Deputy of the Month - September 2019

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Deputy of the Month - September 2019

Sat Oct 19, 2019 6:00 pm


Los Santos County Sheriff's Department
News Release
October 19, 2019
Undersheriff John Wallace

  • Each month, Command and Executive Staff of the Los Santos County Sheriff's Department come together and elect one Sheriff's Deputy to be chosen as the Deputy of the Month. This recognition is one of the most prestigious recognition a Sheriff's Deputy can be bestowed upon in the Department. Deputies who receive this recognition award can be seen as role-models within the Department, for their excellence and commitment.

    For the month of September, we are proud to announce Deputy Sheriff III Hubert Thompson as the Deputy of the Month. Deputy Thompson graduated from the Sheriff's Academy on July 21st, 2019. He quickly gained traction within the department as he was a very quick learner and eager to invest time and energy into learning the ins and outs of the Los Santos County Sheriff's Department. He passed the Field Training Division with flying colors and was promptly promoted to Deputy Sheriff I. Deputy Thompson continued to impress with remarkable performances and grew to be one of the most popular Deputies in the department. He joined the FTD to pass on his knowledge and train the next generation of Deputies, a task which he excelled at. Deputy Thompson, still not tired, continued to join our Special Enforcement Detail and Air Support Division, in which he made himself an integral part of the team and contributed to countless of successful operations. Most recently, Deputy Thompson became a part of our Recruitment and Employment Division in which he is selecting the next batch of Deputy Sheriff Trainees and putting them through thorough interviews and examinations. We are proud to have Deputy Thompson in our department and we are certainly excited to see his further progression.

    The Sheriff's Department's Executive Staff wish Deputy Thompson nothing but a continually developing and promising career with the Department, and that he remains faithful to his commitments to provide a traditional and excellent service to the community. On behalf of the Department, Deputy Thompson will receive a bonus payment of $1,000.00 (( $100,000.00 )).
  • For Information, Contact:

    Assistant Sheriff James Jurrick
    (909) 240-6368 — [email protected]

    Sheriff's Information Division
    Los Santos County Sheriff's Department
    Procopio Promenade 1, Paleto Bay
    Los Santos, SA, 909

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