John Wallace Promoted to Undersheriff

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John Wallace Promoted to Undersheriff

Wed Oct 09, 2019 8:39 pm


Los Santos County Sheriff's Department
News Release
October 9, 2019
Sheriff Samuel Osborn

  • John Wallace Promoted to Undersheriff
  • Undersheriff John Wallace, a long term veteran of Law Enforcement and one of the founders of the Los Santos County Sheriff's Department, was promoted to the rank of Undersheriff on October 9th, 2019.

    Undersheriff Wallace's career began in the Los Santos County Sheriff's Department on July 12th, 2019, after a successful transfer from the Los Santos Police Department. He started under Sheriff John Norman and together with other employees of the Department, he assisted with building up the foundation of policies and procedures of the Department. He has also been a key figure in building the structure of the Department, together with other members of Executive Staff and Command Staff, he has assisted with creating and staffing divisions, as well as fulfilling responsibilities of divisions that remain without a Commanding Officer.

    In his new role, Undersheriff Wallace will have a wider variety of responsibilities stretching from our Operations Office to Professional Standards. He will work together with Sheriff Samuel Osborn as they both will strive for the further development and success of the Department. Prior to his promotion, he was in charge of our Operations Office together with Commander Harry Payne, an office that he will remain closely with despite this new appointment.

    Sheriff Samuel Osborn says the following:
    I have been working alongside John since he first joined the Los Santos Police Department in 2017. I watched him grow into the rank of Captain, and I can without a doubt say that he's the best that the Sheriff's Department has to offer. His dedication and determination are the fuel of the Department, he involves himself in all areas and makes the environment of the Department healthy and open.

    When I was looking at candidates for the Undersheriff position, it was clear to me that there was no one more qualified than John. And I am confident that we will now, together, continue developing the Department to become one of the best law enforcement agency that this state has to offer.
    We wish Undersheriff Wallace nothing but the best in his new role as the Undersheriff of the Los Santos County Sheriff's Department.
  • For Information, Contact:

    Assistant Sheriff James Jurrick
    (909) 240-6368 — [email protected]

    Sheriff's Information Division
    Los Santos County Sheriff's Department
    Procopio Promenade 1, Paleto Bay
    Los Santos, SA, 909

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