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Monthly Bulletin - February

Wed Mar 04, 2020 4:16 pm




On Thursday, February 27th, 2020, The San Andreas State Government announced the addition of two new members to the Board of Commissioners: Los Santos Police Department Chief of Police Samuel Osborn and Police Captain Lewis Langley. This was very unexpected news to most, but not surprising; after all they are both well experienced in the field and will be a great addition to The San Andreas State Government. Another thing they have in common is that they are both highly respected and appreciated members of the LSPD family, and will continue to be. Their responsibilities and duties have changed, but The San Andreas State Government has ensured us that they will continue to work closely with the Los Santos Police Department for the common interest of justice in our shared home. See below the press release from City Hall for more on this, including messages from the new Commissioners. We wish them well on their journey.
The San Andreas State Government would like to formally announce the addition of two new members to the Board of Commissioners - Los Santos Police Department Chief Samuel Osborn and Captain Lewis Langley. For multiple years both Mr. Osborn and Mr. Langley have dedicated themselves to the betterment of the state of San Andreas with unwavering commitment. It should come as no surprise that these men have worked tirelessly to ensure the safety of every man, woman, and child and have been successful in all ventures they have taken part in. On the evening of Sunday, the 23rd of February, both were requested for a meeting at City Hall where they were presented with the opportunity to join the Board of Commissioners, to which they accepted without hesitation.

A Message From Police Chief Samuel Osborn:
I have been serving the state of San Andreas for 4 years since I transferred to the Los Santos Police Department from my previous department. My journey and accomplishments between the Police Department and Sheriff's Department are known to most, and everything that I have accomplished has been for the better good of this state, as well as its inhabitants.

As the Chief of Police, previously Sheriff, I have been heavily involved in several city projects and law changes together with the Board of Commissioners, and I believe that with my experience, we can together, push for further improvements in the public sector of San Andreas.

For the next few weeks, I will primarily be settling in this new position and familiarize myself with the structure and functions of other areas of the public sector. However, I would like to share a long-term goal that I can assure will be delivered to San Andreas, which is a judicial system. However, such a system cannot be created overnight and by a few people, it requires great minds to work together. It's no secret that the general public has been wanting a judicial system that strengthens the belief that one is 'innocent until proven guilty', and while I have full faith in the investigative and concluding process of Internal Affairs of both the Police Department and Sheriff's Department, it's of human nature to doubt such self-governing systems.

I would like to thank the Board of Commissioners for this opportunity, and add that I am not saying farewell to the Los Santos Police Department as I will only be expanding my oversight onto other areas of the public sector. A new Chief of Police with be announced within the next few days, however, I have full faith that operations will resume as normal within the department.

A Message From Police Captain Lewis Langley:
I have been in Law Enforcement for three years, in various positions. I have worked closely with the Office of the Chief and the Board of Commissioners for quite some time in numerous capacities. I took a sabbatical from the LSPD back in July and assisted in the government and worked directly under the Board of Commissioners before returning to the Los Santos Police Department.

Over the course of the next few weeks I will be settling into this new position and will be taking the opportunity to familiarize myself with the functional structure of other government departments, I look forward to working with the departments and being able to assist in the official capacity.

I would like to thank the Board of Commissioners for the opportunity.

It is with great pride that we welcome these two on board to assist in driving the San Andreas State Government forward for the benefit of every citizen. Please do take a moment to congratulate these gentleman of their continued efforts and well deserved positions.


Throughout the month of February Police Command has issued four (4) different Exemplary Performance Awards for four (4) different Police Officers. The Life-Saving Award was issued to Police Officer III Jo Campbell for bravery, who took action in order to rescue two (2) Emergency Medical Technicians and their injured victim from imminent danger. Three (3) Administration Commendation Awards were issued to Police Officer III Carl Thisthon, Police Officer III Blake Connor and Police Officer II Jason Reed. All these Police Officers have shown exemplary effort in administrative work in the Department, through dedication to divisional paperwork within the Firearms and Licensing Division as well as optional departmental paperwork.
On the 19th of January 2020, Police Officer III Jo Campbell came across Assistant Chief of LSEMS Stan Abaddon, his trainee and their patient, all of which were being held at gun point by two suspects. Police Officer III Jo Campbell leapt to action, single-handedly neutralising both perpetrators without any serious injuries being sustained by either of the LSEMS employees on scene or their patient. Police Officer III Jo Campbell's actions have likely saved the lives of three individuals, for this he is being awarded the Police Life-Saving Medal.
We would like to recognize the great effort, dedication, and passion that Police Officer III Carl Thisthon has shown for the Firearms and Licensing Division, specifically, where he has processed over 191 firearms applications. In addition to this Officer Thisthon has contributed optional paperwork through-out his career with the department.
We would like to recognize the great effort, dedication, and passion that Police Officer III Blake Connor has shown for the Firearms and Licensing Division, specifically, where he has processed over 148 firearms applications. In addition to this Officer Connor has contributed to both the Recruitment and Employment Division where he served as an Application Handler and to optional paperwork through-out his career with the department.
We would like to recognize the great effort, dedication, and passion that Police Officer II Jason Reed has shown for the Firearms and Licensing Division, specifically, where he has processed over 461 firearms applications, an extremely commendable number of applications for an individual Officer to handle.


