Deputy of the Month - May 2020

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Deputy of the Month - May 2020

Mon Jun 01, 2020 7:32 pm


Los Santos County Sheriff's Department
News Release

Sheriff John Wallace

  • Each month, Command and Executive Staff of the Los Santos County Sheriff's Department come together and elect one Sheriff's Deputy to be chosen as the Deputy of the Month. This recognition is one of the most prestigious recognition a Sheriff's Deputy can be bestowed upon in the Department. Deputies who receive this recognition award can be seen as role-models within the Department, for their excellence and commitment.

    For the month of May, we are proud to announce Master Deputy Kasper Hansen as the Deputy of the Month. Master Deputy Kasper Hansen joined our Department at the beginning of 2020, on the twentieth of January. Deputy Hansen passed his Field Training Program on his first attempt, proving to be capable and knowledgeable with the Department’s protocols and procedures. Deputy Hansen slowly but surely, advanced in our Department, eventually reaching the rank of Deputy Sheriff II and joining the Field Training Division as well as the Recruitment and Employment Division. Deputy Hansen, since joining both divisions late in March has done about thirty items of paperwork regarding the Divisions. From accepting, denying, and interviewing new applicants to conducting field training sessions with the ones that made it through, Deputy Hansen has proven to be a great asset to the Department. On the other hand, Deputy Hansen is actively working on the field, being quick in responses and cool-headed in stressful situations (though his driving could use a bit of work). He’s always the first to offer a helping hand to his fellow deputies and civilians alike and always arrives on scenes with positivity and professionalism. The courage, determination and passion that Kasper had when he joined this Department is still there. And we are all proud to have him wearing our badge and representing our Department in the public. Kasper Hansen has nothing but a bright future in his Law Enforcement Career.

    The Sheriff's Department's Executive Staff wish Master Deputy Kasper Hansen nothing but a continually developing and promising career with the Department, and that he remains faithful to his commitments to provide a traditional and excellent service to the community. On behalf of the Department, Master Deputy Kasper Hansen will receive a bonus payment of $1,000.00 (($100,000.00)).
  • For Information, Contact:

    Sheriff's Information Division
    Los Santos County Sheriff's Department
    Procopio Promenade 1, Paleto Bay
    Los Santos, SA, 909
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