruitment and Employment Division Command
    Commanding Officer: #6899 - Lieutenant Robert Jeys
    Assistant Commanding Officer: 0000 - VACANT

    Recruitment Supervisors

    Senior Application Handlers
    #9006 - Master Deputy Will Grigg
    #9423 - Master Deputy Tyrone Balakay
    #8775 - Deputy Sheriff II Armin Pierce
    #9792 - Master Deputy Kasper Hansen
    #8450 - Master Deputy Anthony Pierce

    Applications Handlers:

    #10173 - Deputy Sheriff II Brian Bentley

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