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    OFFICER OF THE MONTH, February 2020
    Each month, ONE officer is selected by our Police Supervisors to receive this most prestigious award. This award is an overall congratulation for universal commitment, achievement, and excellence throughout the department. An officer who achieves the 'Officer of the Month' award is an exemplary member of the department and someone who should be looked up to as an inspiration and role-model.


    This month, the Los Santos Police Department recognizes the hard work and dedication to duty, of Officer Paulo Witherfork. Paulo has stepped up dramatically throughout the month of February to prove himself once again as a candidate to become a supervisor. Paulo is a familiar face in the supervisor team and since his reinstatement which landed him at Police Officer III, he has been putting tremendous effort into his work to prove himself once again.

    Officer Witherfork first joined us after graduating from the Los Santos Police Academy on June 29th, 2018 and he graduated from our Field Training Program on July 3rd, 2018. Since then, Officer Witherfork has been the staple for professionalism in the department and has a strong passion for his S.W.A.T. duties. Officer Witherfork once reached the rank of Sergeant II but sadly had to resign due to personal commitments. He reinstated to the department on November 9th, 2019 as a Police Officer III and since returning has been proving himself capable of returning to his previous rank which I have no doubt he will achieve in the near future.

    We look Forward to see what the future holds for Officer Witherfork, good luck Officer!

    Officer Paulo Witherfork will be rewarded with a bonus payment of $1,000.00 (( $100,000.00 )).[/center]

  • Image
    Captain Phillipe Sanchez
    Coordinator, Office of Operations
    Los Santos Police Department

    Deputy Chief Jay Bacon
    Director of Office of Operations
    Los Santos Police Department
  • Reinstatements and Transfers
    Image Captain
    • Marco Davis
    Image Police Officer III
    • Josh Paige
    Image Police Officer II
    • Ryan Torres
    • Darion Rueb
    • George Vern
    • James Li
    • Jimmy Jonway
    • Jordan Stephenson
    • Josh Paige
    • Marco Davis
    • Percival Banks
    • Ryan Torres
    • Tobias Lee
    • Tom Fredrico

  • Promotions
    Image Senior Lead OfficerImage Sergeant I
    • Grace Hunter
    Image Detective IImage Detective II
    • Belle Cavallera
    • Lex Roth
    • Steve Martinez
    Image Police Officer IIIImage Detective I
    • Jo Campbell
    Image Police Officer II Image Police Officer III
    • Darnell Griffin
    • Dean Diesel
    • Miles Logan
    • Vuk Minkhalimov
    Image Police Officer I Image Police Officer II
    • Chris Crawford
    • Dominic Ace
    • Fezzy Walshy
    • Michael Jacobsen
    • Robert Van Dijk
    • Ronald Jennings
    • Steve Smyth
    • Tyrone Briggs
    • Zackariyah Khan
    Cadet Image Police Officer I
    • Boe Long
    • Chrisy Fegan
    • Darion Rueb
    • George Vern
    • Guy Cooke
    • Jaehyun Kim
    • Jake McDuff
    • James Li
    • Jimmy Jonway
    • Jimmy King
    • Jinju Kim
    • Mark Bustamante
    • Marsigsd Moriarty
    • Percival Banks
    • Rhys Paige
    • Tobias Lee
    • Tom Fredrico
    Applicant Cadet
    • David Royce
    • Duncan Steele
    • Gustavo Escobar
    • Jason Rodriguez
    • Jeff Gordon
    • Pablo Reyes
    • Tim Stoner
    • Tommy Beckerson
  • We have made great strides in our departmental divisions, welcomed some new faces, and said farewells to some old ones. Please read below about some divisional updates from the COs and ACOs themselves, and what progress they have made in the month of February .
    Investigations Bureau February UpdateShow
    February 2020 - Bureau Update Office of Investigations - Investigations Bureau -
    • Introduction

