[Application] Tommy Slick

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[Application] Tommy Slick

Mon May 18, 2020 8:01 pm


San Andreas State Government
Human Resources Bureau

Application For Employment (INTERNSHIP)


1.1) Full Name: Tommy Slick
1.2) Gender: Male
1.3) Age: 29
1.4) Date of Birth (MM/DD/YYYY): 09/15/1990
1.5) Place of Birth (City, State, Country): Fort Carson, Bone County, San Andreas
1.6) Nationality: Italian
1.7) Contact Number: 2211881
1.8) Home Address: N/A


2.1) Have you ever been convicted of a misdemeanor or a felony? Never

2.2) Have you ever had law enforcement actions taken against any of the licenses you hold or have held in the past? No

2.3) What is your current employment status? PostOP Driver

2.4) Have you ever previously worked for the San Andreas Government or any other government agency? I've worked for Weazel News in the past.


3.1) What experience do you have that could be valuable for work at the government? Three things stuck with me during my time as Editor-in-chief for Weazel News. Perfection, choices and trust. As editor in-chief you are the last person looking at these stories before they are published. Even though I trusted the writers, I made corrections along the way, as I strive for perfection in writing. Nobody is perfect, but the statements published to the people should be. Secondly, during my time at Weazel News, I had choices to make. Some of these choices were quick ones like selecting the best stories and other times I had to really think them through. In government this would apply in the same way, just at a much bigger scale affecting everyone in San Andreas. Choices always have a positive and negative to consider, and often times they aren't easy ones to make. Lastly, during the week I would search for big companies looking to sponsor their company into the newspaper. I would fit their ad into the weeks newspaper and collect the payment often times in cash. The CEO trusted me with this task, and the money would always go to the company and was never pocketed. Especially in government every employee should be trustworthy.

3.2) What would you say is your greatest strength? And how would this benefit the State Government? My greatest strength would be teamwork. I work great in a team. Whether that be working on one task all together, or a small task and combining work with others. I believe this trait is essential.

3.3) What would you say is your greatest weakness? And how do you overcome it? My greatest weakness would be that I overthink a lot of the time. Just like in chess, you need to think multiple steps ahead of your opponent. I do this with many situations at hand, when I don't really need to. This can be overcame by just focusing at the task at hand, and not worry about an outcome that may never occur in the first place.

3.4) If hired please list and explain something you would like to see the State Government implement and how it would benefit the state: We have recently seen a great change to the Paleto Bay region. If I were hired I would like to see change into other small towns such as Grapeseed. Currently the town of Grapeseed is shown no love, and has very little visitors. If a clothing shop, and various other businesses were to move into Grapeseed, I believe it can be a smaller version of Paleto Bay. This would only be in Grapeseed's benefit comparable to Paleto Bay's current success.

3.5) Please list below the highest level of education you have completed: Bachelor in Creative Writing (BA)

3.6) Please provide a list of your past employment(s), and the description of the said job(s) and the date of employment(s): I was hired to Weazel News in March 2019. I was appointed Editor-in-chief the following month. I worked at Weazel News until September 2019. My job as editor-in-chief was to release the Weazel newspaper by collecting work from writers and putting it all together. If I was short on written news I would write stories myself.

3.7) If any of your previous employments were terminated, please provide the reason why: I needed to leave the city for multiple months, so decided it was best to withdraw from the position.


Eclipse & RolePlay
4.1) Eclipse Forum Name: Osser3
4.2) Eclipse Forum Profile Link: https://forum.eclipse-rp.net/profile/4047-osser3/
4.3) Discord name and ID: Michael#1381
4.4) Please provide a list of ALL of your alternative characters: Crystal_Carter
4.5) Do you have any characters, that have a senior/leadership role in a different faction? If yes, please provide the other faction name and the rank: I do not.
4.6) Have you ever been punished by a member of staff on this, or any other character? If yes please explain: Never have.
4.7) Please provide an unedited screenshot of the admin-logs in your Eclipse game panel (Example: https://i.imgur.com/jM9fLI8.jpg):


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Tommy Slick

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