[PRESS RELEASE #10] Chief Appointments

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[PRESS RELEASE #10] Chief Appointments

Tue Mar 10, 2020 8:11 pm

10 March, 2020
San Andreas State Government

  • The San Andreas State Government is pleased to announce two Chief appointments in the Los Santos Police Department and Los Santos Emergency Medical Services.

    Following Commissioner Samuel Osborn's recent appointment in the Los Santos City Hall, Assistant Chief of Police Alex Donnelly is being appointed the Chief of Police. Chief Donnelly has served the Los Santos Police Department since 2017 and he rose through the hierarchy of the department through hard work and dedication. Chief Donnelly is responsible for several changes in internal functions and structure of the LSPD, his innovative mindset has brought forward the true potential of the department. We cannot be more pleased with the current state of the Police Department, and we wish Chief Donnelly and the rest of LSPD High Command nothing but the best of the luck as we move towards the future.

    We'd also like to thank Chief Erick Chavez for his hard work and dedication during his tenure as the Chief of the Los Santos Emergency Medical Services. Through his and his team's hard work, the LSEMS has grown exponentially these past few months. We would like to wish him a happy retirement and hope that his future is as bright as his department.

    Following Chief Chavez's resignation, we'd like to congratulate Assistant Chief Stan Abaddon on his appointment as the Chief of EMS. Chief Abaddon has been with the LSEMS since March 2019 after working his way through the ranks.

    Personal Message from Chief of Police Alex Donnelly:
    I joined the Los Santos Police Department in 2017. I have served for an active period of over 900 days. I was offered to take the mantle of the position of Chief of Police and I have wholeheartedly accepted. During my time in the Office of the Chief, I have played a proactive role in maintaining our department's standards. As someone heavily involved with the training and hiring of our officers, I have the first-hand experience in what our standards have been like and what I would like to see them continue as. I expect the most from our members and I am happy to be spearheading the department as a whole.

    Serving as the Assistant Chief for almost 200 days now, I should have no issues settling into my new position. My goals in my new position will be going over how the department operates and seeing what changes need to be made so we can improve our performance. There is always room for improvement and my belief in that is shown with how we have included our Investigations Bureau being more involved in our operations as a whole. I aim to continue this rise.

    My appointment to this position would not have been possible if not for the vote of the Board of Commissioners. I am eternally grateful for this chance. I would also like to extend this thanks to all the members of the Los Santos Police Department. Without the wonderful team, none of this would have been possible. I will make my predecessors proud, the department proud and the commissioners proud.

    Thank you.

    Personal Message from Chief of EMS Stan Abaddon:
    I feel incredibly honored and proud to be asked to service the people of Los Santos in the role of Chief of EMS. Working in the medical field has been a passion of mine ever since I was able to turn my life around from a troubled past, and dedicate myself to doing good for those around me.

    I've been lucky to have worked in many cities prior to coming to Los Santos, and these many years have honed my skills to a level of perfection that I have come to demand from myself and will continue to encourage in those I work with. As a former head of our field training program, helping see our staff grow and advance has always been key to my leadership style, and I intend to continue to lead by example. With my former role as Director of Operations, the day to day table-stakes of answering calls quickly and effectively remains one of my top priorities.

    Serving in various command positions here in Los Santos, I've had the pleasure of helping most of our divisions form or grow, whether through directly leading those divisions, or providing coaching and guidance to these great leaders as they've built up their divisions. This has positioned me to understand what is working well, and where changes may be needed, and to provide the leadership to get us there. My primary goal as I start my tenure will be to continue to reduce response times, increasing our staffing to better meet the needs of Los Santos, and continue to develop and expand on the services that we offer.

    I would like to thank all of the members of Los Santos Emergency Medical Services, from my fellow command members who have supported me directly, our amazing team of supervisors who make sure each and every call is managed effectively, through to our excellent team of EMTs and EMRs who work so hard every day to service all of the citizens of Los Santos. All of your hard work and dedication have enabled me to have this opportunity to lead you, and I promise that I won't let you down! I would also like to extend a special thank you to Chief Chavez, who has put his trust in me these last few months in the position of Assistant Chief and supported me as his successor.

    Finally, I would like to thank the Board of Commissioners for putting their trust in me to lead one of the most important organizations in Los Santos.

    Thank you

    Dr. Stan Abaddon

    The San Andreas State Government and the Board of Commissioners are looking forward to be working with both Chiefs in the future. We are confident that the citizens of San Andreas will see nothing but the best of public service moving forward.
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