      As we leave the second month of the new year behind, we're going to be moving into March as the Investigations Bureau continues to grow. I would like to extend a warm welcome to all readers as I'm given the opportunity and platform to open yet another monthly update for the Investigations Bureau. Today, I am pleased to present all the changes, updates and accomplishments of importance that have been within the Investigations Bureau and its personnel through the February monthly update. This will be the nineteenth monthly update that I have published, and simultaneously the second update published in 2020.

      Roster Changes
      Every month, the Investigations Bureau goes through a variety of roster changes, such as but not limited to new Police Officers being recruited and brought into the Investigations Bureau, or personnel of the Bureau rising through the ranks of the Los Santos Police Department.

      During the month of February, the following roster changes have occurred.

      We have recruited the following Police Officers into the Investigations Bureau. Welcome to the team, and best of luck with the Detective Training Program!
      Image Police Officer IIIImage Police Investigator
      • Frank Moses
      • Elise de la Croix
      The following Detective has successfully passed the Detective Training Program. Welcome to the Detective team!
      Image Police Officer III→ Image Police Detective I
      • Jo Campbell
      The following Detectives have successfully passed the Supervisor Training Program. Congratulations!
      Image Police Detective I → Image Police Detective II
      • Lex Roth
      • Steve Martinez
      • Belle Cavallera
      Lastly, the following changes have been made to our divisional command roster.
      • Detective II Lex Roth has been appointed as the Lead Detective of the Gangs and Narcotics Division.
      • Detective II Belle Cavallera has been appointed as the Lead Detective of the Detective Support and Vice Division.

      Detective Recognition Award - Detective Samuele Colonna
      On rare special occasions, Investigations Bureau Command Team the Detective Recognition Award, an award issued to Detectives who show exemplary conduct whilst performing their divisional duties within the Investigations Bureau. Detectives who receive this award are exemplary members of the Investigations Bureau, and with that, individuals who should be looked up to as a role-model by aspiring Investigators and Detectives alike.

      Following the discovery of many firearms registered to the same individual around the city, Detective Colonna took the initiative to delve further into what exactly was going on. He quickly came to the conclusion that whatever was happening needed to be stopped, and set out to arrest and revoke the firearms permit of the individual responsible for the spreading of these firearms.

      After utilizing the equipment available to the Detective, he triangulated the location of the individual in question and found him to be located in Sandy Shores. Detective Colonna then requested the assistance of the Los Santos County Sheriff's Department and set out to take the individual in.

      Once the Detective finally arrived at the location and entered the premise the individual was currently in, he found several masked individuals moving .50 caliber firearms between thirteen (13) duffel bags on the floor. Detective Colonna quickly tried to remove himself from the situation before it went south but was stopped by the masked individuals. Fortunately, the Sheriff's Department Special Enforcement Detail arrived and proceeded to quickly and swiftly turn the situation around, assisting the Detective in the arrest of all but one of the individuals.

      By following a small discrepancy, Detective Samuele Colonna put a stop to a major firearm trafficking operation by arresting the individuals involved and seizing well over one hundred (100) 50 caliber firearms. As such, I would like to personally thank Detective Colonna for his efforts and award him with the Detective Recognition Award for his exemplary performance and awareness in the field resulting in this apprehension.

      Detective Training Program Changes
      During the month of February, several changes have been made to the Detective Training Program that will affect the future Police Officer III's that enroll in the training program. These changes were made to reform the Detective Training Program to have a structure similar to the Supervisor Training Program and to allow Investigations Bureau Command a better way to evaluate new members.

      A minimum of three (3) guided patrols has been set as the number of guided patrols a Police Officer III must conduct before being allowed to conduct their first evaluation. This number has been chosen to ensure Police Officer III's have gained enough experience in the field and general knowledge before taking their first evaluation. It is important to note that this is a minimum and not a maximum - we recommend doing as many guided patrols as possible with a wide variety of different Detectives.

