PRESS RELEASE: Firearms and Licencing Division Offers Second Chance for Ex-Convicts

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PRESS RELEASE: Firearms and Licencing Division Offers Second Chance for Ex-Convicts

Thu Apr 23, 2020 4:25 am

The Firearms and Licensing Division (FLD) of the Los Santos Police Department handles all of the personal firearms licenses in San Andreas, allowing certified civilians to purchase handguns at certified gun stores and thus providing the only legal way to obtain firearms in San Andreas. In the past three (3) months, the FLD has approved 565 and denied 605 personal firearms license applications.

However, last week the FLD rolled out a new way for previously ineligible persons, and persons who have had their personal firearms licenses revoked, to obtain or reapply for a personal firearms license.

  • Message from the Firearms and Licensing Division Commanding Officer, Police Captain Cynthia Shelby:
    The Firearms and Licensing Division is excited to be able to offer the opportunity for civilians to reapply for a personal firearms license after a year of a clean record. We hope it will help Civilians who have turned their lives around and enable them to possible enter the workforce and better themselves and create more opportunity for the community.
If you have previously been charged with crimes and your firearms license has been revoked, you have a chance to reapply for one and get it back. These are the changes:
  • To be eligible to apply for FORM B and reapply for your personal firearms license, you must have a clear record of any and all misdemeanor and/or felony charges for at least twelve (12) months (( three (3) months )).
  • You must be able to pass a background check. If you have been previously been convicted of any of the felonies from the list below, you are permanently disqualified from reapplying for a personal firearms license regardless of time passed.
    List of FeloniesShow
    Serious Felonies
    • SF-01 Domestic Terrorism
    • SF-02 Murder
    • SF-03 Involuntary Manslaughter
    • SF-04 Kidnapping
    • SF-05 Torture
    • SF-06 Possessing Destructive Devices or Explosives
    • SF-07 Bank Robbery
    • SF-08 Human Trafficking
    Weapon Charges
    • WF-01 Assault with a Deadly Weapon
    • WF-02 Shooting from a vehicle (Drive-by Shooting)
    • WF-03 Possession of Illegal Firearms/Weapons
    • WF-04 llegal Sale of an Unlicensed Firearm / Ammunition
    • WF-05 Sale of Illegal Firearms / Ammunition
    • WF-06 Firearms Trafficking
    General Felonies
    • GF-01 Child Endangerment
    • GF-03 Armed Robbery
    • GF-04 Sexual Assault
    • GF-05 Extortion
    • GF-06 Blackmail
    • GF-12 Forgery or Counterfeiting
    • GF-13 Arson
    • GF-14 False Impersonation
    • GF-15 Burglary
    • GF-16 Tampering with Evidence
    • GF-17 Rape
    • GF-18 Racketeering
    • GF-19 Abuse or Desecration of Dead Human Body
    • GF-21 Prison Break
    Vehicular Charges
    • VF-02 Felony Hit and Run
    • VF-05 Felony Public Endangerment
  • You must meet all of the Requirements & Regulations of the Firearms and Licensing Division prior to your application.
If you are found guilty of violating any entry in the penal code classified as either a felony or a serious misdemeanor, your personal firearms license will be revoked. If you feel that your personal firearms license was unjustly removed, your only option is to appeal it to the Los Santos Police Department's Internal Affairs. Your personal firearms license can also be suspended or revoked if you are found in violation of additional Requirements & Regulations set out by the FLD.

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