      Furthermore, a second evaluation has been added to the training program, changing the first evaluation to be able to be conducted by a Detective II+. The second evaluation will be conducted by any member of Investigations Bureau Command, with a 72-hour cooldown between the first and second evaluation - this is to allow Investigations Bureau Command ample time to review the first evaluation prior to conducting the second.

      Internal Structure Change
      First and foremost, we have scrapped the usage of the UNION-callsigns used by Detectives. Moving forward, Detectives will be permitted to use their divisional callsign (VICTOR, HENRY & GEORGE) on both plain clothing and uniformed patrols.

      This allows us to re-use numbers per division rather than count up one number through all personnel, which is what we have right now. What this means, is that we have reworked all callsigns per division. We're started this by basing the callsigns on rank, meaning that the higher ranking Detectives within the division get the lower numbers. Moving forward, after this transition, we will not be assigning numbers based on rank, but rather on which number is the next free number. This decision was made to provide Detectives with a consistent callsign that doesn't change with every promotion or transfer.

      Lastly, we're happy to announce that we will be introducing the position of Lead Detective within every division of the Investigations Bureau. After a brief discussion within the Investigations Bureau Command Team, we've decided that the rank a Detective must hold to be eligible for this position will be Detective II.

      The Lead Detective of a division will be picked by the Commanding Officers of said division. Once appointed, they'll be expected to assist the Commanding Officers of their respective division with the supervising of the Detectives of their division and the overseeing of their casework amongst other paperwork within the division. This position can be compared to the Patrol Supervisor position within the precincts of the Operations Bureau.

      We would like to formally congratulate Detective II Belle Cavallera of the Detective Support and Vice Division and Detective II Lex Roth of the Gangs and Narcotics Division with their appointments as the Lead Detectives of their respective division.

      We wish them the best of luck in assuming this position.

      Seized Contraband Statistics
      The Los Santos Police Department's Investigations Bureau has decided to release its statistics for the month of February 2020, in regards to the seizing of illegal contraband.

      In the month of February, the following contraband has been seized:

      Heavy Weapons
      • 1x Vom Feuer Carbine Rifle
        • 50 Carbine Rifle (5.56x45mm) rounds
      • 21x Shrewsbury Assault Rifle
        • 2414 Assault Rifle (7.62x39mm) rounds
      • 1x Vom Feuer Machine Pistol
        • 106 Machine Pistol (9x19mm) rounds
      • 16x Shrewsbury Micro SMG
        • 1185 Micro SMG (.45 ACP) rounds
      • 29x Shrewsbury Shotgun
        • 573 Shotgun (12 gauge) rounds
      • 13x Hawk & Little SMG
        • 1774 SMG (9x19mm) rounds
      • 277x Hawk & Little Pistol .50
        • 10480 Pistol .50 (.50 AE) rounds
      • 60x Hawk & Little Heavy Pistol
        • 1829 Heavy Pistol (.45 ACP) rounds
      • 8x Hawk & Little Pistol
        • 230 Pistol (9x19mm) rounds
      • 3x Shrewsbury SNS Pistol
        • 41 SNS Pistol (.380) rounds
      • 7x Hawk & Little Combat Pistol
        • 236 Combat Pistol (.40 H&L) rounds
      Weapon Attachments
      • 105x Silencer
      • 27x (Extended) Clip
      • 55x Scope
      • 3x Flashlight
      • 5x Grip
      Final Statistics
      • 436 illegal weapons were seized.
      • 18918 rounds of live ammunition were seized (in seized weapons and separated).
      • In total, an estimated $7,146,530 worth of contraband has been seized. (Monetary value is not guaranteed to be one hundred percent accurate)
      A special thanks goes out to the Detective Support and Vice Division's database for making these statistics a possibility.

      Handbook Changes
      As the Investigations Bureau is an ever-evolving Bureau, the handbook regularly undergoes changes to accommodate the introduction of new protocols or the amending of already existing protocols.

      During the month of February, the following changes have been made to the Investigations Bureau Handbook.
      Handbook Changes - February 2020Show
      • Section 2.1 - Uniform was updated to include more regulations in regards to when a Detective is supposed to wear his/her uniform. A uniform is now required to be worn when utilizing a police bike for patrol & when attending supervisor- and command meetings. These additions only affect Detectives who are a part of TED and Mary certified and/or Police Supervisor/Command staff within the Investigations Bureau.
      • Section 2.2 - Vehicles has been amended to include the recent removal of the Canis Merryweather Mesa & Gallivanter Baller from our motor pool, as well as the addition of the Lampadati Novak for Detective III's.
      • Section 4.2 - Promotion Guidelines has received an overhaul with a new look to be more "uniformed" with the department manual's promotion guidelines. External guidelines have been removed and now refer to the department manual's section - the internal guidelines only focus on internal matters now.

      Monthly Bureau Statistics
      During the month of February:
      • A total of 12 case files have been opened.
      • A total of 16 case files have been closed.
      • A total of 12 case files are currently on-going. (Excluding Gangs and Narcotics statistics)
      • A combined total of 105 Investigation Patrol Logs have been posted.
      • A total of 436 illegal weapons have been seized. (01/FEB/2020 - 01/MAR/2020)

      End Note
      On a final note, I would like to thank every single one of you for taking time out of your day to read through our February's monthly Investigations Bureau update.

      This concludes the nineteenth monthly Investigations Bureau update that I have published since assuming the position of leadership within the Investigations Bureau and the Office of Investigations. As such, I would like to thank all Investigators and Detectives for making the Investigations Bureau a possibility, and my command staff for helping me move the Investigations Bureau towards a bright future.

      I greatly appreciate all the work every single one of you puts in every day to make the Investigations Bureau successful, and what it is today. Once again, congratulations to all those who got recruited and promoted, keep up the good work!

      On behalf of the Investigations Bureau Command Team & Office of Investigations leadership,

      Deputy Chief of Police Elena Blake
      Director, Office of Investigations
      Los Santos Police Department
    Advanced Training Division February UpdateShow
    In the month of February, there have been numerous certifications conducted in the Advanced Training Division. Below are the statistics:
    5 Officers certified in Scene Management Training
    5 Heavy Interception Unit Certifications
    6 Denied Firearms Certifications
    14 Accepted Firearms Certifications
    4 High-Speed Motorcycle Unit Certifications
    12 Officers certified in Pursuit Training

    During the month of February, the Advanced Training saw the removal of our scene management training responsibility. This training has now been moved over to the Field Training Division. With this training removal, the Advanced Training Division was given the ability to conduct Pursuit Training as its replacement. The Advanced Training Division will be focusing on reinforcing some of the material that is taught in the Field Training Program as we have noticed room for improvement to further assist our officers that are in the field. We also saw the addition of a new vehicle for heavy medium interception, the Dune, rather than having to use our Brickade for mid-sized vehicles
    Traffic Enforcement Division February UpdateShow

    Opening Statement

    • Starting with thanking every traffic officer who dedicated their time and kept Traffic Enforcement on the top-notch. We thank you all for the hard work you put in daily. Our officers have proven themselves in every situation they go through. Traffic Enforcement Division was and will remain to enforce traffic laws heavily.

    Brief Update

    • There haven't been significant changes in this division this month. However, we added the bait car operation to the handbook to get the traffic officers more familiar with the operation. We managed to keep the operations going like the last month. Our bait car operation was successful as always; We managed to catch some criminals off the street in operation with the help of the investigation bureau. We also hosted traffic checkpoints, which had excellent results, and our divisional training helped out traffic officers to have a better performance than before.

      Overall all this month was a good month for our division as we still hosted our operations and training, which had an excellent outcome.

    Personnel Changes

    • This month, we have witnessed some changes in our roster. Some of our traffic officers left the division, and we thank them all for their effort and time in the division, one officer reinstated back to the division, and we also had one new traffic officer in the division. We also had some internal rank changes in our division.

      Also, I would like to congratulate the following members on their promotion.

      • Josh Paige [4-TOM/MARY-40] Traffic Inspector
      • Steve Smyth [4-TOM-14] Traffic Officer I
      • Chris Knox [4-TOM-16] Traffic Officer I

      Make sure to congratulate them as you see them on shift.

      We have also had one new member with us, and one reinstated.
      • • Tyrone Briggs
        • Josh Paige
      Make sure to welcome and help them as you see them on shift.

      Currently, our ranks are divided as such within TED:

      TED Command: 4
      Inspector: 4
      Traffic Officer III: 4
      Traffic Officer II: 4
      Traffic Officer I: 7
      Probationary Traffic Officer: 1
    Traffic Officer of the month
    • After their good performance throughout the month and being very active within the division, we would like to congratulate Traffic Officer I Steve Smyth. Officer Smyth has recently joined the division and shown incredible dedication to the division and always puts his best foot forward. Smyth also logged a good amount of patrol reports and did an incredible job in the field. For this, he will be awarded a bonus of $25,000. Congratulations!

    Kind Regards,
    Detective II Steve Martinez
    Traffic Inspector

    Police Officer III Miles Logan
    Traffic Inspector

    Sergeant II Robert Jeys
    Traffic Enforcement Commanding Officer
    Los Santos Police Department
    Air Support Division February UpdateShow

    Los Santos Police Department

    Air Support Division Update - February 2020
    • Division Update

    • Greetings Pilots!
      Welcome to now the Eighteenth update of the Air Support Division. This month saw a less logged flight hours but more participating pilots. We want to congratulate Tom Brown for logging the most flight hours last month and being our pilot of the month.

      This month the internal rank structure has seen a few changes. We've added a new position called "Lead Pilot" in addition to adding 4-X-4 to help identify our Junior Pilots. With the updates we've expanded training, rank authority and appointments across all ranks. You can view these changes in our handbook now. With these changes we'll be making some new appointments and adjustments today!
    • Division Statistics

    • A total of 112 hours have been logged this last month with an average of 3.2 hours across all pilots. Please don't forget to log those hours.

      Roster changes
      Welcome to the Air Support Division pilots.
      • Belle Cavallera
      • Ilai Daniels (reinstated Pilot First Class)
      • Mary Dinkley
      • Robert Vandijk
      • Ronald Jennings (reinstated Junior Pilot)
      • Ryan Torres (reinstated Pilot)
      • Samuele Colonna
      • Steve Smyth
      Fly safe to those who have left us.
      • N/A
      The following promotions have happened within the month. Congratulations!
      • Belle Cavallera | Applicant --> Junior Pilot
      • Collin Obrady | Junior Pilot --> Pilot
      • Dean Diesel | Pilot --> Pilot First Class
      • Lex Roth | Pilot --> Pilot First Class
      • Robert Vandijk | Applicant --> Junior Pilot
      • Samuele Colonna | Applicant --> Junior Pilot
      • Steve Smyth | Applicant --> Junior Pilot
    • Regards,

      Captain Xoza Shadow,
      Air Support Division Commanding Officer.
    Recruitment & Employment Division February UpdateShow

    Los Santos Police Department

    Recruitment and Employment Division Update - February 2020
    • Division Update

    Dear Application Handlers and Academy Instructors,

    • Welcome to the fourth monthly update from the Recruitment and Employment Division. This month has been relatively quiet for the Recruitment and Employment Division. As a result of our high intake of applicants during the month of January, the decision was made to slow down recruitment, focusing on the shifts where we desperately required additional personnel. Towards the end of February, we reopened recruitment for all shifts and have since seen an influx of applications which meet our requirements.

      During the month of February we saw Captain Cynthia Shelby re-join the Recruitment team. In addition, we were joined by three new faces: Detective I Jo Campbell, Police Officer III Cyrus Carver and Police Officer III Frank Moses. It is of the upmost importance that we all pull our weight within RED to ensure applications are reviewed in a timely manner and applications are conducted frequently.

      Changes to the Academy Process are coming, an exact timetable and the scale of the changes have not yet been decided, however the aim is to make the Academy feel more interactive than it is in its current form. In addition, a guide for handling applications is in its final stages of creation and should be published in the near future.
    • Division Statistics

    • During the Month of February, the LSPD has handled a total of 40 applications. 5 of these applications were successful with the applicant passing their interview and attending an Academy or preparing to attend an Academy. 5 applications from January are currently on-going, pending either interviews or alterations from the applicant. 27 Applications resulted in a denial with 3 applications being withdrawn.

      On the Academy aspect of the division, this month a total of 2 Academies were hosted by Academy Instructors this month, with a total of 8 applicants attending to receive the training required to join the department as a Police Cadet.
    • Sincerely,
      Lieutenant Scott Dunbar
      Recruitment and Employment Division Commanding Officer
      Los Santos Police Department
    Field Training Program February UpdateShow
    Dear Field Training Officers,

    The month of February has once again been a steady month for the field training program. The program saw some quality of life updates from Sergeant Bala and a few minor changes. The most notable change being the requirement that Cadets now need Pursuit training to progress in their career. This has enabled a close collaboration between the Advanced Training Division and the Field Training Program which I believe is working very well.

    A further exciting change that the FTP saw in February was that it welcomed two familiar faces into its command team. Please welcome Sergeant Elizabeth Sanchez and Sergeant Grace Hunter to the team! They will now be your first point of contact in the chain of command for anything pertaining to the FTP. I am confident they will do us proud and help with mine and Sergeant Bala's vision to see further growth and success in the training process.

    Additionally, I would like to announce that moving forward due to Recruitment easing up and FTO counts rising, the minimum requirement per month will be changing from two training session per month to one training session per month. This (I hope) will alleviate some of the stress that many of you have highlighted to me as you have found it hard to find Cadets without a partner or pending session. However, this is only a internal FTP update. For progression and promotions within the department, you will still need to show satisfactory effort in the FTP so one per month would not be adequate if you are looking to progress it would just prevent you from receiving FTO inactivity notices leading to potential FTO status removals.

    Finally, I'd like to announce that the Field Training Program will now be evolving into its own division. As of the 1st of March 2020, the Field Training Program will be renamed and re-branded to the Field Training Division with the abbreviation "FTD". The reason for this change is that we have grown out of being just a linear program. We now host specialty training in collaboration with ATD while also following up with the training of Cadets adapting the learning to their individual needs. Evolving into a division also allows for much more growth and opportunities in the future.

    Throughout the month of February, 44 unique field training sessions and 30 formal observations were conducted meaning that there were 74 formal interactions with cadets throughout February - Well done everyone!
      The month of February saw us introduce 6 new Field Training Officers into the Field Training Program - Welcome all!
      • Police Officer II - Keanu Moody
      • Police Officer II - Hector Mayfield
      • Police Officer II - Ilai Daniels
      • Police Officer II - Samuel Martin
      • Police Officer II - Steve Smyth
      • Police Officer II - Tyrone Briggs
      This month we have successfully passed 8 Cadets through the Field Training Program and are proud to see how well they have done.
      • Trevor Watson
      • Jeff Gordon
      • Rhys Paige
      • Jimmy King
      • Dwayne Shaft
      • Marisigsd Moriarty
      • Haytham Hawking
      • Jake McDuff
      Additionally, the field training program welcomed back some familiar faces through the reinstatement program, please welcome back the following:
      • Captain Marco Davis
      • Police Officer III Josh Paige
      • Police Officer II Ryan Torres
      • Police Officer I George Vern
      • Police Officer I Jimmy Jonway
      • Police Officer I Darion Rueb
      • Police Officer I Tobias Lee
      • Police Officer I Tom Fredrico
      • Police Officer I Percival Banks
      • Police Officer I James Li
      For the month of February, the Field Training Program Command has decided to make Sergeant II Robert Jeys our Field Training Officer of the Month. This month, Sergeant Jeys has had the highest FTS count with well written reports. Sergeant Jeys racked up 6 formal field training sessions and 1 observation report all while conducting supervisory duties along side - Well done! This award entitles Sergeant Jeys to a salary bonus of $5000 (($50,000)), paid directly from the Commanding Officer of the Field Training Program.

      Be sure to congratulate Sergeant Jeys whenever you see him on duty.

      Captain Phillipe Sanchez
      Coordinator, Office of Operations
      Field Training Program Commanding Officer
    • 1
      This concludes the Los Santos Police Department's Monthly Bulletin for February. Thank you for taking the time to read through it and we hope you are excited for the next one. The Media Relations Division works hard to provide information about the LSPD to both employees and the public, such as through this monthly bulletin, but we couldn't do it without our division leaders keeping up with their own monthly updates for a timely release. If you have any suggestions, feedback, and comments, please contact the Media Relations through the means listed in the Contact Information tab.

      We would like to give a special thanks to the following personnel for making this monthly release possible:
      • Assistant Chief Alex Donnelly
      • Media Relations Division
      • Commanding Officers of Each Division
      and one final thank you to Commissioners Samuel Osborn and Lewis Langley for their service to the Media Relations Division in having made these releases possible

      (( The statistics gathered from this month were mostly supplied by us going through forum posts. There might be some human error in these statistics. If you are in charge of one of the fields listed in the stats and see a mistake, please contact Media Relations. ))

    Police Detective I Jo Campbell, Assistant Commanding Officer
    Los Santos Police Department's Public Relations
    (213) 237-2507— [email protected]


    Los Santos Police Department Media Relations
    [email protected]


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